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"Let's Talk About…."

by Eric on May 15, 2007

Track Listing

1. Breaker 1, 9
2. Up To Speed
3. Ya Neva Know
4. Keep On Runnin f/ Denosh (Prod. Illmind)
5. Things Change f/ DMinor
6. Shadokat-Retrospect
7. Life Ain’t Fair
8. No One Will f/ Tiffany Paige
9. Stutter Interlude
10.Rebllion In Occupied Territory
11.Incredible Force f/ Hassaan Mackey and Oddisee (Prod. Illmind)
12.Why’d You Have To (Prod. Nick tha 1nda)
13.Sometimes f/ Silent Knight (Prod. Illmind)

Holy Sh*t!!! Why have I never heard of this dude? Seriously, this is some BEAUTIFUL music!!!! Again, thank God for “HHB”, yet another album I peeped basically out of “curiousity”. Apparently, “A Breath Of Fresh Air” was released in 2006 on Wax Reform Records(?). Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (even though Raks looks like your little brother’s best friend who’s ass you used to whoop back in the day), Raks is on point lyrically and possesses a very nice flow as well. As far as beats are concerned the majority of the tracks are stellar, with beats courtesy of M-Phazes (boy, this cat has been poppin’ up everywhere lately i.e, Kenn Starr’s “Starr Status” as well albums from Strange Fruit Project, Hezekiah & Supastition) and new G-Unit in house producer Illmind. In a day when it’s a rarity where you can get 3 decent cuts off an 18 track album, this album has very little “fast forward” material found on “A Breath…”. This album has been on repeat all day, especially since I spent a good portion of the day driving around running errands for wifey & the new one all day (BTW, 80 degrees with clear blue skies in Little Rock…had to be the best weather we’ve had thus far). What is really a coincidence is that I commented in my THOUGHTS post a few days ago about this chick Denosh who sung the hook on Pete & CL’s “It’s A Love Thing”, well she also pops in for the hook on “Keep On Runnin’” which I think is the best cut on the album. I you don’t dig this ish in today’s music world, than my musical taste is way off…but I truly think that you’ll agree with me on this one. Oh, once again guess who came through…I don’t know how THESE GUYS do it!!…-Eric

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