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One Album Wonder Wednesdays

by Eric on April 11, 2007

Okay to be quite honest with you, I’ve maybe listened to the following albums posted today for “One Album Wonder Wednesdays” about a combined total of 15 times. Usually, before I post an album I try to refresh my memory by dusting off the old “one timer” a week or so leading up to the post, but I only popped Mad Kap in the headphones tonite while getting down on NBA 2K7…which, along with NCAAHoops 2K7 are the only games I frequent, while I should be catching up on my ZZZZ’s…..way too much. So rather than wing an overview of the following albums, I’ll let you decide for yourself. Of all three I’ve enjoyed the Poppa LQ album the most, it actually sounds quite similar to AMG’s “Ballin Outta Control” which is not a bad thing. Just basic West Coast “thump in the trunk”. As for the Mad Kap, a very Pharcydish debut with heavy jazz licks and basic 90′s boom bap, the lyrics and MC’s are another story though. “Look Ma Dukes, No Hands” is a decent album nothing to write home about. As far as the Questionmark Asylum debut, I’ll say this much, with me being from Pennsylvania and Q.A. originating in D.C…in the summer of 95′ “Hey Lookaway” was all over the radio amongst the mix of the D.C. “Go-Go” scene. Questionmark Asylum falls somewhere between The Pharcyde & Zhigge, but again nothing too breathtaking. Sorry for such the rush with this post, but man, the Tax deadline is at the end of the week and I sure as hell don’t want Uncle Sam knocking down my door. I can’t wait till’ this week is over. Plus, baby #2 will be here in less than a month so to quote the great SNAP from “I Got The Power”..”It’s gettin’ kinda hectic”. Oh yeah, don’t front on SNAP…I know you where feelin’ “Rhythym Is A Dancer” as well!!…..Ha Ha!

Poppa LQ-Your Entertainment, My Reality

Questionmark Asylum-The Album

Mad Kap-Look Ma Dukes, No Hands

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Krisch April 14, 2007 at 9:07 pm

Poppa LQ already released an Album called “Notes Of A Native Son” in 1990 under the name “Laquan”, so he’s not really a one album wonder!

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