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Straight from Helsinki

by Staff on April 7, 2007

Since Trav can’t be around til monday, I’ve decided to post something.
First i’ll admit it’s a albumbase link since i’ve can’t upload anything due to some technical problems..

Well anyway, the guy i’m posting about is Lasse Mellberg an artist from Finland better known as Redrama , who i first saw performing before a Gangstarr concert. Here in Europe the Lp is still available but doesn’t list it so I think it’s all good posting it.

Redrama who mostly worked as a producer, released his debut album Everyday Soundtrack in 2003/04 before being part of several crews such as Alien Allies or the Profets, representin Helsinki throughout the album he always raps in English and is heavily inflenced by the reggae culture and other styles, his texts are pretty good and interesting ,something for you mind…

Check the reggae track Stand Strong one of my personal favourites from the album, perfect for the sunny days comming, sit back & chill…


1. Hang It Up
2. Knuckleheadz
3. If You With That
4. Stand Strong
5. A Day At A Time
6. You
7. This Is What It Sounds Like
8. Babylon
9. Everyday Soundtrack
10. Kill It With Hip Hop
11. Average Assholes
12. Raindrops

everyday soundtrack

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