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"I saw it comin' that's why I went solo" PT.II

by Eric on April 22, 2007

Sadat X-Wild Cowboys

Let me be the first to let you know….I’ve never been a big fan of Sadat X. While Brother Derek X’s stint with the critically acclaimed Brand Nubian was highly successful and delivered arguably two classics in “One For All” & “In God We Trust”, Sadat always seemed to be the third wheel..taking a backseat to Puba & Lord Jamar. I was hoping that Sadat’s first solo venture would prove not only myself wrong..but there was also alot of naysayers as well who also wondered if Sadat could stand on his on two as a solo artist. Needless to say, I copped “Wild Cowboys” on the date of it’s release and after removing the wrapper off the cassette (wasn’t that always a bitch!) and popping the “two-sider” in the Alpine, I was blown away by what I first heard. “The Lump Lump”, featuring an Amel Larrieux lyric from “Tell Me” (“I’ve been doin’ my own thing”) being sliced to pieces during the break, was a boisterous & energetic introduction to “Wild Cowboys”. On the other hand “The Lump Lump” utilized my favorite break of all time (Blind Alley…Jaz, get on that!!) which instantly made me gravitate to the cut. Well, after listening to “Wild Cowboys” numerous times over the last ten years I’ve come to one conclusion…”Wild Cowboys” was my least favorite album from Sadat. Sadat’s more recent albums “Black October” & “Experience & Education” have been among my favorites over the last 3 or so years. Now “Wild Cowboys” isn’t that bad of an album, it’s just not what I would’ve expected for a debut of a former Brand Nubian affiliate. Although, there are a few highlights that deserve a mention, “Open Bar” featuring Grand Puba & production by DJ Alamo (Hmmm…wonder why I prefer this one?..insert sarcasm) bounces along quite nicely & the Beatminerz assisted bass-heavy “The Interview” does so as well. I guess maybe my expectations were initially too high, but Sadat has redeemed himself in my book with his two most recent albums.-words by Eric

D-Nice-Call Me D-Nice

When talking about D-Nice alot of cats seem to forget that he had a few albums under his belt (serving as a DJ for Boogie Down Productions) before the release of D’s debut “Call Me D-Nice”. This album is special to me in so many ways, I still try to get this in rotation at least every other week or so. What I remember being particularly interesting is that Nice’ Produced & Mixed “Call Me D-Nice” all by his lonesome…not alot of cats attempt or have the talent to do that nowadays. Lyrically, D-Nice was above average enough to emerge from under the cloud that came with being cronies with Krs-One. To me the production on “Call Me” was the highpoint, from the BOOMING bass line of the first single “Call Me D-Nice” to neck brace worthy “It’s All About Me”…BTW, is that a party toy I hear in the background? Only once does D-Nice try to drop knowledge “Glory”, which is kinda’ surprising being that he was down with BDP for so long. A damn good first release from D-Nice, even Ice Cube liked it so much that “Call Me D-Nice” was the first beat to be “jacked” on Cube’s killer cut “Jackin’ For Beats”. It’s a shame that D-Nice dropped a lame attempt for a sophomore effort “To Tha Rescue” and never really regrouped…-words by Eric

Buckshot-The BDI Thug

I was geared up to completely TRASH this solo debut from Buckshot, but I did indeed give it another listen this weekend and I must admit…it’s not Black Moon, but it’s not completely garbage. Let me explain, Buckshot without Da Beatminerz is like…well, let’s throw that theory out the window due to the more recent success of Buckshot’s collabo with 9th Wonder “Chemistry”. But let’s get one thing straight the beats on “BDI Thug” are horrible, around the time of this album’s release Swizz Beats was killin’ the airwaves and make no doubt about it.. there are a few Swizz-like efforts on here as well. Buckshot has always been one of my favorite MC’s and this album was obviously the biggest misstep of his celebrated career. The only track on “BDI Thug” that garnered my interest was “Breath Control” with it’s Beatminerz-like production (they may have actually produced this cut, I’m too lazy to check it out). And what I found most odd about this release is that Just Blaze produced a cut “Heavyweighters”….I wonder what he was charging for beats back in 99′? In ending, I have taken interest in 95% of Buckshot’s work but “BDI Thug” was a major disappointment for me and alot of Boot Camp Click followers as well….-words by Eric

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Just Ice April 25, 2007 at 12:09 pm

I have to admit, it took me awhile to get used to Derek X too. His rhyme style always seemed to be all over the place and back then, I was so used to a certain structure. But he grew on me and I think he’s dope. That “Glory” track by D-Nice? I believe he wrote that for the Denzel Washington movie of the same title. That Buckshot joint also disappointed me as well. I was expecting Enta Da Stage Pt. II. You’d think we’d stop having such high expectations of classics :/

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