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Thursday's Treats & More Thoughts

by Eric on April 5, 2007

First off, a big shout to Travis over@Wake Your Daughter Up for the love. I only started this blog b/c I was so sick and tired of all the BS being posted on all the fly by night blogs that pop up for a month or two, who then realize..”Damn, this really takes up some of my time” and says “the hell with it”. This blog has been an extreme success thus far. The response has been great, and I love propping my ass in front of the computer and goin’ to work right before I hit the sack every night. It’s really dope that there are a few “bloggers” of us who seem to be on the same wave length when it comes to dope, meaningful Hip Hop and there is infinite knowledge when discussing such. I really don’t have much free time but this, along with basketball is my stress reliever, my passion. I was telling Tara, my wife, I can’t see myself ever not loving Hip Hop. Hell, I just turned 31, most of my clients are 60 years old and up and I just dropped about 5K for a system in my 300C that sits on 22′s…go figure. Hip Hop is all I’ve known since I was 6. After “Walk This Way” and Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball” I was hooked. So again, thanks for all the comments and drops in the C Box. As a suggestion, if your just someone who enjoys surfing our blogs or picking up something that one of your boys or an ex-girlfriend may have stolen from you…enjoy this blog and all the blogs in the “Top Notch Blogs” column to the right. I can seriously say that dudes like Trav, Crooklyn, Jaz, Just Ice & Dan Love can school you more on “Hip Hop” (meaning Masta Ace, Kool G Rap, Kane, Pete & CL, etc) not 85% of the BS that’s played today, than some cat from XXL mag or VIBE. Hell, I didn’t think anyone could school me on anything “Hip Hop” until I read Jaz’s blog..that dude is NUTS!! Also, can’t forget about those cats over at “Bust The Facts”, they seem to impress me at least 3 times a week. So again, thanks for dropping in and hit me up if you have any suggestions.

DJ 4our 5 Presents Pete Rock & CL Smooth-The Makings Of You (Best Of Pete & CL)

Sorry, this is the only pic’ I could find on the net. Oh my, your gonna’ love me for this. I found this in Philly about 3 years ago while I was home on block leave from deployment in Iraq. Mixed by DJ 4our 5 this is a classic mix of some of the cream of the crop from my favorite duo Pete Rock & CL Smooth. You’re gonna’ thank me for this one!! This blows their “Good Life-Best Of” compilation out of the building!

Big Daddy Kane-Looks Like A Job For…

On “Looks Like A Job For…”, Kane traded in his suede Balleys for Timbs and a Carhartt hoody which was quite common back in 93′. I must admit, this is my favorite Kane album. The first Kane release that I picked up was “Taste Of Chocolate” believe it or not. So I peeped Kane shortly after seeing the “I Get The Job Done” video. Needless to say, “Ain’t No Half Steppin’” remains one of my favorite songs of all time. Anyway, getting back to the point..Kane shows glimpses of the “old” Kane on this release. The first few songs are the highlights of the album, with “How U Get A Record Deal?” being my fav. But please, Kane it’s time to let it go man, we love you but….

Erick Sermon-Double Or Nothing

Ooooohh! I posted this up tonite on the strength of one track I can’t get out of my head. “Welcome” f. Keith Murray & Aaron Hall (yes, fresh off of his GUY fame)has been on repeat for the last two days in the Ipizzy. Hell, I couldn’t recite one line but the hook is pure simplified dopeness to me. Plus the beat is CRAZY. While this album doesn’t light a match to his releases w/Parish or his solo debut, there are still highlights in abundance. “Bombdigi” was the first single released off of “Double or Nothing” and at the time of it’s release was gettin’ mad play in the Alpine….BTW, remember the Fosgate Punch Amps?? Anyway, most of the production sounds hella’ similar to Redman’s “Muddy Waters” which Sermon also produced. Pick this up and put it in your headphones and just vibe off of “Welcome” before you proceed with the rest of the album and keep a neckbrace nearby.

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