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"I saw it comin' that's why I went solo"-MC's who disbanded their group or duo and went for delf'

by Eric on April 9, 2007

Large Professor-The LP

I’ve never been one to think that the Large Pro packed much lyrical heat, but could he could kill it behind the boards. I would say the LP’s voice and flow really make up for his lyrical shortcomings. With “The LP”, which had a helluva’ time getting any sort of distribution at all, Large Pro drops an impressive solo debut. The album begins with “Listen (Blast Off)” which samples the infamous “Blind Alley” that has been featured on releases from Biggie’s Demo Tape to Wreckx N Effect’s “Rumpshaker” remix. Which also reminds me, I need to get at Jaz over at Cold Rock Da Spot to mix up a “Blind Alley” Compilation. Anyway, “The LP” comes together nicely, the only downside being songs like “IJUSWANNACHILL” and “Mad Scientist” seem a little dated being released as singles much ahead of release of the album. I just listened to the Main Source’s “F**k What You Think” minus the Large Pro a few days ago and it makes me think of what could have been would Large Pro remained with Sir Scratch & K-Cut.

Grand Puba-Reel To Reel

OOHHH WEEE…did I love “Reel To Reel” when it dropped! Right off the heels of “What Goes Around/360″ Puba hit us off with a…..could it be, classic, nah, but a very well rounded debut. Rockin’ the Hilfiger, Polo, Girbauds & Nap sack way before most cats, the strongest MC from Brand Nubian caved into the pressure and went for dolo with the assistance of the SD50s. Remember Treach proclaiming Puba as “one of the fierciest MC’s out there” near the end of Naughty’s “Guard Your Grill”? This album has plenty of highlights, my favorite being The Honeydrippers looped “Check It Out” featuring a very talented up & coming around the way chick named Mary J. Blige (who would pan out to do some decent things). Also, the remix of “What Goes Around” held it’s own with the original. The sound doesn’t really distance itself from Brand Nubian’s “One For All” and that’s a good thing. Surprisingly, Brand Nubian’s remaining members Lord Jamar & Sadat X did their thing on “In God We Trust” which was quite an impressive release in it’s own right. Puba was another MC in a long list of cats who showcased their skill on “In Living Colour”…damn, I miss those days!! “So how we go..go, go,go,..”

Busta Rhymes-The Coming

Al Tariq-God Connections

Kool G Rap-4,5,6

While Kool G Rap dropping a solo album was no surprise to anyone, what was surprising was that “4,5,6″ failed to produce the results that his previous efforts with his long time associate DJ Polo did. Although, much to my liking G Rap kept it simple with a 11 track release, the problem is I only feel that maybe two tracks at most kept my attention. “Blowing Up In The World” was decent, as was “It’s A Shame”. I think that he did get some spins with “Fast Life” featuring Nas, but I was highly pissed after hearing this solo debut first time. I loved “Road To Riches” and “Wanted:Dead Or Alive” just as much as the next man, but something is missing here. I would’ve much rather listened to G Rap spit on 11 cuts of 130 BPM madness, i.e, “DeathWish”, or “Wanted Dead Or Alive”. And what was even more disappointing was no more “Talk Like Sex” G Rap. I guess DJ Polo took some of his steam when he ventured off into a solo career as well, doing joints with the likes of Ron Jeremy…Yes, that Ron Jeremy. Still, G Rap remains one of my top 5 emcees of all time. And for the record “Roots Of Evil” sucked too!!

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Commish CH April 9, 2007 at 10:01 pm

Yo, I had ‘The Coming’ on blast the entire summer of 1996. I think I wore that CD out. LONS broke through in 1991 and we had to wait through rumors and ish for a Busta solo joint, and The Coming didn’t disappoint. Woo Hah!

Jaz April 10, 2007 at 10:04 am

ha ha believe me man I have been thinking about doing a Blind Alley comp but it will be more than one volume I can say that much.

Ross April 11, 2007 at 8:56 am

I downloaded God Connections a few weeks back and I won a copy on eBay the other day.

I had to pay a premium for it but, for once, an expensive OOP album is worth the money.

Just Ice April 15, 2007 at 5:56 pm

Granted Extra P wasn’t in the same league as say Rakim, but his lyrical ability was strong on Breaking Atoms. For a producer, he was alot better than some of the others who thought they could rap yet sucked balls. I think hanging around with the likes of G. Rap and co. rubbed off.

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