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LABELS – Select Records "selections"PT.I

by Eric on May 7, 2007

The A.t.e.e.m.-A Hero Ain’t Nuttin’ But A Sandwhich

I guess you could say that it paid dividends to be a dancer for Chubb Rock back in the day! How come Heavy D’s dancer never dropped an album? Ooops, I guess that wasn’t too funny? Comprised of Rob Swinga, Hot Dog & FM, “A Hero…” is faaaar from a classic, but IMO a great piece of nostalgia if you loved anything that Chubb Rock dropped. “A Hero” was the group’s one & only release on Select Records, but it was produced entirely by the now famous TrackMasterz. I can recall hearing the group on “Yabbadabbadoo” off of Chubb’s “I Gotta’ Get Mine Yo!” and Chubb himself drops in on a few cuts, as well as one of my favorite MC’s Red Hot Lover Tone. Like I said, nothing here is earthshatering but the album follows in the vein of most of Chubb’s releases, a very fun, sample laden album with the occasional spritz of social and political commentary added for good measure. Only on “A Hero…” will you find cuts like “Pass The Pu**y followed shortly thereafter by “Sister Morphine”..-Eric

King Just-Mystics Of The God

“Can I Get The Phat Intro?”…..Man, was “Warrior’s Drum” blasting out of everyone’s boombox in the summer of 94′ or what? With an all too simple hook “Hey Ya, Hey Ya, Hey Ya, HO!!” and a very imposing delivery “Warrior’s Drum” seems to be an overlooked “classic” as far as singles are concerned from our Golden Era. Hot off the heels of Wu-Tang’s “Enta The 36 Chambers”, fellow Wu Tang affiliate King Just made some noise with the aforementioned cut as well as “No Flows On The Rodeo” featuring production from Easy Mo Bee. The sad thing was that “Mystics Of The God” wasn’t released on Select Records until almost a year passed from the single release of “Warrior’s Drum”. While googling for the album artwork I came across Just’s Myspace page and it seems that he is still dropping some work, sadly though I don’t think many people will get out of their seats to check for it…well, at least I won’t. Just’s only recording on Select Records is definitely underappreciated in terms of “Wu Tangish” mentions due to the fact that King Just more than holds his own with his unique rhyming and lyrical dexterity. All I can say is….well, at least they picked the two best songs (“Warrior’s Drum & No Flows On Tha’ Rodeo”) to be singles…-Eric

AMG-Bitch Betta’ Have My Money

“Fee, fi, fo, fum I spread the jam for the ho hums…gimme sum baby, nah’ maybe”. After listening to AMG’s opus “Bitch Betta’ Have My Money” for probably the thousandth time, I’ve come to one final conclusion…AMG was ALL about the ho’s…nuthin’ else just hos, everyday all day. What made “Bitch Betta….” way more entertaining than listening to the likes of let’s say….mmmm, 2 Live Crew..was the beats. AMG wasn’t even concerned with “G Funk”, the “lick em’ low lover” was too busy experimenting with the “P-Funk”, not Parliment stupid..that’s right “Polka Funk” as heard on an interlude on “Bitch Betta..”. This album is hilarious as hell from start to finish. Just peep the tracklisting for a clue, “Word To Tha D” (yeah, the DWYCK), “Nu Exacize” (so that’s where Kanyeezie got the idea for “Workout Plan”)and the Boss featured “Mai Sista Izza Bitch” which is also featured on Boss’ “Born Gangstaz” debut. I actually think that AMG was a hero of mine for a good part of my sophomore year in High School. This album was CLASSIC ish to me in a day and time where I was only concerned with the “Jiggable Pie” (which samples…drumroll please….The Emotions “Blind Alley”) and believe it or not I treasured AMG’s second release “Ballin’ Outta’ Control” just as much, it’s after that where AMG’s work began to falter (what the hell was up with that “Bitch Betta’ Have My Money 2001″…it sure as hell wasn’t the “Chronic 2001″!) So please..for me, treasure this album like it’s your last, cherish it for the all too beautiful, poignant references of the female “turd-cutter” and treat it as if it were your Bible….well, maybe not all that, but at least enjoy AMG cause’ there will never be anotha’ quite like the high pitched mack himself…-Eric

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travis May 7, 2007 at 11:33 pm

AMG & Ateem were both personal favorites of mine. Select wasn’t all that bad of a label back in the day

Just Ice May 13, 2007 at 1:54 am

Off the Mystics’ album, I was always partial to the “Can I Get Some” track. That beat had me open when I used to get lifted.

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