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Most Played & Most DL'ed (Wink Wink) For The Week

by Eric on May 13, 2007

Most Played For The Week

  1. “Round & Round”-DJ Babu….1 minute & 36 seconds off pure instrumental “heaven”, see the post below on Babu’s “The Beat Tape Vol. I”
  2. “R.A.S.U.L.”-RasulRasul breaks down “the meaning of the name” over a superb track laced by Monroe. I received Rasul’s first solo disc “Opium Vol.I” from him in the mail this week and I fell in love with this track from the moment I popped it in the deck….One thing Ra, only 1 minute 49 seconds…man, you shoulda‘ really let this one ride out…..dope!!!
  3. “The Ave.”-Run DMC…my wife and I dig “Run’s House”, pulled out “Back From Hell” just for the “nostalgia” and I had this track back on repeat for a good portion of the week.
  4. “My Crew” – Jean Grae….taken from a compilation I picked up while in Iraq titled “Across 155th St” (maybe I’ll post it later this week) Jean laces a very soulful track with her usual vivid imagery assisted with a Jay Z sample “All I need is the love of my crew”.
  5. “The Actual”-All City….Why does this NEVER receive mention as one of the all time greatest Primo produced cuts? I’d have to put it up there with “Come Clean” & “NY State Of Mind”.
  6. “Change”-Self Scientific..Wow, DJ Khalil is MAD underrated as a producer…also check for Self Scientific’s “Tears”.
  7. “Know The Ledge”-Eric B & Rakim….remember when this first hit the airwaves?…Timeless Classic!
  8. “Rough”-Queen Latifah f. Krs One, Treach & Heavy D…take from La’s “Black Reign”…pure 90′s flavor over a dope Tony Dofat (Stay tuned for more from this dude) production.
  9. “Brothers From Brentwood L.I.”-EPMD…thanks to Trav@WYDU for this late entry, brought back mad memories as the B Side to EPMD’s “Crossover”
  10. “Time Travel”-Slum Village err…..Elzhi more or less….this cut appeared on Slum’s “Prequel To A Classic”, you’ve got to peep this…Elzhi kills it a usual, but the track just creeps right up your spine.

Most DL’ed For The Week

  1. “Nice & Smooth”-Nice & Smooth
  2. “When They Reminisce Vol I (May 07)”
  3. “Unfinished Business”-EPMD
  4. “W.T.R. Sample Appreciation (Blind Alley)”-Man, I’m glad alot of folks peeped this little diddy!
  5. “The Predator”-Ice Cube
  6. Tical“-Method Man
  7. “Bitch Betta’…”-AMG
  8. “Mystics Of The God”-King Just
  9. “Crazy Noise”-Stezo
  10. Sittin‘ On Chrome”-Masta Ace Inc.
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Just Ice May 13, 2007 at 1:23 am

“Know The Ledge”-Eric B & Rakim….remember when this first hit the airwaves?…Timeless Classic!

You know how a lot of dope 80′s-90′s rappers try to keep up with the times and although drop something hot at some point, they still sound dated and well…old school? To me, this is Rakim showing those rappers how it’s done. This is from what, 91 or something? And it still is effin’ tight. Classic indeed.

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