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Re-Ups & Requests Day 3 & 4

by Travis on May 7, 2007


Alright, a double up since I missed yesterday due to too much going on. Probably won’t be around much this weekend as well, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see a post. I have some things on my mind, but little time to convey them, so we’ll just jump right into the re-ups/requests.

Mad Kap – Look Ma Duke, No Hands (RCA, 1993)

1 (Da Bud Zone) Here Comes The Break
2 Da Whole Kit & Kaboodle
3 Irrelevant
(Dickie’s Emporium)
4 When It Rains It Pours
5 Check It Out
(Oh Ph*ck Me Right?)
6 Ph*uck What Ya Heard
(Thoughts On The Indoe From Joe)
7 Proof Is In The Puddin’
(Escuse Me Brutha!)
8 Beddie-Bye
9 Dopest Verse

One of those albums that didn’t recieve all that much play when it originally came out, but seems genius in the light of today’s music. I’ve never been a HUGE fan of the album, but do like it. I was lucky enough to snag it from some guy selling his collection on waaaay back in early 2000 or something.

It’s in the same realm of Pharcyde, Anotha Level, and that type of west coast music during the early 90′s. It’s a fun album to just throw in and not have to worry about getting your daily fill of drive-by’s and what not. Coke, from Mad Kap, would go on to form Colored Section and drop the LP “The Bomb MC” in ’98, which I personally enjoy more than this album.

Atmosphere – New, Unreleased, & B-Sides (Bootleg, 2003)

The best of the three volumes in my opinion. Contains a remake of White Zombie’s “More Human than Human” that appread on the X-ecutioner’s LP along with a few other rare Atmosphere tracks.

I can’t find a track listing to save my ass and I’m under a time constraint, so I personally don’t have the time to try to sit down and name the tracks myself. If anyone has a track listing or can name them, then drop a comment.

Y’all So Stupid – A Van Full Of Pakistans (Rowdy Records, 1993)
1. Introduce Me
2. 85 South
3. Interlude
4. Van Full of Pakistans
5. Interlude
6. Bowl of Soul
7. Interlude
8. Plant
9. Interlude
10. Bootleg Beatdown
11. Interlude
12. Family Tree
13. Dirt Road White Girl
14. Interlude
15. Monkey Off My Back
16. Interlude
17. Super Nigga
18. Y’all
19. On & On
20. Interlude
21. You Wouldn’t Understand
22. 85 South [Remix]

Another underrated banger from ’93 that was also on the goofy tip. Hip Hop was much more enjoyable and accesable back then for sure. Think “Poor Man’s Pharcyde” and you should be okay.

Chubb Rock – Chubb Rock feat Hitman Howie Tee (Select, 1988)

A1 DJ Innovator (4:10)
A2 Daddy’s Home (4:10)
A3 I Feel Good (2:59)
A4 Joker (2:51)
A5 Momma Was A Rolling Stone (3:53)
A6 Caught Up (4:16)
B1 Do It Again (3:42)
B2 Girl I Love You (3:42)
B3 Punk (3:26)
B4 Rock ‘N Roll Dude (4:45)
B5 It’s So Hot (2:56)
B6 This Is So Hard (4:57)

The Chubbster. Plain and simple. The Hip Hop scene needs another Chubb Rock album, well, at least I do. The Chubbster is probably Polarity’s favorite artist, and while I’m not on the verge of stalking the “Big Man” like Po is, I do like most of Chubb’s work. This was his debut album, which while not up to par with his efforts such as “The One” or “I Gotta Get Mine, Yo”, but is evidence of what was to come.

Mountain Brothers – Self: Volume 1 (Pimpstrut Records, 1999)

1 All Good Heroes Needs Theme Music (1:25)
2 Galaxies: The Next Level (5:13)
3 Brand Names (1:55)
4 Fluids (4:54)
5 The Adventures Of… (4:42)
6 Love Poetry (1:39)
7 Dig It (4:02)
8 Paperchase (4:23)
9 Super Saturday (1:07)
10 Whiplash! (3:45)
11 Turntable Mathematics (1:42)
12 Day Jobs (4:14)
13 Wake-Up Call (0:57)
14 Things To Do (4:21)
15 Days Of Being Dumb (3:32)
16 Black Whirlwind (1:20)
17 Ain’t Nuthin ’98 (5:18)
18 5 Elements (5:20)
19 Oh-Oh-Oh (4:57)

I remember there being a lot of hype on the underground circuit when this album dropped. I also I remember buying this album when it dropped, listening to it for about a week, then putting it into my racks of CD’s probably to never be listened to again. It’s not that this group from Philly put out a bad album, I just never really got into all that much. Some people will love this album or already do love this album, others will probably fall asleep shortly after pushing in the play button, but if you haven’t heard it, you might as well check it out.

MC Shy D – Don’t Sweat Me (Benz Records, 1990)

A1 I Am Back (3:39)
A2 Don’t Sweat Me (5:14)
A3 Got It Good (3:48)
A4 You Are Everything (5:24)
B1 Groove (4:14)
B2 Whats All This About (3:55)
B3 I Can Make You Dance (3:27)
B4 Work It (3:58)
B5 G.T.F.O.M.F.B. (3:57)

More Shy D for all those Flea Market shoppin’, Fila Wearin, Biscuit eating bass heads out there…

Godfather Don – Hazardous (Select, 1991)

1 Just Begun (5:16)
2 Losers (4:08)
3 On And On (4:35)
4 Read The Lines (4:34)
5 Hazardous (5:02)
6 Full Circle (4:39)
7 Sleepin’ With The Enemy (4:21)
8 Keep Sweatin’ (4:26)
9 Homicide (5:04)
10 Involuntary Excellence (4:43)
11 Hellofasong (5:15)
12 Black Time (5:22)

His excellent debut joint….this dude was so slept on, it’s not even funny, although he seems to have his share of people checking for him nowadays.

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