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Happy 100th Post!!! (for real this time) & Most Played & Most DL'ed (Wink Wink) For The Week

by Eric on May 19, 2007

Most Played For The Week

  1. “Second Chapter”-Blue Scholars….yet another surprise I checked out via HHB, this is the second track off of their new disc “ first words upon hearing this track was “Dayyyum!!”’ll see more in the near future about this album.
  2. “Moving Along”-Buff 1 f. Tiffany Paige…off the album “Pure” I said earlier in the week I’m on a heavy “underground” kick right now,while I’m not as fond of this track today as I may have been earlier in the week it’s still fresh.
  3. “Keep On Runnin’”-Emilio Rojas aka Raks One f. Denosh…if you read the post about this album earlier in the week you know what time it is.
  4. “Loyalty”-Blue Scholars…another cut off “Bayani”…I can’t say enough good things about this album as well…..utilizes the same sample Nicolay used for Foreign Exchange’s “All That You Are”…good stuff!!
  5. “Mr Slow Flow”-Evidence…just recently saw the video for the song and it made me love it even more….I think I’d have to finally say that “The Weatherman” has been the album of the year to date.
  6. “First Things First”-Canto I (see pic above post)….another “Bossplayer.blogspot” special….while these cats aren’t “killin’ it” on the mic, they chose the same sample that Outkast used for “Two Dope Boyz” on ATLiens and it sounds real NICE….Nice Ol’ Skool vibe…I guess I could start looking for the artist of most of the samples, I’m just too damn lazy.
  7. “Not Gonna’ Be Able To Do It”-Double XX Posse..I don’t know why I broke this one out again but I always thought that Double XX were dope as hell….remember this track being used on “The Fresh Prince Of BelAir”??
  8. “Wrekonize Remix”-Smif N Wessun…This remix just completely changed the vibe of the original, another blast from the past.
  9. “Porcelain”-ToneDeff…Tone discusses various teenage tales over a breezy track…This dude is crazy ill on the mic & highly underappreciated as well.
  10. “System”-K-Solo…Jaz hooked me up with this one….apparently, this was recorded in 98′ other than that I couldn’t tell you to many details about the track..of course, flips the “Blind Alley” sample….damn, I miss K-Solo!

Most DL’ed For The Week

  1. “Sample Appreciation (Blind Alley) Vol.II- W.T.R.
  2. “School Of Hard Knocks”- Hard Knocks
  3. “Riders Of The Storm:The Underwater Album”- Boogie Monsters
  4. “Righteous But Ruthless”-King Sun
  5. “Self Titled”-Intelligent Hoodlum
  6. “Live From Ackniculous Land”-Three Times Dope
  7. “Naah Dis Kid…”-Maestro Fresh Wes
  8. “Derelicts Of Dialect”-3rd Bass
  9. “A Future Without A Past”- L.O.N.S.
  10. “Hip-Hopera”-Volume 10
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