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Thursday's Treats & THOUGHTS…once again, a day later

by Eric on June 2, 2007


Born Jamericans-Kids From Foreign

Allriiighty Then!! Since no one seemed to be able to hook me up with a link for this Born Jamericans’ little known gem from 1994 titled “Kids From Foreign, I had to lay down some hard earned cash ($1.99!!) at to pick this one up. Released on Delicious Vinyl, the label that brought us the likes of The Pharcyde, Tone Loc & Young MC. The Born Jamericans burst on the scene with their lead single “Boom Shak Attack” (please, ignore the corny title), which they actually performed on an episode of In Living Color. I’m actually kinda’ pissed because I can remember purchasing the maxi-single for “Boom Shak Attack” and it sounded soo much fresher than the Reggae tinged version that appears on “Kids From Foreign”. I really can’t classify Born Jamericans’ style being that the elements of your traditional Reggae chanting, Rap & R & B are all very much prevalent and that is one of the things that makes this album so unique. The album was also produced entirely by Chucky Thompson (Bad Boy, Mary J. Blige, Craig Mack, Biggie,etc.) and he does a masterful job of bringing that ol’ East Coast flavor with plenty of thump in the trunk. I really enjoyed this album during the year of it’s release and even as I played it a few times over the week it still sounds pretty dope. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy “Kids From Foreign” as well. This would be the perfect soundtrack for your next vacation to Jamaica…-Eric

A+-The Latch Key Child

I’ve really wanted to do a drop on this album for the last two months or so, last Saturday would’ve been perfect (see W.T.R. “is for the children”). Somehow, A+ always seems to be left out of the conversation amongst the likes of Da Youngstas, Kriss Kross, Shyheim, Illegal, etc. I picked up the “Latch Key Child” on a day which also found me walking out of the record store with Outkast’s “ATLiens”, 112′s debut and Nine’s “Cloud 9″ (which has probably received the least listens amongst the four mentioned). “All I See” was the first single released from “Latch Key..”, and I wasn’t really feelin’ it all that much (although, it was a Source Sure Shot Single..go figure!), what really nudged me to purchase the tape was “A+Z” featuring AZ and “Out For The Gusto” featuring Prodigy. I can remember hearing both the aforementioned cuts on an old Ron G mixtape and I could hardly believe that A+ was only 13 years old! Q-Tip also drops by for a visit on the decent “Me & My Microphone” which also featured production from the now legendary Buckwild. I mentioned earlier that Da Youngstas “The Aftermath” was my favorite “kiddie” album, I would definitely have to put “The Latch Key Child” in my top 3…sorry, I just never really got into Shyheim’s “AKA The Rugged Child”. Take it from me, don’t even waste your time checkin’ out A+’s second disc “Hempstead High” as it pales in comparison to this quality debut from the youngster…-Eric


  1. I’m sure by now that everyone who visits this site has come across the advance copy of P.Monch’s (man, I hate spelling Pharoahe) long awaited disc “Desire”. BTW, that’s a pretty damn good advance voiceovers or anything. Anyway, there is no comparison between “Desire” & P’s first solo LP “Internal Affairs”. He has stepped his game up BIG TIME, this time around it’s geared to reach a larger audience. Oh, and the track “Bar Trap” is a serious headnodder!
  2. While we’re on the topic of new releases, Kanye dropped his “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” mixtape earlier in the week as well. “Us Placers” pairs Kanye, Lupe & Pharell and beleive it or not it works masterfully. I don’t know if that’s the dude from Radiohead on the hook or just a sample…nevertheless, it’s sounds dope! The beat is so simple that it soon becomes irresistible. Be sure to pick this up, the new Common joints are very promising.
  3. PLEEEASE do yourself a favor a pick up “First Toke” by Uncut Raw (See “Let’s Talk About” post earlier in the week), this disc has been in heavy rotation once again this week. It’s just on some lo-fi, back to basics, beats & rhymes HIP HOP. Let me know what you think of this one!
  4. Why is buying a new vehicle one of the most painful, dragged out experiences that one could possibly endure?
  5. Will mixtape mainstays Ali Vegas, Uncle Murda or Saigon ever drop a major label album…Not that it really matters, oh, except for Saigon?
  6. Why did I never know that Scientifik was a member of Ed O.G.’s Bulldogs until this week? I’ve enjoyed “Criminal” tremendously over the last two years and it never even occurred to me.
  7. LL Cool J actually performed in Little Rock this past weekend for “RiverFest”, I couldn’t make it with the new daughter and all. Let me ask you this, Would you still pay to see Uncle L perform live??
  8. Damn, enough with the J. Dilla tribute “Mixtapes” nowadays!! Sh*t, it seems like a different one pops up somewhere every week.
  9. As much as I’ve enjoyed “The Weatherman” this year, I wasn’t too crazy about Ev’s “Red Tape Instrumentals” which leaked earlier this week. Alot of the beats are just too Primo-Esque for my taste.
  10. Thanks to all for the support and props, this site has really taken off over the last month….it’s really kinda’ crazy too be honest. I just hope to keep bringin’ quality posts with bits of originality and uniqueness sprinkled in. Again, thanks to everyone who stops by and all the comments I truly appreciate it! Oh, one last thing……RASUL, where are you homie??????
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Olskool4real June 2, 2007 at 5:16 am

I know this is a crazy question and I’ve asked on several sites and haven’t gottn a definitive answer but is this the same A+ that was on the Lost Boys Track with Canibus? that’s the only A+ I can think of cause if it is this kid was blazing round about that time.Please let me know

Chris / Bombfirst June 2, 2007 at 8:55 am

what about special ed?
thanks for the a+ though never knew that he was 13 back then

Eric June 2, 2007 at 12:36 pm

@olskool4real….yep, that’s the same A+!!

Commish CH June 2, 2007 at 4:33 pm

yo, I think I’d pay to see LL in the right environment. If it was billed as a night with LL’s old skool clasics. I saw him in 1989 and the cat really turned it out. Maybe if he was billed with some other 90s Hip Hop groups.

Olskool4real June 2, 2007 at 9:38 pm

Thanks Eric this kid was real nice at that time. I never knew he put out an album. I will check this out any fair warnings besides the write up?

Olskool4real June 2, 2007 at 9:45 pm

My opinions about Pharoahes album differ a bit. I’ve made several comments already on other blogs but I love getting in on a good one topic. I agree with him stepping his game up and the album seems to be ainmed at attracting a mainstream audience, however if you are looking for the Organized confusion Pharoahe you may be highly dissapointed.he shows glimpses but not enough. I enjoyed the album so don’t get me wrong and I thank god for these opportunities to hear something before purchasing it, it just didn’t give me what I was looking for but I’ll take the 3 or 4 glimpses and some of the jazzed up creative stuff. I liked the Erika Badu collab and the Trilogy piece, Free and When the guns draw were hot.

travis June 4, 2007 at 2:28 pm

I haven’t had the pleasure of listening to either the Kayne or Pharoahe (I hate spelling that as well). I don’t know what to expect with the Monch, some of his stuff floating around the past couple years wasn’t my type of thing, but “Guns Drawn” gave me hope.

Where did you find that Uncut Raw? I’ll have to check it out since you were pretty much dead on with the Blue Scholars and Raks One.

All that New York mixtape bullshit all sounds the same to me.

I saw LL in ’02 or ’03, and despite being mostly women, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, he still put on a pretty good show, complete with most of his classic catalog. I’d see him again for the right price.

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