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Young Zee – Musical Massacre

by Travis on April 13, 2007

Good afternoon hip hop girls and boys, once again back up in this mutha with some music. I don’t have a lot with me and didn’t have a plan coming into this, so once again we are going to wing it just for the simple fact I don’t think I’m going be around much this weekend again and don’t think a post will happen, so we’ll post up something to get by.

I dug through the music I had with me and pulled out one of my favorite albums that was never released from one of my favorite MC’s that never gets the props and recognition he deserves. I looked around to see if anyone had posted this album up in a while, but didn’t see any posts on it. I’m almost positive it’s been posted up before and I might have even posted it before. When you’ve been doing this for over a year and a half and posted up hundreds and hundreds of albums, you can’t remember everything you’ve done. So if it’s posted up recently, I apologize, but we’ll run with it.

The MC in question? Young Zee of the “Outsidaz”, one of the more unique MC’s in terms of vocal tone, delivery and just over all charisma. Hailing from Newark, NJ, Zee has always been on the cusp of becoming one of the games premier MC’s but it always seems to allude him. From coming up with Pacewon back in the early 90′s to forming the clique the “Outsidaz” with a underground beast in Eminem to even being on Em’s label at one time, Zee has been right there. He’s appeared on the underground classics such as “Disposable Arts” from Masta Ace with a show stealing verse as well as and appearance on mainstream smashes on “The Score” with the Fugees, Zee should have blown up by now, but has always been blocked by the industry bullshit. Even his solo album titled “Musical Massacre” back in 96/97 was never released.

The album was supposed to drop on Ruff Nation/Columbia, but due the usual bullshit, it never saw the light of the day. While I don’t think the album would have broke down any barriers back then, it would have held it’s own in a more competitive album scene back then. Zee displays a crazy flow with very witty lyrics and that with a sense of humor, you transfered back to a time when skills and individuality still matter in an MC.

I’ve seen a couple different versions to this, so this might be original, or it might be different. As far as I know, only a promo tape came out for this.

1. Toxic Waste
2. Don’t Fuck With New Jersey
3. Problems
4. Tonsil Check
5. Plucker
6. Crazy
7. EZ Widers
8. Juice
9. Milk
10. Jack Mode
11. Electric Chair
12. Throw Your Hands In The Air
13. Freestyle
14. Hard Act To Follow
15. ?
16. Just Chill
17. Stay Gold

Young Zee online….

Young Zee interview from last year

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