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Take That Travis!!

by Staff on April 8, 2007

How about some hard care?

Ahh baseball is back. Travis loves the Pirates and I love the Reds. One of the most sacred records in sports is likely to fall this year and I am trying to ignore it. Give me baseball and hip-hop and I don’t need much more in life.

Ok so, Trav asked me for the Dre Roadium Tapes again. For those of you that have never heard of these or are totally new to Travis’ site, here’s the story. Supposedly these are rips from cassette mix tapes that Dre put out in t he late 80′s early 90′s while he was at Ruthless Records.

These tapes were sold at the Roadium Swap Meet, hence the name. A mix of the hottest rap tracks out-just like any other dj, but sometimes with a few guest appearances, i.e. Eazy -E etc. I guess there are 5 of them? At least thats the rumor that we all know. These were quite rare when they were unearthed, but have since been spread all over the bolg-i-sphere. Here is an article on their origin: Roadium Tapes

So here we go in no particular order:
1: Click Here->”Criminal”
> starts with “fuck it up, Dre!” (w/ Eazy-E LIVE doing the intro)
> Dana Dane: Cinderfella Dana Dane (Profile)
> L.L. Cool J: I’m Bad (Def Jam)
> Boogie Down Productions: Poetry (B-Boy)
> Real Roxanne: Romeo (Select)
> Public Enemy: Rebel Without A Pause (Def Jam)
> Salt ‘n’ Pepa: Tramp (Next Plateau)
> Schoolly D: P.S.K. (Schooly D)
> Ice T: Doggin’ The Wax (TechnoBeat)
> NWA: Dope Man (the entire jam!) (Macola 1034 EP track, 10/87)
> Eazy-E: Boyz-N-The-Hood (the entire jam!) (Ruthless, 7/87)
> Ice T: Six In The Morning (the entire jam!)
> Eric B & Rakim: Paid In Full (M.A.R.R.S. remix) (F.A.B.)
> Boogie Down Productions: The Bridge Is Over (B-Boy)
> Boogie Down Productions: Criminal Minded (the entire jam!) (B-Boy)
> Dana Dane: Cinderfella Dana Dane (the entire jam!) (Profile)
> Dana Dane: This Be The Def Beat (w/ Ice Cube LIVE freestylin’ over the beat) (Profile)
> Salt ‘n’ Pepa: Tramp (Next Plateau)
> Spoonie Gee: Godfather (the entire jam!) (Tuff City)
> Classical Two: Rap’s New Generation (Rooftop 1003, 3/87)
> ???: (instrumental w/ James Brown samples….what is this???)/cuts out

2:Click Here->”Mega Mix”
> Eric B & Rakim: Eric B Is President (Zakia)
> LL Cool J: Rock The Bells (Def Jam)
> Cold Crush Brothers: Fresh Wild Fly and Bold (Profile, 9/84)
> Schoolly D: Gucci Time (Schoolly-D)
> Whodini: Friends (Jive)
> Schoolly D: PSK (Schoolly-D)
> Whodini: Big Mouth (Jive)
> Dana Dane: Nightmares (Profile)
> Gucci Crew: The Cabbage Patch (Hot)
> DJ Hollywood: To Whoever It May Concern (World To World, 6/86 – re: Spring 422)
> Run-D.M.C.: Walk This Way (Profile)
> Davy DMX: One For The Treble (Tuff City)
> Ice T: Ya’ Don’t Quit??? (maybe not, i’m blankin’ on this one)
> Roxanne Shante: Payback (Pop Art 8508, 2/87)
> Doug E. Fresh: The Show (Reality)
> Run-D.M.C.: Here We Go (Profile)
> Dimples Tee: Sucker DJ’s (Party Time)
> Boogie Boys: Run It (Capitol)
> Full Force: Let’s Dance Against The Wall (Columbia 12″-b side, 6/85)
> Beat Box Boys: Yum Yum Eat ‘Em Up (Memo)
> MC Shan w/ DJ Marley Marl: He Cuts So Fresh (Uptown/MCA)
> Eric B & Rakim: You Got Soul (Fourth & Broadway)
> The Real Roxanne: Bang Zoom (Select 12″ 62269, 5/86)
> The Real Roxanne: Howie’s Teed Off (Select 12″ 62269-b side!, 5/86)
> MC Shan: The Bridge (Bridge)
> Boogie Down Productions: South Bronx (B-Boy)
> Beastie Boys: Time To Get Ill (Def Jam)
> Whodini: The Good Part (track off LP3: Back In Black, ’86)
> Parliament: Flashlight (Casablanca 909, 1/78)
> Run-D.M.C.: King of Rock (Profile)
> Krush Groove All-Stars: Krush Groovin’ (WB)
> Whistle: Just Buggin’ (Select)
> Run-D.M.C.: Sucker MC’s (Profile)
> MC Shan: The Bridge (Bridge)
> Malcolm McLaren: Buffalo Gals (Island)
> Billy Squire: The Big Beat (Capitol)
> Eric B & Rakim: Eric B Is President (Zakia)
> DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince: Girls Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble (Jive)
> UTFO: Roxanne Roxanne (Select)
> DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince: The Magnificent (Jive)
> Word of Mouth Crew: King Kutt (Beauty And The Beat)
> Z-III: Triple Threat MC’s (Beauty And The Beat)
> Tom Tom Club: Genius Of Love (Sire)
> The Jive 122 bpm beat
> Marvelettes: Please Mr. Postman (Tamla)
> Egyptian Lover: Egypt Egypt (Egyptian Empire 661, 5/84)
> Uncle Jamm’s Army: Dial-A-Freak (Freakbeat)
> Hashim: Al Naafiysh (It’s Time) (Cutting 200, 11/83)
> Bambaata/Soul Sonic Force: Looking for the Perfect Beat (Tommy Boy 831, 2/83)
> Two Live Crew: We Want Some Pussy (Luke)
> Two Live Crew: Trow The Dick (Luke)
> Anquette: Trow The P (Luke)
> Bambaata/Soul Sonic Force: Planet Rock (Tommy Boy)
> Beastie Boys: Brass Monkey (Def Jam)
> Run-D.M.C.: You Be Illin’ (Profile)
> Run-D.M.C.: Uptempo (Profile)
> Freestyle: It’s Automatic (MSI 114, 5/86)
> Pretty Tony: Get Some (MSI 113, 8/85)
> Sir Mix-A-Lot: Square Dance Rap (Nasty Mix)
> Newcleus: Jam On It (Sunnyview)
> Zapp: More Bounce To The Ounce (WB 9534, 8/80)
> Parliament: Flashlight (Casablanca 909, 1/78)
> Parliament: Theme From The Black Hole (Casablanca 2235, 1/80)
> Funkadelic: One Nation Under A Groove (WB 8618, 12/78)
> Funkadelic: (Not Just) Knee Deep (WB 49040, 8/79)
> Zapp: Doo Wa Ditty (WB 9891, /82)
> Parliament: Aqua Boogie (Casablanca 950, 1/79)
> Bobby Jimmy: Big Butt (Rapsur 10004, 1/85)
> UTFO: Roxanne Roxanne (Select, /85)
> Roger: So Ruff (WB, /81)
> Wreckin’ Kru: Surgery (Kru-Kut 002, 10/84)

3:Click Here->”Jam”
> starts with “drop that bass”, then spoken: “hi, this is ‘Tony A’ and Dr. Dre kickin’ it live…”)
> beats and cuts (Rick James, NWA, Rodney O, KRS-1, MC Lyte, Sweet T, Tone Loc, Ice T, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, etc.)
> more beats and cuts (The Real Roxanne, with Barbara Lewis organ-hook (!) + a spoken intro by Ice Cube!)
> NWA: Parental Discretion Iz Advised (LP cut, early ’89)
> Eazy-E: We Want Eazy (Ruthless)
> De La Soul: Say No Go (Tommy Boy, 5?/89)
> De La Soul: Me Myself & I (Tommy Boy, 4/89)
> Slick Rick: Treat Her Like A Prostitute (Def Jam, /88)
> His Majesti: Slow and Ill
> Too Short: Life Is Too Short (Jive, /89) and fades…
> Black by Demand: All rappers give up
> Rob Base & DJ EZ-Rock: Get On The Dance Floor (entire jam) (Profile, /88)
> Sugar Bear: Don’t Scandalize Mine (entire jam) (Next Plateau, /88)
> DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: Brand New Funk (entire jam) (Jive, /88)
> Cash Money: Find An Ugly Woman (entire jam) (Fresh/Sleeping Bag, /88)
> J.J. Fad: Another Ho’ (Ruthless, /88)
> ??? (The Mistress?): (“i’m the lady devestator”): female rap, might be called “(Just) Let It Go”, can’t remember.
> K-9 Posse: Ain’t Nothin’ To It

4:Click Here->”Dope Beat”
> starts with “due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control…”
> Salt ‘n’ Pepa: I Am Down (Next Plateau, 3/87)
> Sweet T: It’s Like That Y’All (Profile)
> Davy D: One For The Treble (Tuff City)
> Dana Dane: Cinderfella Dana Dane (Profile)
> Roxanne Shante: Fly Shante (Pop Art)
> Real Roxanne: Romeo (Select)
> Audio Two: Top Billin’ (First Priority)
> Public Enemy: Bring The Noise (Def Jam)
> Sweet T: I Got Da Feelin’ (Profile)
> Schoolly D: Housin’ The Joint
(Jive, 12/87)
> Salt ‘n’ Pepa: I Am Down (Next Plateau, 3/87)
> Tone Loc: I Got It Goin’ On (Delicious, 12/87)
> Cookie Crew: Females (TVT, 12/87)
> Whodini: Life Is Like A Dance (Jive)
> Audio Two: Top Billin’ (…then Dre cuts up the original record)
> Cash Money & Marvelous: Ugly People Be Quiet! (Sleeping Bag, 12/87)
> Superlover Cee: Do The James (Citybeats 3002, 8/87)
> (Dre talking about his “new year’s resolutions” and plugging upcoming records he produced: ie. Eazy-E, C.I.A. Posse, Michel’le, etc.)
> Jungle Brothers: Braggin’ & Boastin’ (Warlock, 9/87)
> Cut King: Why It Gotta Happen To Me?
> Just Ice: Lyric Lickin’
> Just Ice: Goin’ Way Back (Fresh/Sleeping Bag)
> Run-D.M.C.: Christmas In Hollis (Profile, 12/87)/fades out

5:Click Here->”U Got Ganked”
> starts with (what else?) “you got ganked!….ain’t nothin’ on this tape! (laughter)”
> beats and cuts (EPMD “Chill”, MC Lyte, Audio 2, Rodney O, Shante, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Sweet T, etc.)
> EPMD: You Gots To Chill (entire jam) (Fresh/Sleeping Bag, 2/88)
> Boogie Down Productions: My Philosophy (entire jam) (Jive, 3/88)
> MC Lyte: 10% Dis (entire jam) (First Priority, 2/88)
> MC Lyte: I Cram 2 Understand You (entire jam) (First Priority, /88)
> DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: Parents Just Don’t Understand (entire jam) (Jive, /88)
> Doug E. Fresh: Keep Rising To The Top (Reality, 5/88)…and fades nicely.
> Biz Markie: The Vapors (entire jam) (Cold Chillin’, 6/88)
> Kool Mo Dee: Wild Wild West (Jive, /88)
> Spoonie Gee: I’m All Shook Up (Tuff City 128023, /88)
> Derek B: Get Down (Profile, 2/88 [orig: Music Of Life-UK])
> Big Daddy Kane: Word To The Motherland (Cold Chillin’, 2/88)
> Young MC: Let ‘Em Know (Delicious, 3/88)
> Too Short: Cusswords (???) (just a guess: heavy bass and TS shouting “bee-itch!”) (Jive, /88?)…and fades nicely.

Since I am on a Dre kick. I am gonna drop this little gem that I found about 2 or 3 years ago. I don’t know much about it except it is ultra rare. It’s Called “Dr. Dre Exclusive”. By now, most of this stuff has been floated all over the internet. But I really like this compilation of rare Dre tracks. Grab it if you don’t have it already. It just may hold you over until Detox drops this fall (Yeah right)

Click Here->Dre Exclusive

I was going through my Dre shit and found this great article from I think 1992 in the Source (The cover with the gun to his head). You should be able to read the pictures when they are full size. I tried my best to take the best possible pics (I Don’t have a scanner) It’s a great read, take a look:
Page 1 click here<-
Page 2 click here<-
Page 3 click here<-
Page 4 click here<-
Page 5 click here<-
Ok next up on my surprise to Travis since he was trying his best to use reverse psychology on us, is the fabled “Red Tape” from DJ Quik.

This is what cause all the ruckus with MC Eiht. This too is a rip of a swap meet mix tape, just lettin ya know bout the quality ;) On track #4 Quik said, “to the top of the tree for C.M.W. to see”. And if you listen, it was never a diss. If you check out “Let You Have It” by Quik he says, “We wasn’t dissin, just lettin you know the other side was on a mission”. Anyway people were wanting this tape, so be on to you, here it is:

Red Tape

Lets seeeeeee what’s next on the docket?

Yes that is an ooooollldd ass pic of Grand Puba Maxwell, top 5 most fugliest rappers. Heres a nice mix Gang Starr vs Brand Nubian. I nothing about it, hell you may ll know about and have this joint. If not, sit Back and enjoy!
Click Here->Gang Starr vs. Brand Nubian


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Ollie B October 1, 2010 at 9:14 pm

I actually still have that Megamix Tape. It was an old TDK SA-60 minute, and I got every use I could get out of that tape. It played at a thousand parties…lol. I wish you could re-up all of these classics. The files are no longer available.

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