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WYDU Classics: Season 2 Vol 4 – The Posse Cuts

by Travis on April 11, 2007

I’ve had better days than this one… I’m not really up in the mood to drop knowledge like I usually come with other than the fact that this is Volume Four of the WYDU Classics of the new year. The link with these joints is that they are all “posse cuts” (Posse for me meaning more than two different non group MC’s or two groups together). I tried to keep away from the “classics” that have been put on a comp like this over and over again and come with some of the lesser known, yet still heat in the box stuff….enjoy!

1. Eastern Conference All Stars (Tame 1/Copywrite/J-Zone/Cage/Mr. Eon/Skillz/Camu Tao) – Eastern Conference All Stars (J-Zone drops a hilarious verse on this joint)

2. The Rhythm – Everlast feat Ice T & Donald D

3. Comin’ Like This – 2nd II None, AMG, DJ Quik

4. The Last Song – Above The Law & NWA

5. Live Wires Connect – UGK feat Keith Murray & Lord Jamar

6. Military Minded – 2pac & Boot Camp Clik

7. Rework The Angles – Dilated Peoples feat AG, Defari, & Xzibit

8. The Anthem – Rza, Chino XL, Em, Jayo Felony, KRS, Kool G Rap, Tech9ne, Xzibit

9. Talkin’ To You – Mos Def feat Talib Kweli, Rah Digga, & A Butta

10. Wu Banga Remix – GZA, Ghost, Raekwon, Cappadonna, Masta Killah

11. Bloodshed & War – Da Youngstas feat Mobb Deep

12. Frontline – El Da Sensai feat FT, Mike Zoot & Organized Konfusion

13. Fondle ‘Em Fossils – Breely Brewin, DJ Eli, Godfather Don, J Treds, MF Doom, Q-Unique

14. Headz Ain’t Ready – Boot Camp Clik

15. All Men Are Dogs – Grand Puba, Bandit, Biggie, Grand Daddy IU, Hurricane Holla, Positive K, Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard, Raggedy Man, Snagglepuss

16. Spontaneous – Leaders of the New School and a bunch of Dudes…..

Kid Sensation Request
Kid Sensation – Power Of Rhyme
1. Intro/The Ballers Back
2. Ain’t A Damned Thing Changed
3. Who Can Get As Lyrical
4. Comp Stompin’
5. Bass Test
6. The Weekend
7. Rollin’ With The Posse
8. The Way I Swing
9. A Word From J-Bass
10. Kid’s Groove
11. The Power Of Rhyme
12. Rap To You
13. The Emerald City
14. She’s Fake
15. Ride The Rhythm
16. Dollars & Sense
17. Unstoppable
18. Stan’s Groove

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