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"Thursday's Treats" & THOUGHTS

by Eric on May 18, 2007


  1. First & Foremost, a big “thank you” goes out to Jaz at ColdRockDaSpot for helping me out with the second installment of the “Blind Alley” sample appreciation post, which has also been in my headphones ALL week…thanks Jaz!
  2. Blogs such as “HipHopBootleggers” & “Bossplayer” can be the gift and the curse for many “breaking” underground acts. What I mean is..well..obviously alot of us “peep” albums that we would’ve never picked up i.e, the Raks One I posted earlier this week as well as groups like SuperSci, just based on “curiousity”. The results tend to be mixed , because the gems are few and far in between. For the “gems” it can be fruitful and for the “wackness” will more or less fade into obscurity faster than you can say M.I.M.S. Again, no knock on both of the aforementioned site’s (I am thankful for both of them)….but, I’m just sayin’….
  3. And speaking of M.I.M.S., I coulda’ swore I heard a “This Is Why I Rock” version of “This Is Why I’m Hot”..are you shi*tin’ me??? And this dude is “New York’s Savior”…dude, your career is OVA!!!
  4. As underrated as Masta Ace is, there really hasn’t been anyone in Hip Hop (probably ever) who has had the longevity and success as an MC that he has had. I mean this dude never sounds tired or outdated, and then you go and pop up with an unforgettable appearance on what may be the best song (“Nostalgia”) this year!!!!
  5. Now that we’re almost half way through 2007, what would you say are favorite and most dissapointing albums of the year thus far?
  6. Lately, I’ve been on this “underground” act kick…I just checked out this Buff 1 (please ignore the name) shown in the pic above, and I must say that I was quite impressed. Apparently, dude was in the Athletic Mic League (from Detroit) and if you dig anything along the lines of Slum Village, Dilla or Black Milk you will see what I’m talking about. The album “Pure” features apperances by One Be Lo & Elzhi, and be sure to check the soulful “For You” which samples the R & B classic by Jade “Don’t Walk Away” nicely for the hook…be sure to check it out HERE .
  7. After hearing Big Daddy Kane on Joell Ortiz’ “Brooklyn Remix”, is it really time for the “Prince Of Darkness” to let it go or does he have a little bit more left in the tank??
  8. If you are ever surfing YouTube for old videos, be sure to check for Pete & CL’s “Mecca & The Soul Brother” video, I couldn’t sleep last nite and I came across this by accident but I think I watched this video three times over. It’s pretty funny seeing CL with a baldie!
  9. Attn: Fellow Bloggers what is THIS all about? I’m sure that you’ve received countless e-mails as well. Damn, I’m from PA too….but I didn’t know that they kept in “gully” in the Pochonos like that!!!!
  10. Last but not least, after the post I did on DJ Babu’s “The Beat Tape” last week I’ve given the album a few more listens and I think that I may have to “man up” and eat a few of my words here. It’s definitely not gonna’ go down as another “Donuts”…I don’t know what I was thinking but the album isn’t even on THAT level. It’s still a solid instrumental album but I think I got in a little over my head. Sorry for the confusion, it’s just not….well….there are a few beats that tend to be, shall I say “simple”. Anyway, have a Great Weekend to all!!!!

And Now….The Treats

Maestro Fresh Wes-Naah, Dis Kid Can’t Be From Canada?!!

Yet another gem from 1994, Maestro Fresh Wes along with a helping hand from Showbiz dropped what many have dubbed a “classic”. While I wouldn’t consider it anywhere near a “classic”, it was surely overlooked amongst the “Illmatics” and the “Doggystyles” of the era. Released on LMR (Lefrak-Moelis Records)?, I sit here typing this post wondering how in the hell I was able to get my hands on this tape in the suburban area of Chambersburg, PA. I actually think I picked it up based on the Showbiz involvement on the boards. Maestro is no slouch on the M-I-C himself, and while he has gained plenty of notoriety based solely on the fact that he was one of the first MC’s to emerge from Canada, he is well deserving of those “props” because he was a pretty dope MC. Looking back on “Naah…” my favorite cut back in the day “Brown Sugar”, is now what I figure to be the weakest and corniest cut on the entire album. As much heat as the “R & B Hook” took during hip hop’s golden era, I was actually a sucker for it…and that’s exactly how “Brown Sugar” reeled me in. Over the years though, I’ve gravitated towards Showbiz’s “Bring It On” Remix as well as “Pray To Da East” featuring a HUNGRY Percee P (BTW, someone hook me up with “Lung Collapsing Lyrics”). I’m sure you’ll find this an enjoyable listen while capturing a centerpiece in Canadian Hip Hop…-Eric

Volume 10-Hip Hopera

“Pistol Grip Pump on my lef’ at all times!!”….In 1994 Freestyle Fellowship affiliate Volume 10 created what may possibly be considered as one of the Left Coast’s most forgotten gems of all time. Produced by the Baka Boyz (who also had their own radio slot as well), “Pistol Grip Pump” was in heavy rotation in the Honda Civic around this time of the year in 94′. I recall picking this album up strictly based on it’s review it received in The Source (damn, “wasn’t” that THE magazine!!!!!). and being pleasantly surprised by Volume 10′s commanding flow as well as the bass-heavy backdrops. It almost sounds as if Volume 10 freestyled EVERYTHING from beginning to end on “Hip Hopera”, if you don’t believe me just check the hilarious cut “Mom & Deb” (“I don’t give a fu*k about nuthin’ or nobody but my Mama & my woman Deb-bie”…damn, you gotta’ hear this…straight comedy!). I don’t know if many of you recall Ganjah K but he drops in for a scene stealing verse on the title cut…BTW, Ganjah K was a highly touted freestyle fanatic around 93-94. I can still replay the beginning beat knocks of “Sho Is Hype” (which was co-produced by Cut Chemist, which really surprised me)tick,tick,tick…BOOM..tick,tick,tick..BOOM. The beats on this album are what surprisingly have held up quite nicely. Tracks such as “Home Alone” and the aforementioned “Sho Is Hype” are bound to give your subwoofer a workout. This album is a true diamond in the rough, but I will warn you Volume 10 will take a little getting used to. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Volume 10 was an innovator by any means, but he was definitely not lacking in originalality!!….-Eric

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December 27, 2007 at 8:09 pm


L May 18, 2007 at 4:13 pm

Kane still has it. I learned long ago to adjust how i listen to music. He may not have a flatop anymore, but he can still drop some witty stuff.

Dread May 22, 2007 at 11:10 pm

volume 10′s hiphop era is one of my favorites of all times. one of my friends had that tape and it got eaten. it took forever to find that album again. everytime i went to the store and asked for volume 10, they would say, “volume ten of what?”. then i actually found the cd at a mall in the middle of nowhere in pennsylvania. i couldn’t believe they had it. last year i found it again in the cut-outs for only $1. i bought even though i already had it. “you can’t fuck with this hiphop era.” nice write up. i don’t usually rant like this in the comments, but that is a damn good album.

hummmr May 24, 2007 at 1:33 am

This blog rules. Thanks to everyone involved.

Here’s that Percee-P 12″ you were looking for courtesy of the internet:

nofrillz December 28, 2007 at 8:50 am

i’ve been singing the praises of small professors crooklyn gangster to anyone that would listen & you damn right, its far superior to the original version. the feel created on there is amazing

p e a c e

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