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"REEEEEWIIIIIIND!!!!…1991 Pt.IV" (Guilty Pleasures Edition)

by Eric on June 7, 2007

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince-Homebase

What was my first Hip Hop purchase? “Paid In Full”, “Raising Hell”, “It Takes A Nation…”? Naaah, it was DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince “He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper”. After seeing the video for “Parents Just Don’t Understand” I pleaded with my Mom that she had to pick it up for me, and so it began…once I had my hands on “He’s The DJ….” Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince instantly became my favorite rappers…. On a side note, I think she also bought me Tracy Chapman’s first album along with “He’s The DJ…”, damn, I loved that “Fast Car” sh*t! Anyway, you could go on for days praising both Will Smith & Jeff Townes for all that they’ve accomplished over the years but we’re going back to 91′ here people (good to see them “come up” over the years though). “Homebase” was actually when I lost a bit of flair for Jeff & Will, and I even bumped “And In This Corner..” to death (“I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson” was my sh*t). Even with the inclusion of the summertime anthem appropriately titled “Summertime”, “Homebase” just seemed soft as hell to me….even softer than “And In This Corner..” (I never even owned “Homebase“!). Who knows, maybe they just needed Ready Rock C back on the beatbox! By 1991 I was more concerned with the P.E.’s, EPMD’s, & N.W.A.’s of the world, but props due to both Jeff & Will because who knows….if it were not for my introduction to the duo….today, I may be listening to SkidRow instead of Pete & CL. I know that I haven’t given you a whole lotta‘ insight to “Homebase“, but it’s because I would hardly ever listen to if it weren’t for “Summertime”. I will say this though, The Fresh Prince could tell a story or two in his MC’in days and it’s hard to imagine that Jeff didn’t even produce “Summertime” (weird, because after listening to his production nowadays it bares a strong resemblance to the sonic construction of “Summertime”. Well, at least Pete Rock produced a joint or two on the duo’s follow up “Code Red”…-Eric

P.M. Dawn-Of The Heart, Of The Soul And Of The Cross…

In what’s sure to cause quite an uproar here at When They Reminisce….well, this is the “Guilty Pleasure” Edition so here goes…Comprised of Prince Be & DJ Minute Mix (damn, that’s a horrible moniker), PM Dawn busted on the scene with their interpolation of Spandau Ballet’s “True”…”Set Adrift On Memory Bliss” (I don’t give a sh*t how gangsta you are or may have been when this hit, but don’t even front it was kinda’ dope). Pop “Set Adrift…” in your headphones, I guarantee you that inadvertent head nodding will soon commence….don’t fight the feelin‘. I just want you all to know that as I’m keying this I can’t help but think of Krs-One rushing PM Dawn’s set and throwing Prince Be’s fat ass off the stage (yes, this did actually happen at a PM Dawn performance!) This was one of those albums that I actually made my best friend pick up in High School (you thought I was buyin‘ this?), we would actually pick up most of the new releases come Tuesday and we’d split the cost down the middle…just dubbing each other’s purchases. Give P.M. Dawn credit, these dudes had to have some balls…really, with tracks titled “To Serenade A Rainbow” & “In The Presence Of Mirrors” (the beat on that joint ain’t half bad though) they were beggin‘ for an “ass-whoopin“. Like I said before, I will pull this album out specifically for a listen of “Set Adrift…”anything after that is pretty hard to stomach. It’s really hard to take this duo seriously, especially with Prince Be trying to sound sexy on every cut. I mean, dudes looked like they bought all of De La Soul’s “Daisy Age” threads after they gave them up before “De La Soul Is Dead”. If there is a positive, it’s gotta be the beats…..while nothing special, they are at least listenable. If you do check “Of The Heart….”, the funniest sh*t on the album is Prince Be attempt at sound “hard” on “Comatose”. Damn, have I really listened to “Set Adrift…” three times while typing this??…-Eric

Heavy D & The Boyz-Peaceful Journey

I’ll be the first to admit, I sometimes shy away from listening to Heavy D & The Boyz‘ “Peaceful Journey” because I associate the overall essence of the album with it’s two biggest singles The “MTV Party To Go” classic “Now That We Found Love” (damn, I hated that sh*t!!!) and the Teddy Riley produced “Is It Good To You”….well, TR did actually produce “Now That We….” as well. In all seriousness, this is actually a pretty dope album…just not as dope as “Blue Funk” (what I consider to be Heavy’s best work to date). Heavy has admitted in many interviews in the past that this was a tough album for he and Eddie F to record while coping with the untimely passing of his dancer and longtime friend Trouble T Roy (T.R.O.Y.) (BTW, what was is the final verdict on his passing…I’ve read before that it was caused by a “backstage accident”). Yes, while there is some “fast forward” material on “Peaceful Journey” (the Reggae tinged “Body & Mind” (is that Jodeci on the hook?), “Sister Sister” (damn, Heavy loved the ladies, huh?) and the aforementioned “Now That We Found Love”. Today, when I hear “Now That We Found Love” it just takes me back to the days when it usually fell somewhere between “Summertime” and some C & C Music Factory B.S. on every pop radio station. Now, time to recognize the good stuff….the title cut “Peaceful Journey” was my sh*t when it dropped, with such a subtle, mellow groove and a K-Ci & Jo Jo featured hook Heavy scored a winner that featured production from DJ Eddie F (someone please hook me up with his solo compilation, thanks in advance) and who can forget the B side of “Peaceful Journey” ….”You Can’t See What I Can See”? Oh, I need to mention that I didn’t include this in the archive…if you are looking for “You Can’t See…” drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to hoo

k you up. I also feel that all five (Let It Rain, Don’t Curse, Cuz‘ He’s Always Around, Letter To The Future and Do Me, Do Me) of the Pete Rock (Heavy’s cousin) produced cuts are quality joints with the classic posse cut “Don’t Curse” featuring Q-Tip, Grand Puba, CL Smooth and Big Daddy Kane (now that’s a posse cut!) being my favorite. To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with the three Marley Marl produced cuts on “Peaceful Journey” as they sound too similar to LL’s “Illegal Search”…hell, without looking at Discogs for a refresher I would have thought that that Marley’s joints were produced by Teddy Riley. In the end, the good outweighs the bad on “Peaceful Journey” with the exception of the obvious New Jack Swing influence the album still remains fonkay. And hell, any album that gives a shoutout to Charlie Murphy is dope in my book…-Eric

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super ugly June 7, 2007 at 3:52 am

I heard that he fell of stage and broke his neck(?) But then again I heard big daddy kane had AIDS..lookit all these rumours.UGLY

Tom Piper June 7, 2007 at 6:24 am

I had this pm dawn tape back in the day.Let’s just say that PM dawn helped me more with the ladies than KRS ever did !! :P So you cant really hate.

travis June 7, 2007 at 2:29 pm

PM Dawn and Arrested Development were two albums I never listened to back in the day. I finally broke down and gave the AD a listen not to long ago, and it wasn’t half bad.

I guess I’ll break down and give this PM Dawn a listen, although they were everything I hated in music. Can’t be worse than that damn Me Phi Me that I posted on WYDU a few months back

Anonymous June 8, 2007 at 2:45 am


Can you hook me up with “You Can’t See What I Can See”. I’ve been looking for that joint for a minute now.


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