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The Post With No Name

by Travis on May 16, 2007

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stick out in this clusterfuck of Hip-Hop blogs. I must admit, I’ve scaled waaaay back on my visits to a lot of them, just because, well, we’ve basically seen it all before. I’m at the point that as far as electronic copies of stuff, I have just about everything I really want. Not to say I’m not always down to check out something I haven’t seen or heard before (Bust The Facts is still the king of that), but for the most part, that isn’t happening a whole lot. The blogs that have kept my interest are those that offer something more, such as insightful writing or just offering some knowledge that I don’t have, which isn’t all that hard to do either. I’m not trying to knock anyone’s hustle, if people want to start a blog, go for it, but creativity and originality are keys if you want to get noticed in these shark infested waters. Hmmm, sounds kind of familiar.

With that being said, there has been a recent surge of worth-while blogs to pop up on the scene as recent as the past couple of weeks. I’m willing to bet that some of you spend more time on the internet than I do (especially lately), so some of you may already be familiar with them, but for those of you who actually have a life, you might want to check out these sites when you have a chance.

….And It’s Still All Good

Animal Mother is only six posts into his blog, but right off the bat, you can tell the cat knows what he is talking about. From his first post with detailed coverage of the Large Pro produced classic “Vagina Diner” by Akinyele to his latest post dealing with the Lou Donaldson’s “Pot Belly” and it’s use in samples, most notably Tribe’s “If The Papes Come” and Heavy D’s “Blue Funk” which was produced by Pete Rock (my personal favorite use of the sample as well).

The writing is good and his knowledge is among the tops in the “Blogosphere”, so for those with a thirst for knowledge, or just like reading well written posts, check the site out.


Something I’ve only discovered in the last couple days, but I like what I’ve seen. There are a few albums I haven’t really seen on anything else before, along with some common stuff as well. The writing isn’t terribly deep on the albums, but he makes up for that with “more” part in his label of “Music and More” as he drops everything from politics to the recent decline in honey bee population.

Combine the different types of music together with some videos and some social commentary, you have something worthwhile to check out on a consistent basis.

Tree Beats/Too Fat, Fat You Must Cut Clean

Don’t ask me what the name means, because I have no clue, but luckily for us, the blog is pretty good. It covers stuff that the “traditional” blog (whatever the hell that means) doesn’t necessarily cover. For an example, the latest post deals with Lovage, which was Dan The Automater’s group that I had heard of and liked and Kid Koala’s project “Bullfrogs” which I hadn’t heard of and I haven’t given it a listen yet, so I can’t say if I like it or not, but it’s refreshing to see something different gracing the screens of blogs.

The DJ Shadow-esque influence is differently seen so far in the topics they have chosen to high lite, but they also dedicate a post to my favorite crew of all-time, the Juice Crew, so shits all good. I expect big things in the future.

Ariel’s Groove

This site immediately caught my attention when I ran into some Maceo Parker albums I was looking for, so I’ve kind of had a fondness for it ever since then. Amazingly enough, this site is ran by a 16 year old kid. For being sixteen, this cat has some pretty mature tastes in music. Lots of jazzy type of stuff has been posted so far, which is the kind of thing I’ve been into lately. It’s refreshing to see the younger generation so intuned to the music of yesteryear.

I think these blogs are examples of something “different”. Different isn’t always equate to “good”, but in this case, this blogs, although new in nature, show a lot of promise.

And y’all need to stop sleeping on my man A-One’s blog Know Good Music
He’s putting up rare stuff such as Kane’s b-day BEFORE Stretch did and this week he has been posting up some DOPE old school mixtapes (not that shit most of you cats call mixtapes now a days) such as Doo Wop, Roc Raida and Biz Markie. Get your asses over there, NOW!

Re-Ups and Other Stuff

Alright some re-ups and the such since I’m still working on the next series that I want to do. I meant to have the College Boyz “Victim Of The Ghetto” up tonight, but grabbed the wrong disc for it.

Digital Underground – Sex Packets (Tape Only Tracks)

3. Hip Hop Doll
10. Gutfest ’89
11. Sound Of The Underground
12. A Tribute To The Early Days

If you bought Sex Packets OG Style, meaning the tape, you remember these tracks on that tape. They are actually some of the better tracks on the album. And if you were like me, and bought the CD later on, you realized the CD was missing some tracks that were on the tape. And if you were like me, you were slightly disappointed. Well, be disappointed no more, here they are in digatized form. Someone requested these back in March, but like usually, I forgot. Hopefully they are still hanging around.

Urban Dance Squad – Mental Floss For The Globe (Arista, 1990)

1. Fastlane
2. No Kid
3. Deeper Shade of Soul
4. Prayer for My Demo
5. Big Apple
6. Piece of Rock
7. Brainstorm on the U.D.S.
8. Devil
9. Famous When You’re Dead
10. Mental Floss for the Globe
11. Struggle for Jive
12. Man on the Corner
13. God Blasts the Queen

By no means a good album, but I did have a fondness for “Deeper Shade Of Soul”, although the video version is better than the album version, although I can’t remember why. “Fast Lane” was also featured on a soundtrack for a movie, I want to say “Pump Up The Volume” with Christian Slatner, but I’m not sure about that. It’s kind of that rock/rap vibe such as Me Phi Me (although UDS is better), and not really my thing, but a request is a request.

1. We’re from the Internet
2. Pump It Up Freestyle – Cunninlynguists,
3. Watch Yo Mowf – Cunninlynguists, Deacon the Villain
4. Over the Hills – Cunninlynguists, Deacon the Villain,
5. P.T.A. – Cunninlynguists, J-Ro, King Tee, Masta Ace
6. Skew It on the Bar-B Freesytle
7. Chico and the Man LP Drop
8. Love Ain’t [Remix] – Cunninlynguists, Tonedeff
9. Deacon the Villain LP Drop
10. Affirmative Action Freestyle
11. Sticky Green – Cunninlynguists, Deacon the Villain, ,
12. Earth’s Essence – Cunninlynguists,
13. If U Only Knew – Cunninlynguists, KRS-One,
14. Off the Chain – Cunninlynguists,
15. Mic Like a Memory [Remix] – Cunninlynguists,
16. Fellationelles
17. Nasty Filthy [Remix] – Cunninlynguists, ,
18. Irrational – Cunninlynguists, Deacon the Villain, Sean Price
19. Dem Things Freestyle
20. Never Scared Freestyle (Philaflava Drop Remix)
21. Lay Low Freestyle (Philaflava Drop)
22. Seasons [Remix] – Cunninlynguists, Masta Ace
23. Made You Look Freestyle
24. Rock Stars – Chapter 13, Cunninlynguists,
25. Welcome to NY Freestyle
26. Mr. Sos LP Drop
27. Rap Name Freestyle
28. Cashmere the Pro LP Drop
29. Magic Stick Freestyle – Cashmere The Pro, Cunninlynguists, Mac Lethal, Nuke Posse

Some what of a recent album for me to be putting up here, but since a seller through Amazon is selling the only copy available for $54.00, I don’t feel too guilty offering this up. I like Cunninlynguists and they have arguably the best album of the decade in “A Piece Of Strange”, so this first volume of their Sloppy Seconds series is a must have for any ‘Lynguists fan or a fan of Kno’s production. It’s your usual collection of remixes and freestyles, but even the freestyles sound good as the boys drop lyrics over “hot” beats such as “Magic Stick” and “Pump It Up”.

Paul Nice – The Black Album Remix

I had an unhealthy obsession with all those Black Album remixes from a couple years ago. I was more of a fan of actual production than say the mash ups, but I had about 20 of them at one time. I’ve since found a 12 step program to help me with my addiction and I can proudly say I only have about 10 or so currently.

I have to say my favorites are either the Grey album, despite my dislike of Dangermouse for the most part or Kno’s White album, which has the most wicked version of “Justify My Thug” and I HATED that track on the original album. Paul Nice has the most underrated effort by far. Paul Nice has been mad underrated himself in the hip hop scene anyway. Starting off as an NY DJ, he has had beats used by everyone from Rasco to Masta Ace (which is how I heard of him). He’s done a couple beat albums as well.

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