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One Album Wonder Wednesdays

by Eric on May 2, 2007

Chi Ali-The Fabulous Chi Ali

Enjoy this one, cause’ I don’t think we’ll be hearing from Chi-Ali anytime soon! No need to take up my time and yours, I think 90% of the folks that drop by this blog have enough knowledge to know why. Moving along, as the youngest member of the prestigious Native Tongue family Chi was blessed…and I mean “blessed” to have the bulk of the production on “The Fabulous Chi Ali” handled by The World Famous Beatnuts. I say “blessed” because the production is what carries this album, but it’s what you can expect from a 14 year old who’s going through puberty. To be honest, this is what you can expect…. lyrics 5/ 10/10. Like I said, The Beatnuts are the highlight of “The Fabulous Chi Ali”. It is a damn shame that we couldn’t have witnessed the maturation of Chi Ali as an artist though. Free Chi Ali!….that just sounded like the right thing to say, I mean it’s just a murder charge right?….words by Eric

Apache-Apache Ain’t Sh*t

“I wanna, with my”…yes! yes! yes! We all loved the lovely ode to the women of the world “Gangsta Bitch”. Ain’t nothing like “puffin’ on a blunt, sippin’ on a Heineken” with that special lady in your life. Why is it when I think “Gangsta Bitch” I instantly conjure up images of Queen Latifah in “Set It Off”…hmmm, must be the Flavor Unit connect. Anyway, this album has been posted over the net’ countless times, but you know what? This is one of those “One Album Wonders” were you’re left wondering “What went wrong?”. “Apache Ain’t Sh*t” is ill, I mean I guess that’s just how Tommy Boy Records handled their biz in the mid-90′s…Man, they should have been re-named “Abandoned Ship Records” because those fellas left some MAJOR artists “stranded”. Apache was an ample MC on the mic and the production on this album is well above average as well, I just don’t get it really! While “Kill D’White People” wasn’t blaring from the Alpine, cuts like “Who Freaked Who” featuring another “One Album Wonder” Nikki D keep you laughing as Apache discusses some of his weaknesses in the bed. Still, pick this up it’s a great listen for an artist that should still be dropping some material…words by Eric

Mysterme & DJ 20/20-Let Me Explain

Let me tell you what I know about Mysterme & DJ 20/20 right off the bat…..very little! After hearing “Unsolved Mysterme” on a mixtape that I found while searching the net’ for Chi Ali’s “No Surrender, No Retreat”(Primo Remix) earlier this week, I was dumbfounded. “Why have I never heard this?” I asked myself. First of all, “Unsolved Mysterme” samples “Blind Alley” so if you’ve read any of my previous posts you already know what time it is. Kids, this is some dope ish! Released on Island Records/Gee Street(Hmmm…I think I just….yeah, I had an idea…stay tuned) in 93. “Let Me Explain” has that dope 93-94′ “flavor”. While most of the choruses on the album are simple, it’s just straight up dope hip hop and MC Mysterme’s voice is dope..almost a grimy, gravel-like D-Dot twist between his Two Kings In A Cipher days but not quite that of his Madd Rapper persona. Seriously, you will fall in love with this album. If your like me, you may pick up a forgotten gem from “Bust The Facts” (major props to Dread and em’!, thanks for making my life easier!) and while it may have been that knock in the early 90′s, in present day your left like….ehhhhh? Well, I am extremely impressed with “Let Me Explain”, it’s just a crime that I didn’t pick this up in 93′. It would’ve been a major chapter music-wise during my high school days..or more like “daze”, that’s how dope “Let Me Explain” is! You’re gonna’ love this!..words by Eric

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travis May 3, 2007 at 5:51 pm

Yeah, that Mysterme & DJ 20/20 is pretty dope. I posted up last year sometime myself. Found it used last year as well, glad i found it.

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