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WYDU Presents "The Greatest Hits": Schoolly D

by Travis on April 18, 2007

I’m kind of disappointed, I could write a book on Schoolly, well maybe a small magazine article, but I’m a little short on time and didn’t want to hold this back until tomorrow, so I’ll go ahead and post it up today with out the write up I had planned.

Making things short, Schoolly has been around forever it seems, or at least since ’85 and is one of the pioneers of “Reality Rap”, “Gangsta Rap”, “Hardcore Rap”, or whatever label you want to apply to the music. He’s been one of my favorites since I first saw the video for “No More Rock ‘N Roll” on “Yo MTV Raps”, which was rather hiliarous, even if it didn’t mean to be. I bought “Smoke Some Kill” soon after and it actually kind of scared me more than anything. It’s “in your face” attitude that is displayed on the album more or less scared the shit out of me at the time. I was probably a freshman or sophomore in high school and I got the feeling that Schoolly didn’t like white people or anything they had to do with.

I’d eventually overcome my fear by getting into his earlier works, which are straight up 808 kick drums to your dome and simple yet effective lyrics for the times. A lot of his music was featured promiently on “King Of New York”. After seeing that movie, I went out and bought “Saturday Night Album”, which is probably his best piece of work, although I tend to favor “Am I Black Enough For You”. I really had a difficult time making this comp just for the simple fact I was trying to make it fit onto one CD and I left off a few songs I really wanted to include, but oh well.

As for anyone that is bored with the compilations, I really don’t like doing them that much myself, but you have to realize I only have so much time and so much material to share. I have a pretty big series coming in the near future which will also probably deal with more mixes, but I hope they are more for “the advanced listener” than some of these are. I realize a lot of people might have most of this stuff, but I also realize there are not just the crate diggers checking this blog, there are some people who are getting their learn on, who weren’t around when this stuff originally dropped and I think it’s important to reach those folks as well. These “Greatest Hits” mixes are probably more aimed toward them than the advanced person. I think it’s important to know ones audience, and I try to cater to the majority, but every once in a while I will cater to the minority as well. I also never stared this blog to be in some kind of popularity contest. I post up what I feel like and what I want for the most part. I do me…if everyone is on board great, if not, oh fucking well…..’nuff said.

WYDU Presents Schoolly D’s Classics

1. Run
2. Gangster Boogie
3. King Of New York
4. PSK What Does It Mean?
5. Livin’ In A Jungle
6. Saturday Night
7. Gucci Time
8. Gucci Again
9. Where’d You Get That Funk From
10. Parkside 5-2
11. Dedication To All The B-Boys
12. It’s Like Dope
13. Smoke Some Kill
14. B-Boy Rhyme & Riddle
15. Mr. Big Dick
16. D. Is For
17. Signifying Rapper

Nothing from his last three album. I tried to get a couple joints from “Welcome To America”, but they got cut at the last minute. The other two albums are nothing really to write home about.

Essential Schooly D albums

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