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No Sunday Lite = Tuesday Lite

by Travis on April 10, 2007

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I haven’t posted in almost a week and then you get a weak ass, half assed post with only a few tracks. First off, my boys took care of shit over the weekend, and they get my thanks for that. I hate leaving this thing update for longer than a couple days. So no can complain about the lack of updates, plus I wasn’t organized to start a full fledged post. I’m also going to be coming strong in the near future. I have a couple big projects on the horizon, one which I think will be bigger and better than the Nas series, that I hope to finish up this week. I’m also still first interview in the books. So you might have to sit through some more trying to get WYDU’squantity over quality type posts (meaning just chucking something up here to have a post), but I hope to be making up for it all in the very near future. So sit tight, crack open a brew or two and take a journey on my fucked up mind state and bizarre tastes in Kwame, the first Hammer album and anything related to Redhead Kingpin.

Since Brian got us on the west coast tip, I figured I’d drop a few more west coast jams, mainly from my man, King Capital T. These are just a handful (if you have three fingers) of King Tee tracks that didn’t appear on an album. I’m not going to get to carried away with write ups, because I don’t have much time, but I’ll give you guys the scoop.

King Tee – Bass (Original Version)
At one time, this was one of my holy grails. When I finally got a hold of it, I was actually kind of disappointed. Not that it’s bad, it just doesn’t differ much the remix version, which in this case is the album version. It throws some different sampled clips and incorporates a call and response episode toward the end of the track. Other than that it still uses the same Zapp bassline sample and more or less the same lyrics. It doesn’t seem to pack the same punch as the remix does, but maybe that’s why they remixed it?

King Tee – Can This Be Real
This was the B-side the the “Act A Fool” single produced by the one and only DJ Pooh. I loved the “Act A Fool” joint, so I never paid much attention to this joint, but looking back at it, shits pretty nice though. If you liked stronger songs on the “Act A Fool” LP, you should like this.

King Tee – Cali Expert
I honestly don’t know much about this one other than it appeared on a EP called “Organized Rhyme Vol 2″ which contained a track from AZ and OC as well that dropped in ’99. Other than that, I don’t know about the history of it. But hey, it’s some King Tee for all of those down with some non album cuts.

Who said east and the west never got along? Primo does remixes for two prominent west coast MC’s…

Yeah, the east did generally sleep on the west, but Primo always was bi-coastal for the most part as these two cuts from a couple of the west’s finest examplify.

Ice T – Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous (Primo Remix)

Compton’s Most Wanted – Def Wish II (feat. Gangstarr) (Primo Remix)

Last but not least, someone requested these to be re-upped, oh, probably 6 months ago. I can’t remembered if I do or not, but here they are again in case anyone missed them. They are demo’s from D-Nice which are nice little pieces of history, so jump on them. Told you I wasn’t going to write much on this shit.

D-Nice – Call Me D-Nice (demo version)
D-Nice – The TR808 Is Coming

Time constraints won’t allow me to do the other good stuff usually associated with a Sunday lite post, such as top spins and “why” and all that junk…instead, I’ll actually leave you off with an album.

Tony D – Pound For Pound (Grand Central Records, 1997)

1 Flavour (2:23) Featuring – Funky Fresh Few , Mark Rae , Mark 1* , Mr. Scruff

2 Back To The Basics (4:01) Featuring – Low Key (4)
3 Crystal Maze (0:30)
4 Come Round Here (4:19)
5 Don’t Want To Lose You (5:02) Featuring – Veba
6 All I Have (4:55) Featuring – Buffy Brox Trumpet – Josef*
7 Phonebeat (4:39)
8 Erase The Pain (4:51) Featuring – Spikey T
9 Walk Like A Man (4:31) Featuring – Lorna Harris
10 Queen Of My Dreams (4:02) Featuring – Low Key (4)
11 Crystal Meth (0:37)
12 Piano Grand (4:49)
Yes, THAT Tony D aka Harvey Wallbanger. I didn’t even know this album exsisted until last year. It’s aight, give it a listen

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