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Requests & Reups: Day Two

by Travis on May 2, 2007

Day Dos, I have a couple more for tomorrow…I think and some 45 King stuff as well, other than that, hit up the archives and see if there is anything that you guys need re-upped.

Off to it, shall we?

Kid Capri Old School Mixtape 3

This is one of the legendary Kid Capri mixtapes that I used to buy from the back of “The Source” magazine back in the day. I personally didn’t convert this, but I did have this exact volume. It would have been 91-93, somewhere in that time frame. It’s a must have, if for nothing else, the piece of history that it is, plus, hey, it’s Kid Capri, you know has to be better than the so called “mixtapes” out there today. Posted up sometime during those requests posts from last fall…I think….

1. World Famous Supreme Team – Dancin’ All Night
2. Fearless Four – Rockin’ It
3. Spoonie Gee – Spoonin’ Rap
4. Kool Moe Dee – Go See The Doctor
5. Just Ice – LaToya
6. Kool Moe Dee – Turn It Up
7. Run DMC – Together Forever
8. Whodini – One Love
9. Masters Of Ceromony – Cracked Out
10. Disco Three, UTFD, Fearless Four, I Met A Girl, Roxanne mix
11. Fearless Four – Problems
12. Fearless Four – Rock It
13 Kid Capri – Breatbeat Interlude
14. Grandmaster Flash – The Message
15. Run DMC – Rock Box
16. T La Rock – Breakdown
17. Doug E Fresh – Human Beat Box
18. Russell Rush & Jazzy jay – Def Jam
19. Cold Crush Spoonie Gee – Fresh Fly Wild N Bold
20. Sugar Hill Gang – Eighth Wonder

Afu Ra & EZD – A D&D Project in Association with DJ Premier (Gee Street, ?)
A1 Whirlwind Thru Cities
A2 Menace II Society (4:11)
A3 Return To It (3:41)
A4 For Da Love (4:04)
B1 Gun Iz For (4:12)
B2 Time Bomb (3:29)
B3 War & Position (3:53)
B4 Stop….. (3:25)

Not sure of the year on this, but I’m pretty confident it’s the late ’90s, maybe ’98 or ’99. Some nice stuff on this, worth checking out if you missed it the first time around. If you want to know more about it, search the blog and check the write up I did for it originally. Since it was, as far as I know, a wax only release, no covers.

MC Shy D – Got To Be Tough (Skywalker Records, 1987)
A1 I’ve Got To Be Tough
A2 Yes Yes Y’All
A3 DJ Man Cuts It Up (Part II)
A4 So Take That
A5 Shy D’s Theme
A6 Paula’s On Crack
B1 I’m Not A Star
B2 We Don’t Play (Live)
B3 Bust This
B4 Rap Will Never Die (Part II)
B5 Don’t Take Me Seriously
B6 I Will Go Off

Someone asked me re-up a Shy D album and honestly, I don’t remember which one. This was the first one I found, so up it goes. More of that Miami Bass sound from the late ’80′s that I have a fondness for. For me, this was his second best album.

Citizen Kane – The Epic EP (Treehouse Records, 1997)
A1 Raisin’ Kane Producer – K-Cut
A2 Elements Of Mind(Black Rain Remix) Producer – Erf Productions
A3 The Gambler Producer – Erf Productions
B1 Lost Angels Producer – K-Cut
B2 Reality N’ Facts Producer – Erf Productions
B3 Lost Angels (Instrumental) Producer – K-Cut

Some up north music, and I’m not talking about doing a bid, but our friendly neighbors to the north that make some pretty good music that gets slept on because we are stuffy Americans. Good album, some upped it for the requests posts and that was my introduction to it, so I won’t pretend like I know what I’m talking about with it, but it’s pretty good.

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