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So Corny It's Good Part Three: Bobby Jimmy & The Critters

by Travis on May 24, 2007

The longest running series in WYDU history rears it’s ugly head once again. If you missed the first post on Kwame or the second post on Redhead Kingpin, then catch up and do your homework. Next up for our “So Corny, It’s Good” series, 80′s electro/hip-hop rap group “Bobby Jimmy & The Critters”, which admittedly is more of a novelty/comedy act than a hip-hop group, but reminds us that Hip Hop can be fun. Bobby Jimmy is more well known as Russ Parr who is a well known syndicated morning radio DJ and has also been responsible for several TV and radio programs over the years. His group, the “Critters” consisted of some friends and early west coast pioneers such as the Arabian Prince and General Jeff of Rodney O & Joe Cooley fame.

Parr started his career as a jack of all trades of sorts doing stints as a comedian, a morning host for LA’s KDAY station, and his own record label, Rapsur Records. He started the label after writing the lyrics for “We Like Ugly Women” that sold a modest 50,000 records on the independent route. He discovered that he had something and began writing more comedy raps. He would come up with the character “Bobby Jimmy”, which was based off of a childhood friend. It was his Rapsur Records label that would release his first album, “Ugly Knuckle Butt” in ’85. That album had the “classic” track “Big Butt”, which would gain some plays on radio stations as far away as my little ho-dunk town, which is where I’d first hear of him.

His second album, The Beginning: Roaches, was released on the west coast independent “giant” Macola records and spawned hits such as “Roaches”, which sold 300,000 copies of the single. The album would go on to sell over 100,000 copies and would outrage groups such as NOW (National Origination of Women) who were up in arms about “We Like Ugly Women” (can’t people take a freaking joke???). They would boycott KDAY, which did a lot of good. African-American groups were angered at Parr’s “Jive Talk” on the album, which Parr would explain his character had a speech impediment. That in turn, would piss of the speech therapist. Go figure.

The very next year, he would drop “Back & Proud”, which contained the Dr.Dre produced track, “Milk Shake”. In 1990, he dropped probably his most notable release (arguably) with “Hip Hop Prankster”, which contained “Hair Or Weave”, a “Yo!MTV Raps” fav from the back in the day. If you ever run across this LP, which was released by Priority, grab it, cause it’s worth a pretty penny now a days. He would do a “Greatest Hits” in ’91 album and Amazon has an album for sale by the name of “Erotic Pyschotic” which I had no idea exsisted until yesterday.

Here are three of his albums, thanks goes to Dread @ Bust The Facts for two of them. If anyone has his three not linked here, throw them up please.

Bobby Jimmy & The Critters – Hip Hop Prankster (Priority Records, 1990)
1 Hair Or Weave (4:30)
2 Somebody Farted (4:28)
3 Rap Dirty (4:47)
4 You Pissed Me Off (3:55)
5 Close The Door (You’re Letting Flies In) (4:41)
6 Prankster Prankster (4:27)
7 Is She Really Going Out With Him (5:06)
8 Gimme Some Bottom (5:05)
9 Jock Itchin (5:31)
10 I’m Funky (5:03)

Bobby Jimmy & The Critters – Ugly Knuckle Butt (Rapsur Records, 1985)

A1 Knuckle Draggers (6:01)
A2 Your’e My Women (4:28)
A3 And The Flygirls Scream (4:59)
B1 Big Butt (Remix) (4:08)
B2 Just 4 The Hell Of It (4:11)
B3 Ugly Knuckle Butt (4:50)

Bobby Jimmy & The Critters – Roaches: The Beginning (Macola Records, 1986)

A1 Rush It
A2 New York Rapper
A3 Bring It On Home
A4 Gotta Potty
B1 Big Butt
B2 Roaches
B3 We Like Ugly Women
B4 Bag Bobby Jimmy Jam

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