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WYDU Presents "The Greatest Hits"; Slick Rick

by Travis on April 17, 2007

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. By the looks of things, the blog was still getting some love even with the lack of posts over the weekend. Last week was the busiest week ever for our little blog, which is kind of cool, even with the lack of quality posts that I come to expect out of myself. No fear, I have a full slate of things planned for the next few weeks. This week itself is kind of a special one for me, but I’ll get into that more tomorrow.

I really don’t know what to expect as far as reader reaction with this next series I’m going to do. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve always been one of those wacked out kids that makes compilations of all sorts. I always made stuff for friends who were hip hop heads, for people who weren’t, but wanted to hear more, for myself, all kinds of things. As hip hop has aged and more artists put out their fourth, fifth and sixth albums, I’ve liked making a “greatest hits” CD that I can bump in my headphones or in my car.

In the age of the I-Pod, stuff like the “greatest hits” has almost become obsolete in a sense, hell disks in general are becoming an endangered species. I personally don’t own an I-Pod or any mp3 player like it. I’m still locked in the days of the mp3 walkman that can play the mp3 disks. That is as far as my technological revolution has gone. So I still occasionally make my “WYDU Classics” and this week, I’m going to post up some “Greatest Hits” collections of various artists that I enjoy.

The other potential problem with doing these, everyone has their own favorites on albums. Songs that I may like, someone else may have thought was do-do and someones favorite song from an album maybe one I disliked. So coming up with an universial “Greatest Hits” package is nearly impossible.

When I started thinking about this idea a couple of weeks ago, I was kind of amazed at the number of “Greatest Hits” retail projects that have already been dropped. I still think the best representation of a greatest hits collection is Gang Starr’s “Full Clip”, which covers pretty much all the best stuff. None the less I’m going to try to cover a few artists that haven’t and probably won’t have a “Greatest Hits”, maybe even some labels and producer’s collections as well. My man Jaz at “Cold Rock Da Spot” has this kind of thing sewed up, but I’m only doing this for a week then we’ll go back to leaving it all up to Jaz.

First up, my favorite story telling MC of all time, Slick Rick…..crumbs! Do we even dare get into what could have been with Rick? Rick’s story is one worthy of “Behind The Music” thingy’s that VH1 has on all the time. We’ll recap it quickly for the kiddies out there not in the know and that haven’t done their homework.

Rick’s legacy is long and distinguished. Ricky D got his start as many artists did from that time period, in the school’s lunch room, rhyming in a cipher while someone beat boxed or pounded on the table. He was part of the “Kangol Crew” with Dana Dane, while they never released any music that I’m aware of, they still get enough mention in the “myths” of Hip Hip lore.

After winning some MC battles, Rick was introduced to Doug E Fresh, who was a well known local artist himself in those days. As they say, the rest is history, with Rick getting together with Doug to form “Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew”. They would drop the classic 12 inch “La Di Da Di b/w The Show” in ’85. It was said, back in those days, Rick was just a tad bit arrogant, so naturally he wasn’t sticking around in any group that he wasn’t featured. Dressed down in jewels and using his own style and verbage, the Rickster would team up with Hank Shocklee and “The Bomb Squad” (although Rick denies they were involved much with the album other than getting the credit for beats he made) and drop the classic “The Great Adventures of Slick Rick” on then power house rap label, Def Jam. The album would go platnium (damn, they don’t do that much these days anymore) and Rick looked to be on his way to legendary status such as LL Cool J, Public Enemy and others. Instead, what would happened would effect Ricks professional career and personal life.

The rumor/story is as such. Every great/wealthy MC needs protection, even in those days. Rick decided to keep in in the family and help out a cousin who was struggling to stay clean and out of trouble. Things turned sour between Rick and the cousin over some money (what else) and cuz threatened Rick, his family and his mother. Rick was fearing for his own safety and that of his family so he decided to take the situation into his own hands and handle his biz. In events that sound eerily like it came straight out of “Children’s Story”, Rick would pull a drive by on his cousin standing in front of a building. Instead of capping his cousin (he did get a piece of him), he would shoot an innocent bystander in the leg. He then proceeded to “Raced up the block doing 83/crashed into a tree near an university”…no really, that’s what happened, he hit a tree after speeding off. To his defense, Rick was going through a rash of shit, getting robbed himself, home invasions and the breaking straw, getting his Nissian Pathfinder shot up in front of a club, sending him and a female companion to the hosipital

Rick was brought up on attempted murder charges. While awaiting trial and sentacing, he would rush into the studios and pump out two other albums. While decent in quality (hell, they are better than 90% of the crap out today) they do have the feeling of being rushed. Rick would get out for work release and re-do most of “Behind Bars”, but it still wasn’t a classic.

Rick, who was born in the UK, never recieved his citizenship and in ’93 the INS informed Rick they were in the process of deporting him back to a country that he never really lived in due to the fact he used a gun in a felony. The goverment returned him back to prison where he would fight deportation and eventually won the right to stay. But then the wonderful INS appealed based on the time Rick had served in jail (the time they sent him back to prison counted against him) and won, ordering Rick back to England. An agreement of sorts was reached and the INS reportedly told Rick they would not force him to leave the country. This was in the late 90′s. Times changed in the US after 9/11, in 2002
Rick performed on a cruise ship for charity and upon reentry in Miami, was arrested by Homeland Security. Rick would spend 17 months in detention before an NY judge ruled that the INS broke the law in reopening his case in ’95. The INS is still fighting the case, and fought against the NY decision saying the case is in Florida’s jurisadiction. As of last fall, the case was still awaiting to be heard in the Florida courst system

These days, Rick says he is just waiting for a more mature hip hop audience and expecting to be told to pack up and move back to England….
***This was the pre cutdown version. It might not fit on a traditional 700 mb.**

WYDU Presents: Slick Ricks Greatest Hits

1. The Show
2. Children’s Story
3. I Shouldn’t Have Done It
4. I Own America
5. Mona Lisa
6. Mona Lisa 2
7. Treat Her Like A Prositute
8. A Love That’s True Pt 2
9. 2 Way Street
10. Mistakes Of A Woman In Love With Other Men
11. Sleazy Gynecologist
12. Lick The Balls
13. I Run This
14. The Moment I Feared
15. Captain Caveman
16. King
17. He Kills
18. Teacher, Teacher
19. Memories
20. A Letter 2
21. The Sun feat Ghostface & Raekwon
22. Behind Bars
23. Sittin’ IN My Car feat Doug E Fresh
24. La Di Da Di

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