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HipHopSoul Sundays Pt.II

by Eric on April 22, 2007

Blackstreet-Self Titled

“You can New Jack Swing on my nuts”…words famously uttered by the one and only O’Shea Jackson himself. Well, this is New Jack Swing at it’s finest and Teddy Riley is the Michael Jordan of it. With recycled (read:re-played) beats i.e, “You Blow My Mind” and Troutman vocals for days Blackstreet’s self titled debut could be heard everywhere in 94′. Riley also dipped and dabbled in a bit of G-Funk on this release as well, alot of the production actually sounds very similar to the beats that he backed Hammer with for Hammer’s “Funky Headhunter” release…which, still to this day I kinda like (see the Guilty Pleasures post a month or so ago). I wouldn’t say I was a big fan of this album, although I did prefer this over Riley’s work with GUY. Of course everyone remembers the ultimate slow jam “Before I Let You Go” and the uptempo a** shaker “Booti Call” but my favorite remains “Physical Thing” which samples the loop Primo utilized on Heavy D’s “Yes, Yes,Ya’ll” from Heavy’s “Blue Funk”. When it’s all said and done this album more than served it’s purpose during it’s heyday..and I’m sure you can put two and two together!!!-words by Eric

Res-How I Do

While I’m not a big fan of posting “newer” albums, I do find justice in posting this overlooked debut from Res. This album flew soo far under the radar that’s it’s almost an injustice. “How I Do” was released in 2001, in 2002 Res dropped the highly successful “They Say Vision” which skyrocketed to #1 on the Billboard dance charts. “Vision” was my introduction to “How I Do” and I’m glad I didn’t sleep on this release like most folks. To be brief, “How I Do” is solid from begining to end. Res is more than apt to keep the listener enertained with soothing vocals and excellent production. Also in 2002, Res dropped the single “Ice King” (which I loved) featuring Nas, but it failed miserably and needless to say Res feel off the map. Lately, Res has been touring with Gnarls Barkley providing background vocals and it’s good to see her on more recent bangers such as Madlib & Kweli’s collabo “Liberation” and Evidence’s “Weatherman LP”. It would be great to see her bless us with another solo album and I’m sure you will feel the same after hearing “How I Do”.-words by Eric

Groove Theory-Self Titled

Okay, help me out here! Am I the only dude that didn’t know that Bryce Wison (along with Amel Larrieux comprising Groove Theory)was a frontman for Mantronix?…damn, I just found that out this morning! Anyway, must folks loved Groove Theory first single “Tell Me”, which I would also add happens to be my favorite R & B joint EVER and I also remember reading in the Source that it’s Bobbito Garcia’s as well. Their self-titled debut album dropped in 1995, one year ahead of Aaliyah’s “One In A Million”, and if you take a listen to “Groove Theory” and “One In A Million” back to back you’ll soon find that Timbaland (who handled the majority of production on Aaliyah’s release) was a big fan of Groove Theory’s work….the similarities between the two are extremely noticeable. Amel’s vocals are some of the sweetest I’ve ever heard and I still cop anything that she blesses us with. Obviously, “Tell Me” is the climax of this album with “Baby Luv” coming in a close 2nd. BTW, when “Baby Luv” was released as a single there was a remix featuring a rapper with a Southern twang..I can’t seem to remember who it was but I remeber the remix being pretty dope (hit me up if you may have this). And dope sleep on Amel’s vocals on Group Home’s “Suspended In Time” remix as well. And lastly, one shouldn’t overlook Bryce Wilson’ contributions to “Groove Theory” as well b/c this rookie effort still sounds as if it were dropped last week. Folks, this is Neo-Soul before Neo-Soul… perfect for the Summer!!-words by Eric

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Just Ice April 25, 2007 at 12:13 pm

Amel Larrieux is so beautiful. I watched that “Tell Me” video so much, I started to feel like she was talking directly to me, LOL. Bryce Luvah, the guy in the background, rapped on Mantronix’s “This Should Mova Ya” as well as “The Incredible Sound Machine”. Ever hear them? He’s also L.L. Cool J.’s cousin. My brain is full of useless rap trivia :)

christian B June 4, 2007 at 2:36 am

i’m glad to see there are folks out there giving RES her props. the girl is off the chain wit it! it’s a shame she didn’t blow up because she’s so much tighter than most of the artists on the airwaves today. i bought her cd in 2001 and it has been in constant rotation ever since. definitely one of my favortite albums of all time…so fresh and intelligent. i rock the mic with an artist called FREE SOL (signed to Tennman Records), and we will be performing with RES in atlanta on june 21st. if you’ll be in the city on that day, please come check all of us out at sugar hill!!! until then, cop How I Do…you’ll be glad you did!


christian B

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