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"Eric's Top 100 Tuesdays" (59-61)

by Eric on May 29, 2007

59. The Pharcyde-Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

Where were you when you first heard heard “Passing Me By”?…yes, it’s one of those songs. Quick story….or maybe not so quick, “Passing Me By” got me fired from my job pumping gas at Sunoco on the Pennsylvania Turnpike during the summer between my Junior & Senior years of High School, no sh*t!. Let me explain, I used to be quite the baller (I’ma toot my own horn here for a minute) back in high school…I still play quite a bit, but we all know we’ll never be the athletes we were! Well, needless to say it was a Sunday afternoon (the day on which we always had our summer league B-Ball games)and I convinced my best friend to run me to Camelot Music to pick up “Bizarre Ride..” in his beat down, sh*t brown (or whatever horrendous color it was) Chevy Citation after our game. I had read about “Ya Mama” in the Sure Shot Singles of The Source earlier that week and based on the comedic content and good review of the aforementioned single I was looking forward to checking out “Bizarre Ride..”. Of course, I picked it up along with a few Maxi-singles (fuc*in Maxi-singles!!)Later that evening, it just so happened that my best friend and I worked the same night shift at Sunoco…and, before I go any further..what kinda’ idiot would put two ruthless 17 year old best friends behind the counter by themselves to semi-overlook an establishment? Being on the Turnpike we saw all kinds of crazy sh*t…I mean, I pumped gas for a 70 year couple who were buck-naked in a Mazda Miata before…and the truckers?..

Here’s where I’m going with this, I was lovin’ my first listen to “Bizarre Ride..” which I poopped in the tape deck on the way to work. Let’s see, you had the ill “4 Better Or 4 Worse”, “On The DL” (which celebrated my second favorite pastime, next to Basketball during my adolescent years), and of course “Ya Mama”..which is about what the title suggests. The commute to work was about 30-35 minutes long so I had to cut off the tape just before “Passing Me By”. Often, when my buddy and I shared the same night shift we would rotate out to the car to take naps in two hour shifts (meaning I’d watch the station for 2 hours, he’d sleep, then we’d rotate until our shift was finished). When it was my turn to catch a nap, I was too hyped to hear what the remainder of “Bizarre Ride…” sounded like so I turned on the deck again…and there it was, the opening Hendrix riff to “Passing Me By”. Whaaaat!!! That song and everything about it had me going nuts, I loved it so much that I just kept listening and rewinding, listening & reminding, over & over. Before I knew it it was my turn to watch the store again and I had been awake throughout the time I was gonna’ catch some zzzzzz’s. After switching with my friend around 1 a.m., next thing I know, I wake up around 4:30 a.m. behind the counter with some dude who looked like Big Black from the Rob & Big show on MTV staring down at me asking me if I can change his flat tire.

Fast Forward to 6 a.m., shift change. Normally, we do the books (adding up fuel, merch. sales, you get the picture) before each shift change. Much to my surprise, our shift came out $2100.00 (not $210.00) short in funds for our fuel sales. My buddy and I were let go on the spot for our mishap. All I know is there are about seven 18 wheelers out there who got free fuel that evening all thanks to “Bizzare Ride II The Pharcyde”…-Eric

60. De La Soul-Buhloone Mind State

“When I….First….Heard…..”Buhloone Mind State”……I thought it sucked…Period!! Remember the dude on the “De La Soul Is Dead” skits when he first heard “3 Feet High..”? Yeah, well that was me, BLAAAAAAHH! What really pissed me off was that I was sooo amped to pick up this full length after hearing “Breakadawn” (damn, that Michael Jackson sample was smooth as hell) bump all over the radio throughout the summer of my Junior year in High School. To me, it was obvious that Pos, Mace, & Dove had spent a little too much time with Guru’s “Jazzmatazz” in there headphones while whipping up “Buhloone Mind State”. My initial reaction was “Damn, this shit is just too damn jazzy!! I’m not talking “Low End Theory” jazzy, but smokey town hall, 10 people in attendance, no air conditioning JAZZY! Sh*t, I honestly didn’t listen to I Am I Be” long enough for the beat to kick in until 2000! What about “I Be Blowin”? Who the hell is Maceo Parker and what the hell is he doin’ on my De La Soul album playing a trumpet?…and where the hell are the lyrics?…my disgruntled ass questioned. Other than “Breakadawn” this album was dead to me, it’s a damn shame that I was a 16 year old punk who would’ve much rather listened to “The Chronic” or “Bacdafucup” (although, that may be the general consensus)than this BS! I can admit it, I just wasn’t mature enough for “Buhloone Mind State”.

Bottom Line, what I hated about “Buhloone Mind State” then is what I’ve come to love today. Perhaps, my favorite De La album from their historic catalog (I still don’t see what is so damn special about “Stakes Is High”) of classics “Buhloone…” is straight up Genius!! Of course, the same can be said about “3 Feet…” & “De La Soul Is Dead” ..but this is one of those albums that you can break out on Memorial Day (yes I did!) every year and it still will provide you with a perfect soundtrack for an evening of chillin’ with family & friends. If I could kick myself in the ass for not giving this album it’s proper due back in 1993….or hell, the whole 90′s for that matter….I would do so proudly. Today, I really can’t pick a favorite off of this album. It’s kinda’ like “The Main Ingredient”, “Whut?Thee Album” or even “Enter The Wu-Tang” where the overall fluidity of the album hinders you from selecting that one standout track..simply because their all quality. If you’ve given up on “Buhloone Mind State” like I once did, break it out again and I promise you that you’ll soon see the light as well. As corny as it may sound, this album is like fine wine it gets better with…awww hell, enough already! Just pay homage to one of De La’s undermentioned masterpieces…-Eric

61. Common Sense-Can I Borrow A Dollar?

Ahhh, Common Sense…not Common….Common Sense! You see, when I think of the artist now known simply as Common I remember the “blunts, bitches & brews” Common with the “hiccup” rhyme flow that emulated that of that of it’s originators Das Efx. I’ve placed Common Sense’s “Can I Borrow A Dollar?” in my Top 100 simply because of the memories that this album holds for me. I first picked up “Can I Borrow A Dollar?” on my drive home from purchasing my first hooptie ( the one & only Baby Blue Honda Civic Hatchback) with the 3 G’s I had saved up

over the summers before helping my dad out with his farming business. That same day I also picked up Zhigge’s self titled debut album (on the strength of “Toss It Up”), along with Insane Poetry’s debut (damn, they were on some other sh*t, huh??) Like I’ve said in countless posts before this, I was introduced to Common Sense (much like basically all of the music I bought circa 1993-1996) via his album review in The Source ( I think it got 3.5 mics, but I remember seeing “Charm’s Alarm” in the Fat Tape section) and I was very impressed with the beats that backed Common’s “still in development” rhyme stylie. This was the Common that we all loved from the jump, comedic style and delivery, nonsensical rhymin’, sh*t talkin’ Common…And you know what?.. this album was just…Fun! Of course, Common just totally stepped his game up with “Resurrection” much to my delight as well as many the backpacker. Then came Miss “I’ll turn a brother out in a minute” Badu (damn, what is she doin’ to these cats?) , which was around the time “One Day It’ll A Make Sense” dropped and that’s where Common lost me for a minute. Needless, to say I came back around “The Corner” with 2004′s release of what I consider a present day classic “BE”. Okay, so let’s get back to “Can I Borrow A Dollar?”. First of all, you remember the flow and you remember the content..I wanna’ talk about the BEATS. With the bulk of the production handled by Immenslope (No I.D…..damn, he laced up Rhymefest’s “Fever”!!!), the Twighlite Zone (?) and one cut (Heidi Hoe) from the Beatnuts, “Can I Borrow…” boasted some pretty decent beats. “Charms Alarm” has always been my favorite track here, with “Soul By The Pound” not trailing behind too far (BTW, what about the “Soul By The Pound” remix? about some Bottom! Of course, I could go on & on to justify why this is ahead of “Like Water For Chocolate” but it’s just a different Common…a totally different style and the whole nine yards…and damn it! that’s the Common Sense I miss!…-Eric

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Anonymous June 20, 2007 at 4:13 pm

Buhloone Mind State is my fav De La album too. i didn’t get into De La until about 96/97 & didn’t find a copy of Buhloone… til a few years ago but it’s still my fav album of theirs.

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