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LABELS – Select Records "selections"Pt.II

by Eric on May 21, 2007

C.O.D.-Straight From The Underground

In what had to be the absolute shi*tiest release EVER on Select Records, C.O.D.’s “Straight From The Underground” sucked soo bad it’s actually kinda’ funny. Hold up a minute and let me explain, the beats weren’t that bad..actually they weren’t bad at’s just when MC B-Hard (must stand for “blow hard” cause’ this dude talks mad junk) and..(hell, I can’t even remember the other dude’s name) start rhyming is where the problems arise. I’m telling you, these cats could be “deadringers” for Bushwick Bill & Willie D..seriously, you’ve gotta’ hear these dudes!!! I mean, they sound EXACTLY like em’, they just aren’t up to par with the former Geto Boys…even lyrically and that’s not sayin’ a whole lot (were talkin’ Willie D & Bushwick!!). Anyway, check it out if you least for the laughs…-Eric

Chubb Rock-The One

In what would have to be considered as Select Records’ “Highpoint”, Chubb Rock dropped a beast of an album in 1991 with “The One”. Smart move on Select’s part by releasing…dare a say one of the greatest “Hip House”(maybe?) records of all time with “Treat Em’ Right”. Soon to be followed with another classic “The Two Of Us” which is probably my personal favorite off of “The One”. I would have to say, I’m sure to much surprise that this is my second favorite Chubb album of all time. I still favor the more political and probably corny “I Gotta’ Get Mine Yo”. Not to say that “The One” is lacking in too many aspects, that’s just the stage I was in at the time being. I always felt that Chubb Rock was a unique cat, his voice is simply identifiable the instant it hits your eardrums…and who will ever forget his appearance alongside O.C. & Jeru on “Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers”. It’s actually kinda’ odd listening to the anit-war “Bring Em’ Home Safely” (which also featured 3rd Bass, Red Hot Lover Tone & some other dude I can’t recall off the top of my head), which was a call to bring troops home from Desert Storm and parallel it in comparison to what’s going on in Iraq today. Still, “The One” is a very important element in Hip Hop that shouldn’t be overlooked…-Eric

Red Hot Lover Tone-#1 Player

A far cry from the freshness and off the wall comedy of his self titled debut, Red Hot Lover Tone still scored a hit amongst the underground with his second effort “#1 Player”. I’ve always thought that Tone would’ve been better served in a super group that would also include Fat Lip of the Pharcyde & Kwest Tha Mad Ladd (damn, wouldn’t that be dope!!), but nevertheless Tone still can hold his own as a lyricist. The album’s pinnacle is the Buckwild remix of “4 My Peeps” featuring what looking back on now is a pretty “odd” lineup (Prince Po, M.O.P. and Biggie). The boistorous remix DESTROYS the original hands down. You can also hear the future of the Trackmasterz sound on “BMW” which sounds as if Uncle L should be spittn’ about tearing down some random honey’s sugar walls. The constant metaphors can become quite annoying after a bit, but Tone’s playfulness and sarcasm more than make up for his shortcomings. I also remember bumpin’ “Wanna’ Make Moves” f. Greg Nice quite a bit when this album first hit the shelves…BTW, is Greg Nice the ultimate hook man or what? “In The Game” featuring a “mackaliscious” Big Daddy Kane & Rich Nice (somebody drop me some more info on this dude, his verse is kinda’ nice!) is also pretty dope and it samples the the same beat as Brand Nubian’s “Step To The Rear”. Overall, a solid release from a fellow who would earn a helluva’ lotta’ dough in his second career as a producer along with partner Poke…-Eric

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travis May 22, 2007 at 3:46 pm

Ahhh, don’t have that COD. I’ll have to see if it sucks as bad as you say it does

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