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by Eric on May 12, 2007

  1. Who was the MC on Salaam Remi’s remix of Buckshot LeFonque’s “No Pain No Gain”…For whatever reason I always thought it was Mikey D (?), the dude who took Large Pro’s spot in Main Source.
  2. I’ve always loved Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s semi-reunion cut “It’s A Love Thing”, but did you know that the chick on the hook is actually Denosh from MTV’s “Making The Band 3″ (which, BTW I only watched cause’ my wife made me…..yeah right!), who didn’t make the final cut? Click HERE to see who I’m talking about.
  3. Travis of everyone’s favorite blog <a href=”“Wake Your Daughter Up” had an interesting piece this week (Blogger’s Identity Crisis) that I thought was one of the best post that I’ve read all year, I highly recommend you check this out. Oh, and Dan Love at From Da Bricks had an interesting take on the “situation” as well that is worth peeping.
  4. Well, after only receiving 3 or so “Header” submissions for this blog this week (e-mail me em’ by Sunday people!) it looks as if Mike Dikk of aka Expert Whiteboyz Analysis is going to take home the Prizzize! Now, if I can only figure out how to post the header…that’s another story!!
  5. Although I’m not crazy about the new Polyrythm Addicts” “Break Glass…”, the album title fits the content perfectly. This whole album could “break glass”, if you want to hear crazy bottom (read: bass) check this out!!
  6. Common or Common Sense?
  7. I keep hearing about and seeing this KAZI cat in the previews for the Bruce Willis (WTF?) assisted “The Hip Hop Project” documentary/movie, help me out folks this isn’t the Kazi down with Madlib & Oh No is it???
  8. Has Jordan brand gone overboard with the new Spizikes? Damn, those are some ugly ass kicks!
  9. Two things I’ve tried and tried to dig but to no avail….Amy Whinehouse (damn, she gets drunk off her ass though!) and the new El-P “I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead”…..ooops, did I mention a Def Jux artist? Sorry assholes!!! Suckas!!!!
  10. Is there anything in this world that matches the indescribable feeling you get when your newborn child first looks in your eyes? Also, my wife is seriously the strongest human being I know (this coming from a former “hooah hooah” Army dude who thinks he’s seen it all!”), watching her give birth to two 9lb+ girls “all natural” (read no drugs or epidural) makes me thank God I’m not a woman!! Love ya babe, and thanks for blessing me once again!!!!! (yeah, I know I’m soft!)
  11. Last but not least, I’ve received numerous e-mails from readers who were in agreeance with my “comment” I dropped in Travis’ post @ “Wake Your Daughter Up” regarding the Def Jux/blogger’s dilemma. I decided to post that comment below not for self glorification or anything to that effect whatsoever…’s just my strongest feelings about this whole ordeal. Why did I start this blog? Why do I update so frequently? Do I need the “internet props”? Hell No!!! Along with my Wife (who has served in the Air Force for the last 11 years), I make a damn good living with my job and my (now) two kids are more than enough two keep me busy! When I’m not working or spending time with my family, I’m usually playing Basketball or lifting weights (I picked it up in the Military and I just can’t let it go!!). Bottom line, I have very little free time. But you know what? I want to do this, I want to give back to the thing that has brought me soo much joy and blessed me with countless memories…….Hip Hop!!!!! I want to spread the knowledge to folks who may have never heard of Das Efx or doesn’t remember the “Original Flavor, Jaz protege” Jay Z. The majority of us are doing a great thing for the music we love and we are keeping Hip Hop ALIVE!!!!!! ….well, at least the Hip Hop that people who visit this site as well as the blogs mentioned in my sidebar are familiar with. So here it is, just my feelings on the whole debacle. Again, major props go to Trav for his post on the situation……

Good Sh*t Trav,

“It all boils down to one thing that we (bloggers)….(well, at least the cats that I’m checkin’ for are doing) are trying to accomplish and that is keeping the sh*t we love….Genuine Hip Hop..Alive!…I mean let’s be realistic here, would Da King & I, Yaggfu Front, or hell even “major” cats like Pete & CL or even Brand Nubian for that matter be relevant anymore??? Seriously, think about it? We are keeping Hip Hop ALIVE!! As corny as that may sound, please tell me differently. As far as Def Jux is concerned, they sound like they are just scraping the bottom of the barrel. Alot of my 30ish friends love and enjoy the same music I do, and I can’t tell you one of them who would actually purchase anything from the Def Jux camp. As CLASSIC as “Funcrusher Plus” may be in some circles, I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve passed over it. They should be thanking us…not codemning what you or I or anyone is trying to accomplish. Case in point, I know that you’ve made mention of “I’ll Sleep When Your Dead”…(BTW, as many times as I’ve tried to dig it bro, it ain’t happenin’..No way No how!) and you’ve actually probably swayed an opinion or two on El-P…Enough dudes visit this site, I’m sure maybe 10 folks picked it up whom otherwise would’ve never given it a thought. That goes back to what I mentioned earlier…they should be thanking you! Another example, would I have bought “Use Your Confusion”? probably not, but after reading your “Top spins for the week” I trust your judgement and value your opinion on certain views enough to say to myself “Well, let me give this album another listen, and see what I’m missing here”. But, I’ll admit the legalities of it all can be quite intimidating. On the other hand, the costs of albums are ridiculous (for what maybe a cut or two that may be a standout)…it’s simple, if it is quality material you buy it..Period!!! With gas prices at 3 bucks a gallon, can you really afford to purchase a bullsh*t album based on the strength of the artist name or label, i,e. anything Snoop drops these days. Damn, this sh*t is just plain frustrating….they should be on your jock..Seriously, your doing them a bigger favor than they know!”

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Just Ice May 13, 2007 at 1:47 am

3. You gotta watch them href’s. Link goes to nowhere ;)

4. Ditto, can’t computer draw and if I could, wouldn’t know how to add it :/

6. He made more sense when he had the old moniker. Anyone see him doing some AIDS awareness promo thing on BET or some channel? Crack smokers with Parkinsons have a better vocabulary than that guy. No wonder he dropped the sense, har har.

9. I…”obtained” Amy’s two albums last night online. The track “Rehab” is funny in a “see ya on the news in a few years announcing your demise, toots!” kind of way. And I can’t call it, but that deep voice is kinda hot.! Still trying to decide if she’s hittable. Maybe if she’d share the wine, eh?

10. The answer is simple, no. You’re blessed, congrats and have fun :)

11. We’re two peas in a pod. The only difference is I don’t write due to well…lack of giving a rat’s ass and seeing people like Dart Adams write novels for posts and often getting 0 comments regarding them. I suppose unless you’ve been around awhile and have a loyal following, it’s tough. Ah, for all the bitchin’ and moaning we do, we update regardless, right? You know what keeps me motivated and not chuck it? I aim for that guy/girl I used to be back in the Napster era, staying up til the wee hours just hoping someone, ANYONE, would share some Son of Bazerk or Busy Bee. Now that I have X number of hard drives with all a fool could want, I feel for those old me’s out there new to the net hunting down gems.

But I gotta disagree with you on not checking for some Def Jux. Just loves him some Cage and Mighty Mi. But I did like his write up and a few of the replies, yours included. In fact, the shit had me scramblin’ to adopt some major changes to my own place tonight. Web 2.0 is not just a fancy (and kickass by the way) framework gizmo, it’s a plan of action by the suits. Trav called it awhile back, it’s inevitable. Let’s learn, adapt and progress!

Big up to you for spotlighting real rap music. Even those of us who already know most of what you say still enjoy reading it all.

Jaz May 13, 2007 at 6:56 am

Who was the MC on Salaam Remi’s remix of Buckshot LeFonque’s “No Pain No Gain”…For whatever reason I always thought it was Mikey D (?), the dude who took Large Pro’s spot in Main Source.

Unique of Dope on Plastic fame…


Jaz May 13, 2007 at 8:30 am

Not Unique sorry Uptown

I had Unique in my headphones at the time I was typing that ha ha…

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