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Let’s take it back to ’79

by Staff on June 6, 2007

Taking it back to ’79, means taking back into a period when I still wasn’t even born, the following is a mix of producer and one half of Atmosphere (where the haters at?) ANT, the mix focusing on Hip Hop between ‘79 and ’85 (yep I wasn’t still not born back then) has only been released as a promotional copy by Rhymesayers entertainment in 2004 if I remember right, hm well wikipedia says 2001 and discogs says there’s only a volume two…(anyone?)
Here’s what the backcover says (covers included):

Over an hour long classic Hip Hop soundscape mixed by ANT, producer for Atmosphere, Musab(Beyond), THEdynoSPECTRUM and more…

Melodies and Memories is one of those ol’ school mixes with joints coming and going throughout the entire mix, nothing rocks alone on this one. Too many classic joints to list, but you’ll find everything from Art of Noise to Melle Mel to Zapp. A must have for every B-Boy/B-Girl and ol’ school fanatic. So come take a trip through Hip Hop, circa ANT ’79 to ’85.

So it’s perfect for youngstas like me who couldn’t be there when this music got air play on the radio etc.. and also perfect for those who like to reminisce..
(fav. Part: side one, 9:20 min.).

Melodies & Memories volume 1


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