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Thursday's Treats & Thoughts

by Eric on April 26, 2007

Eric’s Thoughts

  1. Okay, there’s mad links to download “Fruity Loops, 7″ floating around the net’ everywhere…Warning! whatever you do…especially if your a married man with children like myself….DO NOT pick this up, I’m a beat freak as it is. Man, I was up til’ 3 in the morning last night toying around with “Fruity”. Today my eyes looked like “two pissholes in a snow bank”.
  2. Big up to Crooklyn for that Joell Ortiz post, pick it up HERE
  3. And while were on the subject of Joell Ortiz….People, this album/mixtape is DOPE…very personal rhymes, quick wit and dope beats…give this dude a listen, he’s definitely a promising MC.
  4. What in the hell is all the buzz surrounding Sa-Ra’s new lp “The Hollywood Recordings”? I’ll be the first to admit..this ain’t for everyone!
  5. After serving 18 months in Iraq in the Army and still having friends over there….this madness has got to stop, you can’t even go to click on your homepage without seeing a different headline “20 killed in mortar attack” or “suicide bomber kills 12″..C’mon Bush, “bring em’ back home”, enough is enough!
  6. Weighing in on the whole “Top 25″ album list floating around lately, it’s good to see some not so common picks mixed in…Like Trav @wakeyourdaughterup listing “Slaughtahouse” as his 1# or Dan Love including Naughty’s “Poverty’s Paradise” in his top 25. Hell, I would put Heavy D’s “Blue Funk” maybe in my top 10…Still, it’s quite fun & interesting to check everyone’s picks.
  7. How dope would it be if you could have every back issue of the Source or RapPages up til’ about 96′?
  8. I heard probably one of the most beautiful, somber hip hop instumentals in recent memory this past week….”Starch” from Blueprint’s (of Soul Postion fame w/RJD2) “Chamber Music” I downloaded this about 2 years ago and have just been playing it this past week. It’s the type of track that’ll make you say “Damn, I want this played at my funeral”….Please, check for this and hit me up! And don’t sleep on Blueprint as an MC….his “1988″ was kinda ill.
  9. Damn, that’s a good poll…”what song would you want played at your funeral”?
  10. You know, I get tired of The Game but “Runnin’” off of his debut album “Documentary” is probably one of my favorite tracks ever…..Hi-Tek hit him off big time, that beat is NUTS!


  1. I was recently checking out Dan Love’s Top 25 list of the best Hip Hop albums of all time on his infamous Blog “From Da Bricks” and was sort of irritated to find DJ Shadow’s “Entroducing” being mentioned. Irritated, because an instrumental album will always have a hard time to compete (in my terms) but than again, “Midnight In A Perfect World” still sounds like the ingenious soundtrack to my life!
  2. I was pleasantly surprised by Joell Ortiz’ “The Brick”. But why is everybody comparing him the late great Big Pun? Don’t get me wrong, the man is nice but he is definitely not on Pun’s level of expertise…
  3. Is anybody seriously waiting for Wu-Tang’s “8 Diagrams”?
  4. On another note, what is the big fuss about Alec Baldwin and his choice of vocabulary directed at his own daughter?! What are the real standards of raising children these days?
  5. And speaking of derogatory language, is Russell the right spokesperson to carry the torch at these decisive times of horror representing our culture? I guess he’s the next best thing around…
  6. Did anybody check for Badboy’s Aasim and his “The Departed Mixtape” with Green Lantern? The man is killing it on “Say New York City”. He says: “As a matter of fact I can battle the world / And win with a verse that was written by my girl”. That’s a good one (Well, It doesn’t read that well but just listen to the track, you’ll get it)…BTW, get it HERE
  7. And yeah New York, how many other rookies are going to step up and claim the throne of the city? I know Mims and his nursery rhymes didn’t do a damn thing for me…
  8. Did anybody catch Murs his interview on where he talks about his major label debut and him “only” listening to gangster-rap? Well, I heard that before, somewhere…
  9. Now that the NBA playoffs have started, does anyone have the slightest doubt that this year’s winner will come from the West? Again?
  10. I’m sincerely missing home…

Rottin Razkals-Rottin To Da Core

Whatever happened to the Rottin Razkals? I can remember “Oh Yeah” fitting in nicely between the videos of Pete & CL’s “I Got A Love” & Scarface & Pac’s “Smile” on some of the last episodes of Yo!MTV Raps. Benefiting from a strong affiliation with Naughty By Nature (Wasn’t one of the MCs Treach’s Cousin?) as witnessed by production contributions from Kay Gee. This is an above average album that many passed over in 95′, with excellent production which is exactly what you came to expect from Kay Gee. The Naughty influence is clear as day, from the battle ready lyrics to the bouncy, quick hitting basslines. Oh, and be sure to check out “Life Of A Bastard” which samples the same riff that Ghost & Rae used for “Heaven & Hell”….which I feel is a highly underrated track that wasn’t even available on the “Purple Tape”….but was featured on the “Fresh” soundtrack. Lastly, don’t sleep on this debut album, especially if your a Naughty fan…-words by Eric

Nice & Smooth-IV:Blazing Hot

This CD needs to thank me. Why you ask? Well, let me sum it up for you. After being a huge Nice & Smooth fan ever since first hearing “Smooth B, notorious, glorious, knowledge is infinite I live in a fortress” or should I say “Funky 4 You” from the duo’s self titled debut album. Since last hearing “Jewel Of The Nile” I’d come to the conclusion that while “Jewel” was a solid album it was probably the last time we’d expect to hear from Greg Nice & Smooth B. While doing some record shopping in 97′, I came across “Blazing Hot”, at first I thought it may have been a “Greatest Hits” compilation or something to that effect. After purchasing this disc I was amped to hear Greg N-I-C-E and Smooth B take it back to 92′…mind you, again this album dropped in 97′ around the time….well, Hip Hop was starting to suck!! The title track “Blazing Hot” sounded

dope, some good ol’ Nice & Smooth and actually after the 9 second “track” “NY” I thought the cut with Easy Mo Bee was aiight as well (somebody hook me up with the Rappin is Fundamental joints…please!)…but then, all hell broke loose. At one point, upon first listen to this bomb I actually ejected the CD out of the CD player and threw it out the window of my Jeep Wrangler. Of course I’m pretty short tempered, my girlfriend at the time actually made me circle around to pick it up and so it goes….Folks, this is a sad ending for Nice & Smooth as a duo. Although, the highlight of “Blazing Hot” is the live performance of “Dwyck” but other than that I’m just upping this for those of you just to solidify your reasoning for not purchasing this MAJOR disappointment…-words by Eric

DJ Green Lantern-Throwback Classics

Many of you are surely familiar with DJ Green Lantern through his affiliation with Eminem, and don’t get it twisted when Green Lantern drops a mixtape it’s usually pretty damn solid. I’ve seen plenty of “Golden Age” mixtapes but this one blends together quite nicely with a few tracks you wouldn’t see on alot of DJ’s so-called “Golden Age” mixtapes. I’m glad I came across this one yesterday, I’m trying to upload all my CD’s and tapes to a spare hard drive…boy if that doesn’t take over your life, mad time consuming!! In the meantime, I’m sure that your ears will be pleased after hearing this…-words by Eric
1 – Intro
2 – Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Mecca & The Soul Brother
3 – A Tribe Called Quest – If The Papes Come
4 – Kool G Rap – Road to the Riches
5 – JB’s – Jimbrowski (Green Lantern remix)
6 – Ed O.G. – I Gotta Have It
7 – O.C. – Time’s Up (Green Lantern remix)
8 – Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (remix)
9 – Special Ed – Five Men & A Mic
10 – The Beatnuts – Reign of the Tec
11 – KRS-One – Sound Of Da Police
12 – Masta Ace – Saturday Night Live
13 – Main Source feat. Nas – Live At The BBQ
14 – Black Moon – Who Got Da Props
15 – Diamond D – Sally
16 – Gangstarr – DWYCK (remix)
17 – De La Soul – Saturdays
18 – Ultramagnetic MC’s – One To Grow On
19 – Main Source – Fakin’ The Funk
20 – K-Solo – Spellbound
21 – A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (remix)
22 – KRS-One – Like A Throttle
23 – Gangstarr – Just To Get A Rep (Green Lantern remix)
24 – Jeru da Damaja – Come Clean
25 – Public Enemy – Shut ‘Em Down
26 – D.O.C. – Funky Enough (Green Lantern remix)
27 – Lady of Rage – Afro Puffs
28 – Ice Cube – Tell Ya Bitch To Come Here
29 – MC Eight – Growin’ Up In The Mood
30 – Kool G Rap – Ill Street Blues (Green Lantern remix)
31 – Fat Joe – Flow Joe
32 – The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By (Green Lantern remix)
33 – A Tribe Called Quest – Butter
34 – Big Daddy Kane – Young, Gifted & Black

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Dan Love April 27, 2007 at 7:13 am

Rasul, I think everyone I know feels like ‘Midnight’ sounds like the soundtrack to their lives: what an amazing song.

It’s funny because both you and Travis have commented on Endtroducing’s inclusion in my list, but for me it really is an important album and although there are no rhymes this is pure and unadulterated hip hop production that is genuinely beautiful. It is one of those albums that ALL of my friends have enjoyed together when we were growing into young adults… sob, the good ol’ days

Thanks for the mention lads,


hh93 May 7, 2007 at 6:01 pm

your purple tape didn’t have ‘Heaven or Hell’ on it? :-) man, that’s rough…

the only joint i know of that the tape didn’t have was ‘North Star,’ which was a cd bonus cut

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