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Requests & Reups: Day One

by Travis on May 1, 2007

Kind of a lack luster response thus far, but oh well, not my loss. Less work for me. We’ll jump right into it since I’m strapped for time.

Schoolly D – Welcome To America (Ruffhouse, 1994)

1. Intro
2. I Wanna Get Dusted
3. I Know You Want to Kill Me
4. Welcome to America
5. Niggas Like Me
6. Gangsta Trippin
7. Gimme Your Sh** Nigga
8. No Good Nigga
9. I Shot Da Bitch
10. Motherfuckin D
11. Stop Frontin
12. Peace Of What
13. Another Sign

Someone requested last week after our “Best Of” mix, featuring Schoolly. As I said then, it’s not the greatest Schoolly album, but if you are a completist nerd like me, you need this in your collection. It’s still technically in print, which is weird because I didn’t think Ruffhouse exsisted anymore, but it’s selling for a penny on Amazon, so I don’t feel to guilty for sharing any album you can buy for a penny.

Zhigge – Zhigge (Polygram, 1992)

1. Rakin’ in the Dough
2. Harlem
3. No Time to Fess
4. Toss It Up
5. What’cha Gonna Do?
6. Drop the Beat Salaam!!
7. Zhigge Man
8. I Wanna Be With You
9. Make Ya Hips Hop
10. Toss It Up (The After Party)
11. Some Ol’ Lo-Life Skit!!
12. Born Black
13. All That Glitters Ain’t Gold
14. Now What!!

Another album that was largely overlooked during the golden age of Hip Hop that wasn’t all that bad, just over shadowed by all the high quality releases during the time. I hated this album when it originally dropped, but in my more open minded older years, it’s not all that bad now. It did produce two jams that are near the classic status in “Toss It Up” and “Rakin’ In The Dough” that recived a lot of play on the “Yo!” and on the mixtape circuit in those days. I had an old Red Alert mixtape from back in the day that had a remix of “Rakin’ In The Dough” that I’ve always liked more than the album version, but can’t find to save my ass.

Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh – D Rules The Nation (Yo! Records, 1990)

A1 Clap To This (4:07)
A2 This Is How We Do It (3:55)
A3 Call Somebody Else (3:50)
A4 Cindy (3:33)
A5 We Want The Funk (3:15)
A6 Buck Jump Time (3:50)
Unnamed Track
B1 “D” Rules The Nation (3:33)
B2 Uzi Automatic (5:09)
B3 Sneak ‘Em (4:17)
B4 Hitman (4:30)
B5 V.D. Woman (4:34)
Unnamed Track

Yes, that Mannie Fresh from Juvenille or whatever fame he is associated with, meaning music I don’t really listen to, but I know Mannie Fresh is somewhat famous, or was at one time. None the less, I don’t recall ever seeing this on the blogging circuit (GASP). The way I ran into this album back in the day is kind of a funny store. I had a younger friend who was kind of into hip hop back in the day with me. We were at the tape store one day, looking for something to buy and we stumbled upon this tape. I didn’t want to spend the money on it, but my friend became obsessed with it, for reasons unknown to either of us. He ended up shoplifting it. I didn’t know it when we left, but he stuck it down his shorts. This was before the days of the electronic devices to curb this kind of behavior. He listened to it for a few months then went on to the next fad of music (grunge I believe) and I ended up with the tape, that I still have to this day.

I think this version (CD or Tape) differs from the wax version. There is two extra tracks that I can’t find the names for that are located about where the end of side one and side two would be on a tape (that could be a whole post about how albums are sequenced today compared to the days of tapes). I couldn’t find a definite track listing for the tape version, so you have to unnamed tracks on this.

A1 10 Below
A2 To Da Head
A3 20 Below
A4 Livin’ In Da Bottle
A5 Not U Again
A6 I Love Loosey’s
A7 Collette Da Pet
B1 Ruff Neck Style
B2 Gettin’ Money
B3 We Got This
B4 30 Below
B5 Ruff Life (In Da City)
B6 I Ain’t Da One
B7 40 Below

Someone requested this in the C-box last week. I’m sure it’s been up before, but I don’t know where I saw it. Decent album that was kind of obscure, even in those days.

1 Still Live With My Moms
2 Spit Boxers
3 Keep On Chuckin
4 E-Dubb’s Mixtape
5 Brooklyn Hard Rock
6 Million Man Rush
7 Even (Interlude)
8 Thirsty, Greedy
9 Guess On The Mix
10 Frogstyle
11 Drunkfist Meets Frogstyle
12 John They’re Stealing Part 1
13 Morning Show Part 1
14 Either – Or (Interlude)
15 Bury Me With The Lo On
16 Bahamadia’s B-Sides
17 Swena, Swena
18 Puno Boratcho
19 John They’re Stealing
20 Bad Things
21 Morning Show Part 2
22 Off His Head
23 Bathroom Cipher
24 Babee Farra (Interlude)
25 Chicken Chockers
26 DJ Yooters Mix Tape

< div>27 Gold Card Membership

This is the “Polo Ricans” debut “album” (more like mixtape) that is pretty hard to find as far as I know. I picked up in a store when it originally dropped because of my love of his “Brooklyn Hardrock” track that was on Soundbombing II. This is nothing spectacular, but if you like the whole “Lo-Life’s” vibe, then you should like this album, because from what I’ve heard, it’s always been his best effort.
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