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Bobby Digital and The Damaja

by Staff on May 29, 2007

“Now what do they have to do with each other?”, well absolutely nothing and I was planning a whole different post with whole albums etc, just to find out after I finished; that I couldn’t upload them, so I have to leave you with the few tracks I uploaded..

First is the 1991 Tommy Boy released “Ooh I love You Rakeem” EP (well most people refer to it as EP, though there are only 3 different tracks on it, i wonder what GO14 says ;) ) from RZA then still known as Prince Rakeem, just after its release he would go to jail and after that he would go on and bless us with the Wu, who I feel don’t need any further descriptions…

1.”Ooh We Love You Rakeem (Baggin’ Ladies Mix)”
2.”Ooh We Love You Rakeem (Baggin’ Ladies Instrumental)”
3.”Deadly Venoms (Vocals Up)”
4.”Sexcapades (DMD Mix)”
5.”Sexcapades (Wutang Mix)”
6.”Sexcapades (DMD Radio Mix)”
7.”Sexcapades (DMD Instrumental)”
8.”Sexcapades (Wutang Instrumental Mix)”

download (rapidshare)

Second is the promo only pressing of Jeru The Damajas „East New York Stalks“ released after the prophet left the Gangstarr Foundation featuring the Gangstarr diss track “Friend or Foe” main mix also known as “Friends”. Premier had produced his entire debut album “The Sun Rises In The East” and his second release “Wrath of the Math” after this they parted ways, some say due to financial disagreements but I remember also hearing that premier had something going on with Jerus sister or something like that well any way, here it is. (rapidshare)


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