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"Can't Forget About You"…#9/Happy 100th Post!!

by Eric on April 23, 2007

Mad Lion-Ghetto Gold & Platinum Respect

With Mad Lion’s first release “Real Ting” (which I posted about a week or so ago) about to overtake Extra P’s “The LP” as the most downloaded album from this site, a thought occured to me while driving home from work today. I remembered picking up Mad Lion’s second album “Ghetto Gold & Platinum Respect” in some used bin at a record store in Harrisburg, PA. Well, lucky for you after about an hour of searching thru my attic this afternoon I found it! Here it is for all the folks that picked up “Real Ting”, and I can assure you that even more of you will check this one out. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you too much about “Ghetto Gold” except that much like “Real Ting” the bulk of the production duties are once again handled by Krs-One. Also, if you look at the cover Mad Lion personally autographed each and every album with a white magic marker…Man, that must have really taken up alot of dude’s time, no wonder it took him so long between album drops!!! I plan on checking it out tonite during a game of NBA2K7 (ah, the life of a married man!)…which, BTW I have to justify to my Wife everynite that I only enjoy “Sports” video games!. Also, big ups to all of you who have stopped by to “do the knowledge” and I hope everyone has a great week!

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Just Ice April 25, 2007 at 12:04 pm

Hey, thanks for this! I wasn’t aware he even had a second album out.

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