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by Eric on April 25, 2007

Shadz Of Lingo-A View To A Kill

Out of the three albums posted today this has to be my least favorite and least listened to, so I’m not going too ramble on too much while discussing “A View To A Kill”. My introduction to Shadz Of Lingo was from one of the members providing the introduction to Erick Sermon’s “Hittin’ Switches”. I think that Sermon discovered these cats after splitting with Parish and relocating to Atlanta because that is where Shadz Of Lingo is originally from, I could be way off though. I browsed over this album countless times while record shopping it’s not even funny. The biggest problem with “A View To A Kill” is that it was released in 94′, which many have proclaimed “The Biggest Year In Hip Hop”. The lack of media attention and promotion basically left Shadz Of Lingo by the waste side, although there is definitely some solid production here. What’s crazy is the production lineup for “A View…”, Diamond D produced 4 cuts while Dallas Austin contributed 2 cuts and lastly Erick Sermon producing and also making an appearance on “Mad Flavaz”. Nothing too exciting going on here but still a good pickup nonetheless…-words by Eric

Down South-Lost In Brooklyn

Now, this is some feel good hip hop right here! I usually like to listen to an album to refresh my memory a night or so before I post the album. I’ll tell you this much, after listening to “Lost In Brooklyn” this past weekend I’ve had it in constant rotation ever since. The beats carry this debut disc from Down South, while the majority of the production sounds exactly like The Beatnuts (who, BTW produced “Open Sesame”, “Around The Clock” and the title cut)which IMO is a good thing. Of course my favorite, as well as mostly everyone’s who’s ever heard “Lost In Brooklyn” has to be “Southern Comfort” which features production from Stretch Armstrong, but “Jimi Crack Korn” comes in a close second. What’s quite surprising is that most of the production has a nice change of pace within the track, it’s not just the same loop over and over, props to Shawn J Period who handled the majority of the beats. Lyrically, it’s enough to keep you entertained but again..I’m all about the beats, you could be spitting the most nonsensical lyrics but if the beat knocks I’m all in! Be sure to check for the 1:18 instrumental “Departure” that sounds like a Beatminerz banger. While we’re on the subject of “all too short instrumentals”, nothing pisses me off more when an MC wastes a perfectly dope beat by utilizing it for an album break or whatever..God, that kills me!! Still, please do yourself a favor and give this one another listen I promise you be glad you did. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Bobbito makes a brief appearance on the posse cut “Spin Da Bottle”…now, one thing’s for sure Bobbito was never Rakim on the mic! …-words by Eric

Two Kings In A Cipher

By now everyone knows the story of Two Kings In A Cipher, but to make a long story short here goes: Two young Howard students are introduced and later go on to form a group. Those two students names were Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie & Ron “Amen Ra” Lawrence…yes, of Puffy’s Hitmen production team. Needless to say, I’m sure that not only did those two make Puffy a bundle load of money but it’s probably also safe to say they only made their pockets fatter in the process. Now, I’m sure some smartass is going to post a comment or drop a c-box comment stating “D-Dot’s not a “One Album Wonder”, he dropped an album as the Madd Rapper “Tell Em’ Why You Madd Son”….okay, great! Anyway, back to the duo’s debut “Two Kings In A Cipher” which still contains elements that sound fresh today. First and foremost, Ron & D-Dot really had a nice lyrical chemistry, you can definitely hear a HUGE Rakim influence in their wordplay and flow. “Definition Of A King” starts the album off nicely, with it’s 5% discussion and “do the knowledge” mind state. Without a doubt what pushed me to purchase this album was Two Kings single “Movin’ On Em” which utilizes the same track as Positive K’s “I Gotta Man”. It’s kinda’ hard to believe that this album dropped in 91′, I mean sh*t that was 16 years ago!!! Damn, album’s like this sure make me feel old!! “Pyramids To Projects” is really an enjoyable listen and is sure to take you back to the days of Cross Colours and Hoodies…-words by Eric

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zingama April 26, 2007 at 1:42 am

for your info, D-Dot also dropped an album as ‘The Madd Rapper’.


nice blog man. a lot of dope albums posted up. peace

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