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HipHopSoul Sundays

by Eric on April 29, 2007

Soul For Real-Candy Rain

You can’t even front on these youngstas…cause’ I know you were jammin’ to “Candy Rain” back in 1995. If my memory serves me correctly, I think all four of the members were brothers. I also thought that this was there only release, but they actually released to albums following “Candy Rain”. Heavy D more or less played the big brother to these fellas, also while handling much of the production on the album along with Sean “Puffy, P Diddy, Puff-Daddy” or whatever his moniker is today” Combs. I can’t front though, this album sounded a hell of a lot fresher in 95′ as a opposed to today…now, it has moments of unavoidable corniness. Still, “Candy Rain” and “Every Little Thing You Do” are the standouts on this R & B flashback.

Jon B-Cool Relax

I know that many of your initial impressions of Jon B are more than likely “Man, Dude’s wack”….are you kidding me? Jon B was and still is IMO one talented MoFo!! I mean c’mon the production (which he handles mostly) has improved more and more with each forthcoming release and his vocals are well above average as well. His most recent album “Stronger Everyday” is probably one of my favorite R & B albums of all time. Oddly enough, ATCQ’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad makes an appearance on “Cool Relax” producing the title cut and of course everyone and their Mother remembers “R U Still Down f. 2pac, which was produced by Johnny J (who handled many of Pac’s beats). Again, while not my favorite Jon B album it was still a big surprise to me after hearing this album…b/c even I’ll admit I thought he was wack as hell after hearing his debut album. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as well, definitely worth the pick up.

Mary J. Blige-What’s The 411?

This album is..well…I’d have to put it up there with my top 5 R & B albums ever. I first heard “You Remind Me” blaring out of boomboxes in Ocean City, MD during a family vacation in the summer of 92′ (along with GangStarr’s “Take It Personal”)and after seeing an feature on her in an issue of The Source that same trip I decided to pick up “What’s The 411″. This album was the soundtrack to many of my backseat “trips” in the 88′ Honda Civic hatchback. Mary was “that girl” from abot “92-95″, once even appearing on the cover of The Source (who can forget the iced out photo?). “You Remind Me” actually made it’s debut on the “Strictly Business” soundtrack and scored Mary a HUGE hit, soon to be followed by an even “HUGER” hit “Real Love” and a remix to that same cut featuring an overweight fellow who “died on March 9th”. Hell, Mr. Puba himself even drops in for the title cut. I had to post this one, even though I’m sure most of you have it already just because I love “What’s The 411?” soo much…Enjoy!

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