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Sunday Lite: The Bozack Edition

by Travis on May 14, 2007

What’s the title supposed to mean? Nothing, except for the fact I got enamored by the word “bozack” for some reason after reading Jeff Weiss’ post using the word and figured if any word from the 80′s needs to be revitalized into today’s lingo, “bozack” is definitely that word. Words like “def”, “fresh”, “buck wyldin”, and “stoopid” are all words that are better off never being used again, but something about “bozack” that just screams “comeback”.

I seen that Weiss and Straight Bangin’ finally finished up their Top 25 list that were voted on by us “I play a music critic on the internet” bloggers. Honestly, I haven’t had much time to really sit down and digest the whole thing and I haven’t been able to scour through the votes on the spreadsheet (a spreadsheet? really?) but a few things did kind of surprise me.

1. Jay-Z – The Black Album at number 25? Wow, I’m a far cry from a Jay basher and I do like the album, but number 25 of all-time? Wow, I guess I am getting old.

2. Aquemni over ATLiens? I’m not the biggest ‘Kast fan in the world, although I do own all their albums…whoops….all their albums not named Idlewild…and I can appreciate the fact that ATLiens should probably be included in an “Top 25″ list (just not in mine), but Aquemni over ATLiens just makes me scratch my head.

3. No Redman of any kind? WTF?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me, really. Hell even Muddy Waters is worthy of making this list and I’m not even a big fan of it, but no Whut?! or Dare…is all most worthy of hearsay in the realms of hip hop.

4. Although, it wasn’t in my submitted list, I was kind of surprised to see Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Mecca & The Soul Brother not being somewhere on this list. Again, I didn’t really get into it until later for whatever silly reason I had at the time, but I would say this is more worthy than say the Fugees or Black Star. I like the Fugee album, but I wouldn’t lump it in the top 25 and I’ve always felt that the Black Star is one of the more overrated albums I’ve ever heard.

5. Despite the fact I only had eight of my choices make it, I was pleasantly surprised to see Raising Hell make it. I’ll credit the fact that I’m a bit older than the average Hip Hop blogger for stuff like LL or the Beasties not making it in, but the fact that “Raising Hell” made it gives me some hope that the legacy of Run DMC isn’t totally lost like I was under the impression it was.

In honor of my favorite album, Slaughtahouse, which I knew wouldn’t be in the top 25, but I gotta stick to my guns and call them like I see them, I’ll throw up some Ace tracks. I can’t honestly remember what I have posted up before, so you get some of whatever I feel like.

Masta Ace – Check 1′s & 2′s
Ayatollah seems to be getting a chunk of production duties from Ace lately as he laces Ace with another nice beat. Ayatollah was also responsible for the eMC track “Four Brothers” and is rumored to be producing a large chunk of the upcoming eMC album.

Masta Ace – Not For Long
One of my favorite Ace tracks not included on any of his retail albums. Nice J-Love beat as well

Masta Ace – So Now u a MC?
The Creators (the U.K. version) hooked up this joint. I can’t remember if this was on any of his “Hits U Missed” albums or not, but a good joint worth having

Masta Ace – Warfare
Another J-Love beat. I’m thinking something happened between Ace and J-Love because when I asked him about J-Love doing some more production for him his answer was a quick “No”, which is unfortunate because they seem to work well together.

The Lost Tapes:
1. Always
2. Game
3. Dopes, Pushers, Addicts
4. Way Of the World
5. So Here We Are
6. Can I Get a Dollar
(Thorough Recordings – 2001)

I’m usually pretty hesitant about posting up much of his stuff since I have ties to his website and am pretty good friends with his cousin, but this little gem is extremely hard to find and I’ve heard varying rumors to how it came to be.

One was this was a bunch stuff he had laying around from the shelved “Big Beat” album from around ’97-’99 that never made it to the publics ears and this was just a bunch of bootlegged stuff that Ace didn’t agree to or see a dime for, kind of like the “Grand Masta: Remix and Rarity Collection” that was released last year. That was just Delicious Vinyl trying to make a quick buck.

The other rumor was that Ace was involved with it’s release and approved of it.

Regardless the only places I’ve seen it sold is on is a couple of European sites and on wax only, so regardless, it’s not something most of us internet hip hop heads can find easily.

Trav’s Top 5 Spins
1. WYDU’s Classics: May ’07
What can I say, I even impress myself sometimes.

2. DJ Jazzy Jeff – The Return Of The Magnificent
Not bad, not great, but there is a couple really good songs. The Method Man one severely unimpressed me.

3. Grand Puba – Reel To Reel
Something I haven’t listened to for awhile and I need to dig out at least every 6 months or so.

4. QN5 Asterisk 4
I like most of their stuff. This is just a collection of their material from the past year or so.

5. Redman Discography
Just in that mood.

Last but not least, I cleaned up the links section, removed some of the dead weight (sites that hadn’t been updated for a few months) and added some links. I was going to highlite some sites, but ran out of time, so maybe I’ll drop a post later this week about some of the new sites I’m digging. If you have site that you want me to check out or if I told I’d link you up and I haven’t yet, let me know.

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