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Used CD Shopping Trip 4-19-07

by Travis on April 20, 2007

It’s been awhile since I’ve fired one of these, since the last week of Feb. to be exact. Lack of funds always puts a hamper on anything that isn’t a life neccesaity (which I think music is for me), but the simple fact that I had been draining the stores of anything remotely interesting caused me to stay away from my main two stores for awhile. Well after getting paid yesterday and the fact that I consider this a week long celebration, I went to my two favorite used CD stores yesterday, Cheapo Disks and Second Spin.

I came home with nine disks, only one which I was truly “excited” about, but some decent pick-ups none the less. All except two I already had in mp3 format, but I’m one of those geeks that needs the actual copy of something to make myself feel important and happy. Once again, you, the visitors reap the joys of my bounty as I share what I bought… enjoy!

Cheapo Disks 4-19

I was hoping a break from bi-weekly trips would allow some stuff to filter in there. I am aware there are others out there hit these stores up, but my history with these stores has been there is usually a good amount of stuff there after I haven’t been there for a month or so. There used to be another Hip Hop head working there at one time who was my main competition for getting stuff there, but I haven’t seen him there the last couple visits. He’d always see what I was getting and every once in awhile he’d curse for missing something that came in that I would grab (A.T.E.E.M is one I remember). This trip wasn’t all that eventful, some decent stuff, but nothing mind blowing. I kept telling myself I was going to run into a Nine CD, in hopes that a positive state of mind would attract it to me, but it didn’t happen.

Questionmark Asylum (Kaper Records/RCA, 1995) $5.95

1. Intro
2. Hey Lookaway
3. Curse Of The Q
4. Baby
5. Freakazoid
6. Sex On The Brain
7. You Don’t Understand
8. Love, Peace & Soul
9. Everything’s Love
10. Sweatin’ Me
11. Get With You/I’d Rather Be With You
12. Got Dem Joints
13. Daddy
14. We’re Thanking You

I never listened to this album pre-internet age. I was aware of it, but for whatever reason, it was one of the few things I saw in the stores but never bought. I downloaded it about a year ago or so and liked it the few times I listened to it back then. I figured I’d pick it up to add to the collection. It’s going for .49 cents on amazon (add a couple bucks shipping) and I could have picked it up cheaper and the six bucks I forked out for it was probably more than I should have spent, but so be it.

The group is from DC, one of the artists (besides Nonchalant) to release a record on a major label from the area. The four memeber group kind of reminds you of a poor man’s east coast Pharcyde, kind of the playful and fun vibe. Listening to it last night though, it really kind of bored me.

DJ Magic Mike – Repersent (Cheetah Records, 1994) $6.95

1. Royal Reject (Prelude)
2. Represent
3. You Dumb Ass (Prelude)
4. Move Them Butts
5. You Hear It Hummin’
6. A Real Nigga (Prelude)
7. (O.K. Nigga) Here We Go
8. A Message From Juan (Prelude)
9. Feel The Bass V.
10. Cut The Record Down To The Bone
11. Mind Blowing Decision (Prelude)
12. Down Through The Years (Remix)
13. Magic’s Groove
14. Move Them Butts (Hip Hop Version)
15. Royal Rejects (Outro)

If you read this blog often, you will know I have a fondness for Miami Bass and how can one be a fan of Miami Bass without liking DJ Magic Mike. This album isn’t his best (“Ain’t No Doubt It” has that distinction), but it’s still one of his better ones.

Capital Tax – The Swoll Package (MCA, 1993) $5.95

1. The Lab
2. Mista Wonka
3. Make a Move Y’all
4. Freestyle
5. I Can’t Believe It
6. We Pals
7. Can You Dig It
8. Nottie Natural
9. The Masha
10. In Memory Of
11. Givin’ It Back
12. Styles I Manifest
13. Make Some Cash
14. Poet Treeman
15. Treetop Connection
16. Outs

I’ve always kind of liked this album, so I finally decided to grab it. They are a Bay area group that doesn’t have much out there about them and unfortunately, I know very little about them as well.

Mesanjarz Of Funk – Mesangarz Of Funk (Warner Bros. 1993) $4.99

1. Keep It Flowin’
2. Funk in da Trunk
3. Gangsta
4. Messengers of Funk
5. Naughty Shorty
6. Spanish Flavor
7. Point Blank
8. Save the Drama
9. What U Wanna Do
10. Freedom International
11. 40 & A Blunt
12. Flip da Script – Lord Finesse, Mesanjarz of Funk
13. Straight Outta Ill Street
14. Stickup Game
15. Buckwild Boricua
16. Come on Now
17. Keep It Flowin’ [Remix]

This is one of those albums I slept on until someone showed me the err of my ways in the last couple of years. Not particullary hard to find, but definately in that boombap era that I love so much. It’s another album I probably could have gotten cheaper on Amazon, but half the fun is finding this stuff in the stores.

Second Spin 4-19-07

Second Spin is usually really good about having sales, but this time it was only 20% off when you buy four used CD’s, which in the end only saved me five bucks, wipee freaking doo. There was a lot of stuff there actually, none terribly exciting, except for the first Cella Dwellas album. I did end up putting a few things back because I didn’t want to go over my four album limit plus I had already spent over $30 at Cheapo.

Busy Bee – Runnin Thangs (EMI, 1988) $7.99 **Also just recently re-released by Traffic 4-10-07

1. Running Thangs
2. Suicide
3. Murder
4. Converse
5. Get Busy
6. I Don’t Play
7. Kickin’ Flavor
8. Express
9. Old School
10. Jazzy On The Mix
11. Express (Remix)

Busy came out just as I was getting into Hip Hop and still possesed that “TRUE” old school flavor, which at the time I didn’t appreciate all that much. It sounded mad dated at the time, and it probably was. I have more respect, appreciation and over all joy for hearing old school artists (old school to me means pre ’84) now a days so when I saw an original copy of this album, I had to grab it.

He had a video on “Yo!” for “Express” that had him running around in a cut-out train in an engineers hat, which was hilarious, even if it didn’t mean to. Listening to this album last night, I was surprised on actually how good it sounded. Maybe it had something to do with my mood, but it sounded nice. The legendary Jazzy Jay supplied the beats and it’s rumored that Melle Mel ghost wrote most of they lyrics and Busy had enough charima to pull it all together.

1. Navigation
2. Profound Vusatylity
3. My Words My World
4. Four O’Clock In The Morning
5. No Matter
6. Target
7. Outlawz
8. Interlude
9. Mind Tricks
10. Pro Am
11. Honey Pot and Lady Bug
12. Try Me
13. Stress Factor

Alright, I’m a bit confused. About a year ago, I download, what I’m pretty sure was this album. I don’t remember where from, but I really liked it. Then last year, Polarity sent me an album from Da Grassroots, which as far as I know is a Toronto group and completely different from this group which is also good. Well when I bought this album, I was thinking this was the T.Dot group, which I was really happy about, because that album isn’t easy to come across and is going for $50 on amazon, so I was thinking I was getting a deal. I get it home and pop it in the computer and started listening and realized it was the other Grassrootz. It’s a good album that I really like, but I can’t find shit about this group. Nothing on the internet, nothing on discogs, but Amazon is selling 11 of these for a penny apiece, so it’s kind of surprising that I can’t find anything on the group anywhere.

The music sounds like east coast music, but they mention Portland on the tape, which leads me to believe this is the Portland, Oregon group that went by this name some years ago. Anyone that can either confirm or deny this, it’d be much appreciated.

01 Puerto Rico / Black People (2:02)
02 Feel The Vibe (4:14) Featuring – Doo Wop , Heltah Skeltah , Rampage (2)
03 Focus (3:49) Featuring – Lost Boyz , M.O.P.
04 You & You & You (3:54) Featuring – June Lover , Redman , Sadat X
05 Boriquas On Da Set (Remix) (3:27) Featuring – Doo Wop , Fat Joe
06 Old School Radio (Interlude) (0:39)
07 The Cypher Part III (4:15) Featuring – Big Daddy Kane , Biz Markie , Craig G , Roxanne Shantè
08 Know Da Game (4:28) Featuring – Kool G Rap , M.O.P., Mobb Deep
09 Games (4:42) Featuring – Roc-City-O
10 Pay Ya Dues (3:12) Featuring – Busta Rhymes , Cocoa Brovaz, Keith Murray
11 Boriquas On Da Set (5:02) Featuring – Doo Wop , Evil Twins , Fat Joe

Fairly common, but I didn’t have a real copy of it, so I grabbed it.

1 Advance To Boardwalk (3:38)
2 Mystic Freestyle (3:46) Producer – Megahurtz*
3 Perfect Match (4:21)
4 Medina Freestyle (3:33) Producer – Megahurtz*
5 Recognize N Realize (4:09)
6 Cella Dwellas (4:27) 7 Wussdaplan (4:21) Producer – Cella Dwellas
8 Good Dwellas (4:22)
9 Hold U Down (3:24)
10 Realm 3 (4:11) Producer – Lord Digga , Witch Doctor (3)
11 Line 4 Line (3:26)
12 Worries (4:01) Producer – Gatman
13 We Got It Hemmed (4:40)
14 Good Dwellas (Part 2) (3:33) Producer – N. Loizides*
15 Outro (3:48) Producer – Cella Dwellas
16 Land Of The Lost (4:39) Producer – Lord Digga, Witch Doctor (3)

I was happy to snatch this up. It was going for more on Amazon that the eight bucks or so, but whatever, I happy to grab. I originally didn’t care for this group when this album dropped, but I gave them a second chance a couple years ago.

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