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WYDU Classics June '07: Trav Invented The Remix

by Travis on June 4, 2007

Last week I mentoined the lack of quality remixes out in today’s market, then made the mistake of mentioning “Flava In Your Ear” remix as being a quality remix, which in my opinion, it was a great song It was pointed out to me that song is not really a remix, which I will foolishly admit that I was wrong. The song is not a traditional remix in the sense of a new beat and sometimes even new lyrics that used to be included almost on any b-side of any single that was released back in the day.

So as I so often do, I started the June version of WYDU Classics and it ended up going in an entirely different direction than what I originally planned. This time, I started going to the remixes I had laying around on my computer and in my boxes of CD’s. As usual, this was made for me and pretty much only for me. It’s stuff I wanted to hear, so there are some tracks I picked up from other blogs in the past few weeks, months or year, so much respect and appreciation goes out to those blogs that originally posted some of these tracks up.

WYDU Classics June ’07: The Remix

1. Common – Soul By The Pound (Thump Mix:) Released as a 12 inch single Produced by Immenslope. What a true remix should be.
2. Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Remix) : Not sure of the origins, although I should.
better than the original
Masta Ace – Style Wars (Remix) : Released as a B-Side to Slaughtahouse single. Produced by Ace. A great remix of the only song I didn’t like on Slaughtahouse LP

4. Das Efx – Mic Checka (Remix) Released as a single in ’92
Das always released a few remixes with each single
Nine – Watcha Want (Radio Remix) Was a B-Side to “Any Emcee”
Not as good as the original, but not bad either.
Digital Underground – Return Of The Crazy One (Lean Butter Bean Mix) Released as a remix version to the original. I love the original, but this isn’t too shaby. It’s not too often that the artists go back in and re-record the vocals to match the beat like this. The whole single can be found on Hip Hop Antics, props!
Ice T – Lifestyles Of The Rich and Infamous (Primo Remix) Released as a single in ’91.
It’s not your typical Primo beat, but it works well for the song
. Sam Sneed – U Betta Recognize (Remix) ?????
Found it on a Dogg Pound Remix collection. Not as good as the original and don’t know who did the remix, but it’s still nice
Erick Sermon – Stay Real (Remix) releaed as a white label promo
Some funk for the trunk
Ras Kass, Amad, Saafir – Come Widdit (Joe Quixx Remix) Released as a Promo
some great remixes on the single
Nice & Smooth – Sometimes I Rhyme Slow (remix) There was some remixes on the single, not sure which one this is. Cool remix
Tragedy – Pass Da Tek (Remix) Promo? Remixed by Large Pro
Another remix better than the original
Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard – Money Don’t Make The World Stop (Remix) Apperead on a Promo EP that kind be found on Premium Blend Radio.
MUCH better than the original
Real Live – The Turnaround (Thug remix feat Tragedy & Capone) Released as a remix to original. Some ole thug shit to pack tha gat to.
Camp Lo – Coolie High (Paradise Remix) Promo Single remixed by Ski
I’m usually big on Ski beats, but I think this one has to grow on me
BDP – 13 & Good (Remix) Remix to the original, done by Kenny Parker
Good remix
A Tribe Called Quest – Check The Rhime (Mr. Muhammads Mix) One of the remixes included on the 12 inch single for the original.
Just enough tinge to make it interesting.
Audio Two – Top Billin’ (Clark Kent Super Mix) Can’t find the source of this mix.
This is my all-time favorite song, so you would think any remix wouldn’t hold a candle to the original in my opinion, but this shit is DOPE! It’s a crazy track, I would have loved to hear Milk do an original joint over this.

A Few Wants…..
A couple things I’m on the look for, if anyone can help me, you’d forever be in my good graces

Audio Two – Top Billin’ Remixes

Audio Two – Hickeys Around My Neck (mainly for the original version of “Milk Does The Body Good”

Positive K – Remix to “Night Shift

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