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Most Played For The Week & Most DL'ed For The Week (Wink Wink)

by Eric on April 21, 2007

Eric’s Most Played For The Week

  1. Chase The Clouds Away-Evidence…Another banger from the ALC, play this one in your system..NUTS!!!
  2. Because Of You-Ne Yo..Who you callin soft? I bumped “So Sick” to death as well!!
  3. Nostalgia-Marco Polo f. Masta Ace….The Bloggers unanimous pick for the week, Trav gave us the heads up and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon…I get goosebumps at about the 3:35 mark everytime I hear this instant classic.
  4. Mr. Me Too-Clipse…How simple was this track???Still, you can’t front on the Clipse, one of the best from 06′
  5. Life That I Know-Rasul…yeah, I’m familiar with Rasul….Even if I never met the dude, I’d still be lovin’ this…Oh yeah, big ups to Rasul and thanks for putting in MAJOR work..that “I Am” post was beautiful!!
  6. Beach Chair-Jay-Z f. Chris Martin…One line says it all “I got demons in my past so I got daughters on the way”…Hmmm, sound familiar!
  7. Hourglass-Cunninlyguists…A.P.O.S. has to be one of the best produced albums I ever heard, this cut is a headnodder….Plus, my Wife loves it, and that’s sayin’ somethin’!
  8. Get It Shawty-Llyod…Okay, I don’t know what was goin’ on this week..First Ne-Yo and now this!
  9. Speak Softly-Marco Polo f. JoJo Pellingrino…Whooo!! Port Authority is a MONSTER!!!
  10. Win Or Lose-Mobb Deep…An ill track off a subpar album (Amerikaz Nightmare)…..”Here I Go I Again”(insert sped up sample).

Rasul’s Most Played For The Week

  1. Nostalgia-Marco Polo f. Masta Ace….Electifying!
  2. Down In New York City-Evidence…Still Banging!
  3. Lost Without U-Robin Thicke….I don’t know if I like the song so much or the fact that he’s married to Paula Patton.
  4. Clocks-Coldplay…Yeah, I’m soft like that!
  5. Wenn Du Sclaefst-Soehne Mannheims…Some German soul
  6. Keep On Movin’-Soul II Soul…Oh, sweet memories!
  7. Creep & Crawl-Topic…pretty decent MC
  8. Acsension-Maxwell..more sweet memories
  9. Respiration-Black Star….listen to it again and it’ll blow you away!
  10. Read My Mind-The Killer…yeah, I know I’m late

Most DL’ed For The Week

  1. The LP-Large Professor….Still?
  2. Reunited Mixtape-Pete & CL
  3. Real Ting-Mad Lion…damn, was this one THAT hard to find?
  4. Street Level-The Beatnuts…that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!!
  5. Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk-Son Of Bazerk
  6. Many Facez-Tracey Lee
  7. Blue Funk-Heavy D & The Boyz…I hope folks will love this one as much as I do
  8. Da Dirty 30-CRU
  9. Life’s A 50/50 Gamble-Trigga Tha Gambler..Hell, I had a hard time finding this one!
  10. Uptown Saturday Night-Camp Lo..stay tuned to see these cats in “Sophomore Slump Saturday”!
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travis April 23, 2007 at 11:40 pm

A.P.O.S. might just be my favorite album of the decade so far. I can listen to that album anytime, anywhere. It’s just a beautiful album

Eric April 24, 2007 at 2:25 am

Yeah, no doubt..I had been snoozing on those fellas’ up until that point, but the production is flawless. My wife & go to Jamaica every year and this last year we bumped the hell outta’ the instrumental joint to A.P.O.S.

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