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Steve Refkin back with ?

by Staff on April 17, 2007

In 1992 Steve Refkin founded a record label named Loud Records who should become the home of the Wu-Tang Clan, Big Pun, Mobb Deep, The Beatnuts, M.O.P., Tha Alkaholiks, Pete Rock, Xzibit, Twista, Dead Prez, the X-ecutioners and many others, unfortunately the label shut down in 2002 as many different well known hip hop labels did back then…

Refkin went on to found a new label named Street Records Corporation and success came again very quick with such artists like Akon, David Banner or Remy Ma, now Mr. Refkin brought back his former Loud label to start a new form of contest strictly for our rappin’ visitors, I’m still not sure if it’s only hype and if anything great turns out of this contest, but for those interested, please read on what the people over at tell us abouth their idea and about the contest:

“With a lot of emcee’s out there leaving something to be desired in today’s Hip Hop scene, why not leave it up to the people to decide who the next greatest rapper will be?

As I’m sure you know, both Battlerap and are back and they’re giving some talented and some not-so-talented people out there a chance at an SRC contact and $100,000 in cash!

There’s plenty of incentive to sign up, like getting to use beats from hot producers like DJ Khaled, Cool and Dre, and Zukhan Bey, and then having them judge your skills week after week, but if you’re not an emcee, think of this as your way to control what you’re listening to on the radio. We’re talking about SRC,, and Steve Rifkind, some of the biggest names in Hip Hop and YOU can control who gets signed.

People with less than 25 votes a week don’t even have a chance at getting judged, that’s where you have to come in and support if you like the artist, or shoot them down if they’re really wack! We definitely don’t need another horrible rapper on the radio! But we do need new fire, so please help spread the news and support!

The competition officially started yesterday April 15th, so right now your next favorite rapper could be preparing his material at home and he’ll need your support! Or, by helping promote this contest, you could inspire some true artists to sign up and get noticed.”

For full details on how the contest works, click here:

Now i must say that the idea sounds pretty good, but I still doubt that this has the potential and power to as they say “to control what you’re listening to on the radio”,

well we’ll see….


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