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Best Of Albumbase/Trav’s Favorite Top 25 Albums

by Travis on April 24, 2007

Lot’s of things going on today, mainly because I’m backed up after not posting anything up the past three days. For that reason, and the fact I come up with many of my ideas while laying in bed listening to stuff before drifting off into dreamland, I have a few things on my plate that I’ll throw out today while I’m still trying to finish up a guest post I have on another site and my own colossal series that (fingers crossed) I hope start this week.

I miss doing my Sunday Lite posts, they were fun, a break from the norm, and let me spew some of my rants and raves. So, fuck it, we’ll work this post something like one of those. I don’t really have any individual songs to post up today, so we’ll run with the albumbase links again and hopefully I’ve dug up a few things that are new to those albumbase members and new to those who don’t have albumbase. We’ll get those out of the way for those visitors that don’t have the attention span to actually read….

Royce Da 5’9 Aftermath Demo

1. Another Hit
2. King Of Kings
3. United Divided
4. The Desert ft WallStreet
5. I Dare You
6. Clap To This
7. Flash On
8. Friends

When Em signed with Dre’s Aftermath label, he originally brought his boy Royce along with him. Together, they would work together on Dre’s “2001″ album, with Royce, reportedly, doing a chunk of the ghostwriting for Dre. There would be leaks of tracks that contained appreances from Royce, one being the original version for “Xxplosive” and some others. Royce would then, allegedaly, get a bit too cocky for Dre’s tastes that was fuled by some misconceptions that Royce was actually signed to Aftermath. One thing led to another (meaning I’m not sure exactly happened myself) and Royce bounced from the project.

I honestly haven’t heard what this “demo” is yet. Nine times out of ten, it’s some kid with a computer that has more time than he knows what to do with on his hands and puts together a bunch of early Royce tracks from that time that had already been leaked and called it a “demo”. Hopefully though, this does contain some of those earlier tracks, because regardless if this is a demo or not, they are nice tracks to have/hear.

Atmosphere – New, Unreleased & B-Sides VOL 2 *LINK FIXED**
(There were no track numbers, soooooo)
American Idle feat Busdriver & 2Mex
Better Man Feat Creature
Cats Van Bags (remix) feat Brother Ali
Fallen feat Vakill
Get Depressed
Gotta Love Em’ feat Eyedea
H Overkill feat Mac Lethal
Hold Mine feat Blueprint, Aesop Rock, Eyedea, & Illogic
Insomnia 411 feat Roosevelt Franklin & Jean Grae
Knock Knock Joke 2
Seven Goes Bonkers pt 1 feat Dose One
Seven Goes Bonkers pt 2 feat Dose One
Sick Pimpin’ Remix
Snapshot feat Booka B
Steel Toe Verses The Rookie Feat Micranots
Windy feat Mr Skurge
Wooden Ships feat PNS

I seemed to get some fanfare for the Aesop I posted up last time, so we obviously have some “Nerd Rap” fans that frequent the site. I hate using that term, just because I think it’s stupid, although I don’t care for most of the music that would be classified in that vague label. I’ve never cared for the Sage Francis’, the Aesop Rocks, and I would rather listen to country music than listen to any Anticon material, but one such group/artist that I’ve liked from said “genre” is Atmosphere. Maybe it’s the fact in all my “whiteness” and alcoholic tendicies, I can identify with the “emo-ness” that is Slug and Atmosphere’s music and topics. If I actually had the talent to rap and make music, I’d be a cross between Atmosphere and Run DMC, with a Bomb Squad/J-Zone sound.

Again, I think these are someones homemade collections, but they are pretty good collection of his non-album stuff. There are three volumes floating around that I know of, which I only have the first two, so if someone else has the third volume, hook a white boy up.

DJ Premier – New Zealand & Australia Mixtape 2004

Not sure what this is, but it has Primo, so it has to be half way decent. I’m guessing a live mix from a tour overseas, but hell, check it out. (Edit) It’s a mixtape of sorts, judging by the tracklisting (it’s already in there, I don’t feel like typing it out right now)

Black Star – B-Sides and Rarities

A collection of Mos & Talib apprearing on tracks together and the such. SOme stuff on here I hadn’t heard before, so worth checking for Mos/Talib/Black Star fans.

Trav’s Top Spins For The Week….

1. Evidence – The Weatherman LP
This album just keeps getting better and better. I think the Alchemist production on this is much better than his production on the new Prodigy album. It’s not a classic by anymeans, but it’s a good album to pass the time.

2. El-P – I’ll Sleep When Your Dead/ Brother Ali – The Untold Truth
I went a week without listening to this and got back on the bandwagon again last week. You either love this or hate it. I haven’t liked Brother Ali in the past, mainly because his voice bugged the fuck out of me, but I’m getting used to it on this album

3. Stricklin – The Resume Mixtape
Masta Ace’s protege, I expect big things out of Strick in the future as a solo artist and as part of eMC with Ace, Punchline and Wordsworth. This is a collection of all the material he has released so far. Pick it up here

4. WYDU Presents Slick Rick’s Greatest Hits & WYDU Presents Schoolly D’s Greatest Hits (Tie)
Yeah, I got in the mood to listen to these two artists, after all, they are my favorite songs.

5. Storm Davis – Kegstand Poetry for the Recovering Alcoholic
I got this off of HHB out of curiousity, since the title and artist name contained two of my favorite things in life, alcohol and baseball. I gave it a listen then put it to the side for awhile. About a week later I had a tune stuck in my head, but couldn’t remember where I heard it. I went back and found it on this album so since then I’ve been giving it some listens.

Trav’s Favorite 25 Albums of All-Time

Since all the cool kids are doing it in blogger land, and I was asked to compile a list by none other than the almighty Jeff Weiss of Passion of the Weiss (if you don’t read his blog, you suck) I figured I’d turn one into the Weiss/Straight Bangin’ poll they are doing. Add in the fact that I am some kind of sick and perverted list junky who likes doing this kind of thing anway, so I had to do it.

Once again, this is MY personal favorites, not what I would consider THE top 25 of all-time. Lists are like assholes, everyone has one. My age is bound to show a bit, and it’s probably not terribly different than the others I’ve seen so far, so without further suspense, here is my list.

1. Slaughtahouse- Masta Ace
2. Takes A Nation Of Millions..- Public Enemy
3. Raising Hell- Run DMC
4. Whut..Thee Album- Redman
5. Low End Theory- A Tribe Called Quest
6. Bigger And Deffer- LL Cool J
7. Stakes Is High- De La Soul
8. 21 & Over- Tha Alkaholiks
9. The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick- Slick Rick
10. (Tie) Dare Iz Da Darkside- Redman
Criminal Minded- Boogie Down Productions
11. The Infamous….- Mobb Deep
12. Wolf In Sheeps Clothing- Black Sheep
13. Pauls Boutique- Beastie Boys
14. Enter The 36 Chambers- Wu Tang Clan
15. Illmatic- Nas
16. Illdelphhalflife- The Roots
17. Disposable Arts- Masta Ace
18. Liscense To Ill- Beastie Boys
19. Labcabincalifornia- Pharcyde
20. Momma Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J
21. Death Certificate – Ice Cube
22. Kings Of Rock – Run DMC
23. Tha Trifflin’ Album- King Tee
24. Things Fall Apart- The Roots
25. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx – Raekwon

There are a lot more I wanted to fit in, but in the end, this was it. Don’t give me “Illmatic is only 15th?”, cuz it’s my list and my likes. A lot of the stuff has to do with the memories it leaves on me, what I was doing when the album was popular, where I was at in life, ect….Besides, they are all my very most favorite albums, so there isn’t a lot of difference between number one and number twenty-five.

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