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Thursday's Treats & More THOUGHTS

by Eric on April 12, 2007

KMD-Bl*ck B*s**rds

By now everyone knows the story on this release. In a nutshell, due to the controversial cover art that was chosen for KMD’s sophomore effort, Elektra pulled the plug on it’s release. Add into the mix the untimely death of DJ Subroc and you have…..MF Doom formerly Zevloe X, and after 1 million alias and countless “Special Herbs”. Anyway, I loved KMD’s debut “Mr. Hood” in a “Future Without A Past” kinda’ way…but, I found “Bl*ck B*st*rds” to be that much more enjoyable. It just sucks that I bought this album off of Amazon in the winter of 04′ and the sound quality isn’t the best. Many of you MF Doom “heads” have this gem alredy, but for those that are sleeping grab it up! Oh, and for the record MF Doom & Madlib’s “Madvillian” was one of the best collabrative efforts I’ve ever heard!

Home Team-Via Satellite From Saturn

Okay, I’m not gonna’ front and act like I know very much about this album. Especially, since I played it for about the first time in 14 years the other morning while I was getting ready for work. Two things….I do remember “Pick It Up” making some noise back in the day, which obviously was taken from Black Sheep’s “The Choice Is Yours (Remix)” and secondly, these cats were actually signed to Luke Records (yes, that Luke). Damn, wasn’t the gear they were rockin’ on the cover “Flavor” back in the days? And the Guess sweatshirt and jeans, backpack and the Hoyas hat…Daaayyyummm!!

Trigger Tha Gambler-Life’s a 50/50 Gamble

Ron this one’s for you baby! Like Trav over at Wake Your Daughter Up said “Albumbase is the gift & the curse”. Well, fortunately “Life’s a 50-50 Gamble” was a gift. The other half of “Broken Language” dropped this solo debut on the heels of his brother Smoothe Da Hustler’s “Once Upon A Time In America”. BTW, did anyone ever see this album on the shelves, I sure as hell could never find it. While I know alot of cats who can’t stand “My Crew Can’t Go For That”, I was lovin’ it during it’s release off the “Nutty Professor” Soundtrack. With production by DR Period (M.O.P., Smoothe, Teflon,etc.) and a heavy dosage of “Sex, Money & Guns”, “50/50″ is a definite pickup for anyone who loved that “95-96″ grimey New York feel. Truthfully speaking, there’s not a whole lot of difference between “Once Upon A Time” & “50/50″. But after all aren’t they “My Brother/My Ace”?


  1. Give me a late pass b/c I have been sleeping big time on Evidencence’s “The Weatherman”…While Evidence’s flow is above average, the production is BANANAS! Alchemist has been doin’ his thing lately.
  2. I’m telling you, there are a few “way too short” instrumentals floating around that should have been full length tracks i.e, Black Milk’s “luvin’ it” off of Popular Demand and Decompoze’s “Same Song” off of “Decomposition”.
  3. Slowly but surely, some recent releases such as Devin’s “Waitin’ To Inhale” , “The Weatherman” & “Popular Demand” are starting to “bring that old thing back” for me.
  4. You heard it hear first Pharoahe Monch’s new LP “Desire” is gonna’ pack massive heat!!
  5. Shameless Pop cuts in heavy rotation this week – Justin Timberlake’s “Love Stoned-I think she knows” & Omarion’s “Ice Box”…gotta be Timbo’s beats! Bumps like acne in the ride…damn, that was corny. Oh, and throw the SWV “Remixes” Ep in there too for good measure.
  6. I haven’t watched cable since the NCAA tourney finished up, my wife & I have been addicted to “King of Queens” box sets…doesn’t hurt that Leah Romeni is SMOKING either.
  7. Rasul (in the pic above) I appreciate the e-mail!! I checked out some of this cat’s material and I was thoroughly impressed, believe me if it was booty I’d let him know. Again, Rasul that’s why we do this!! Check him out here RASUL
  8. Welcome back Talib Kweli!!! Now, if only you could talk to Mos Def
  9. Common Sense or Common?
  10. If you listen to only one album this week listen to Prince Paul’s “A Prince Among Thieves” possibly Hip Hop’s greatest concept album ever? No, the “College Dropout” was not a “concept” album either!
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    alley al April 12, 2007 at 11:32 am

    i ownder if you have anything by dv alias khryst?

    Eric April 12, 2007 at 11:16 pm

    No Alley..sorry, I don’t..just a few guests spots here and there

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