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Thursday's Treats & THOUGHTS

by Eric on April 19, 2007

Domino-Self Titled

“Here we go, Here we go as the tune starts to boom with tha back pack track blah, blah..ahh hell….what was Domino saying in the lyrics to Geto Jam? Anyway, that was my introduction to Domino via the maxi-cassette for “Geto Jam”. I’ll admit, I thought Domino was gonna’ be as big as Snoop or Dre after hearing his first single and then he hit us off with a little “Sweet Potato Pie” which I loved equally. Needless to say, I popped this in the headphones today and took a trip down memory lane (while assembling this rideable firetruck contraption for my daughter…remind me to read directions from now on!) and the ride wasn’t a smooth as back in 94′. Still to me the only quality cuts on this album remain the two that I mentioned above. And if I had any brain I would’ve have noticed that Laquan aka Poppa LQ made an appearance on “Domino” therefore I wouldn’t have had everyone and their Mother e-mailing me saying “Dude, Poppa LQ wasn’t a “One Album Wonder” he was Laquan. Anyway, for those of you that haven’t picked this up it’s worth the listen.-words by Eric
Erick Sermon-No Pressure

I picked up “No Pressure” the same day as Souls of Mischief’s “93′ till” and me being the massive EPMD fan that I am, I threw “93 till” in the back of the CRX…yeah, the hatchback…you know what’s up..Okay, it never reappeared until I saw the video for “93″ just b/c Erick Sermon was THAT DUDE. I was hyped for this release on the strength of “Hittin’ Switches” off the “Who’s The Man? OST”. Erick actually dropped a pretty dope single with “Stay Real” but besides that and “Hostile” featuring…damn, what was that cat’s name? (If you know drop me a line b/c I think the same cat that appeared on “Hostile” dropped a single or two as well)the absence of Parrish made me dislike this release even more. I actually liked Erick’s Sophomore effort “Double or Nothing” more than “No Pressure”. Just a thought, if you took the beats to both Erick & Parrish’s solo efforts and put them back together on all those tracks we would’ve had two or more EPMD classics without a doubt..tell me I’m wrong!-words by Eric

Saafir-Boxcar Sessions

Now this is one of my favorites. I’m sure many can recall Saafir’s appearance in the blockbuster “Menace II Society”. I never knew that he had an album out, so you can imagine my surprise when I came across this “Diggin’ In Tha Tapes”. I’ve fell even more in love with “Boxcar Sessions” over the years. The producition of this album is absolutely ASTOUNDING! Now Saafir lyrics and flow are anything from the norm…it’s almost an acquired taste. The first cut on this album you need to check out is “Just Riden”, and then you will see where I’m comin’ from. Most definitely an underrated and underrappreciated release from Saafir, who BTW is still dropping some decent material.-words by Eric


  1. Woooooo! Is Alchemist back on the beats or what? With recent production on Evidence’s “Weatherman” & Prodigy’s “Return of The Mac” I’d say he’s gotta’ be the top producer in Hip Hop right now!
  2. Did anyone else see the article on D-Nice in the most recent SLAM magazine? Apparently, dude is DJ’ing parties for the likes of Brand Jordan, mad charity events and such. Good to see dude is still in Hip Hop collecting paper.
  3. Two blogs that everyone needs to check out IMMEDIATELY: & Poisonous Paragraphs..everyone in the blogging spectrum is guilty of just upping a few albums here and there to keep folks kosher, but the two blogs mentioned showcase a real talent for written knowledge of the culture. “Poisonous Paragraphs” takes me back to the good ol’ days, while “DumpinDumpin” puts me in stiches everytime I drop in to check em’ out…please be sure to check em’ out!
  4. Why is the best track off of “Kingdom Come” produced by Chris Martin of Coldplay???
  5. Rasul brought up a good point the other day…The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell sounds almost exactly like Kwest Tha Madd Lad.
  6. Why can’t I get Ne-Yo’s new single “Because Of You” outta my head?
  7. Isn’t it funny how sometimes you don’t really care for a cut until you see the video. Such was the case yesterday after I caught a glimpse of “Marco Polo & Masta Ace’s “Nostalgia” now I keep it on repeat.
  8. Also, since I brought up “Port Authority”, JoJo Pelligrino comes out of nowhere to murder “Speak Softly”..the only thing about JoJo is that he sounds like a twist between Copywrite & Apathy.
  9. What in the hell ever happened to “Cuban Linx II”?
  10. Also my thoughts & prayers go out to the friends and families of the Virginia Tech tragedy….man, that is scary especially when your trying to bring up two young daughters. But in retrospect, you gotta’ live every day like it’s your last cause…..well, you know the rest.


  1. Why is every god-fearing and Hip Hop-loving individual (I guess you have to be listening to Hip Hop for at least 10 years to understand the notion) waiting for Pharoahe Monch’s “Desire” (my man Eric and me included) like the Judgment Day for our defunct culture?
  2. See first and foremost, I’m a fan of this site who happens to share some of his thoughts with you but speaking of my Homie Eric, why don’t you guys showcase your appreciations more for all the great work the man is doing??? Drop a comment (the CBox counts too) and make my man’s day… Especially after that “King & I” post. Or did everyone have that masterpiece already?
  3. Did you guys agree with my comment on the Cypress Hill album about Prince Rakeem or did everybody miss the point? Get back with me on that one…
  4. It took me a hot minute to get a hold of that Kidz in the Hall’s “School Was My Hustle” with their track “Wheelz Fall Off” revisiting “’93 ‘Til Infinity” and I must say, it’s a pretty decent album. But did anybody else care about them kids and the highly praised resurrection of Rawkus Records?
  5. And speaking of Rawkus, listen to Marco Polo’s “Nostalgia” featuring Master Ace. The track is bananas and knocked me out of my socks- his “Port Authority” album sounds very promising! And did anybody catch Sa-Ra’s new v

    ideo “Feel the Bass” with your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper Talib? I never understood the immense hype around Sa-Ra as the “next big thing”, but I admit this beat really works for me…

  6. Listen, I have been a huge fan of Beanie Sigel ever since his “Truth” album and honestly, he is one of the best around. So, now that the man has apparently dissolved his legal issues and is officially back with the Roc, can I look forward to a release-date for his “Solution”?
  7. Why doesn’t anybody request some old R&B albums? I thought Eric’s Hip Hop Soul-Sunday would inspire some of you guys to “remember” (come on now, he hit you with Jodeci!!!). As far as I am concerned, Hip Hop and R&B went hand in hand in the late 80′s and early 90′s until Teddy Riley and Diddy decided to take it to the next level!?
  8. Speaking of alternative music (how ironic!!!???), I listen to Moloko’s “I Want You” at least once a day: Great music with outstanding lyrics!
  9. Maybe it’s because Evidence his “Weatherman LP” has been the only “real” highlight this year, maybe it’s because I’m sincerely getting tired of listening to mixtapes to quench my thirst or maybe it’s because Hip Hop can’t quite find his soul; but why am I constantly trying to justify the fact, that I’m slowly going out of my ways and start to pick up on some good old Rock & Roll?
  10. My condolences go out to all the victim’s families at Virginia Tech and with all due respect, why is the media emphasizing the fact that dude was Korean?
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Mike Dikk April 21, 2007 at 6:26 pm

Thanks for the shout out. You update this site so frequently, it takes me a while to catch up!

Also, regarding that Sa-Ra comment Rasul made: I can’t wait for that Sa-Ra Lp to come out next week.

Just Ice April 25, 2007 at 12:32 pm

Erick Sermon was at his prime back then, wasn’t he? Although the weaker of the EPMD duo (my humble opinion), boy could he make boomin’ jeep beats. I LOVE “Hittin’ Switches”. isn’t loading for me. And I second the “Poisonous Paragraphs” visit. Dart brings us old schoolers back!

“why don’t you guys showcase your appreciations more for all the great work the man is doing???” – Ah, one of the many pains of a blogger. We display our love for the music by sharing it along with our thoughts only to wonder if anyone is even reading anything outside of the download link. Which one of us hasn’t thought at some point, “35 downloads and not a single ‘thanks!’, what?!?” Welcome to the intranets!

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