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Sample Appreciation Vol.II – The Honeydrippers "Impeach The President" Pt.II

by Eric on May 27, 2007

Lot’s of time on my hands today folks, the weather is kinda’ crappy and the wife, kids and myself have decided to just take it EZ today. In the meantime, I’ve gathered just a few more additions for the “Impeach The President” sample appreciation post. Here is Pt.II..Enjoy!!…-Eric

When They Reminisce-Presents Sample Appreciation “Impeach The President” Pt.II

Track Listing

  1. “Unbelievable”-Biggie
  2. “Ya’ Wish Ya’ Could-Special Ed
  3. “The Baby Doesn’t Look Like Me”-K-Solo
  4. “Van Full Of Pakistans”-Ya’ll So Stupid
  5. “Verbal Milk”-X-Clan
  6. “Funk Radio”-Ultramagnetic MC’s
  7. “Rebel Of The Underground”-2Pac
  8. “Juvenile Delinquintz”-Terminator X f. Juvenile Delinquintz
  9. “Napsack”-Shyheim
  10. “Down The Line” -Nice & Smooth & Friends
  11. “It’s A Boy”-Slick Rick
  12. “Any Emcee”-Nine
  13. “Too Young 4 What”-MC Lyte
  14. “Rollin’ Wit’ Umdada”-Masta Ace
  15. “Hai Love”-Kwame & The New Beginning
  16. “Fakin’ Jax”-INI f. Pete Rock
  17. “Bebo”-Fu-Schnickens
  18. “Headbanger”-EPMD f. Das Efx, Redman & K-Solo
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Jaz May 27, 2007 at 9:53 am

At it again eh Eric…cool, I could probably give you another 2 volumes but I am going to leave it to you this time.

2 of my all time faves uses

Shinehead-Who The Cap Fits
Slick Rick-Moses

Great work…

Yohan May 27, 2007 at 1:17 pm

I did not know so many songs have used this sample, but then again, it does sound so familiar.

Thanks again :)

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