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Most Played For The Week & Most DL'ed "Inception To Date" (Wink Wink)

by Eric on June 9, 2007

Most Played

  1. “Loyalty”-Blue Scholars…Was there really any doubt? This song…err….album puts me in a better mood everytime I listen to it.
  2. “We The People”-Prince Ali…from Ali’s compilation “Presents The Corner Ensemble”, this song just has an irresistible horn filter underneath the track…one of the best produced cuts I’ve heard in a while…a real nice feel to it. Peep the album HERE and pick up “I miss 1994″ as well.
  3. “NY Weather Report”-Talib Kweli…off Talib’s new joint “Ear Drum” (don’t sleep, this one’s growin‘ on me quick!). Not the best track in the world, but stating that “Weather Report” is “Bass-Heavy” would be a tremendous understatement
  4. “Throw Some D’s (Re-work)”-Kanye West….I know that this song and video have been floating around for quite some time, but write me up a late pass. As naive as I am, I never actually listened to the lyrical content off the song. When it hit me, I had the track on repeat for two hours straight…mad funny! Gotta’ love the “Alicia Keys” line.
  5. “Desire”-Pharoahe Monch…off of the album of the same name…Damn, the Alchemist scores again, maybe the “come-back” producer of the year.
  6. “Everything Man”-Talib Kweli….damn, another one off of “Ear Drum”…boy, this track is smooth….BTW, is that Res on the hook?
  7. “Second Chapter”-Blue Scholars….one question, Why in the hell is this track only 1 minute 54 seconds long? Jesus, when this blasts off following “Bayani’s Prayer” it gives me goosebumps everytime. This is to0 exceptional a track to be soo short in length.
  8. “Things Change” ft. D-Minor-Raks One AKA Emilio Rojas…off of “A Breath Of Fresh Air” (another one of my “diamonds in the rough”) Raks recalls a lost love over “9th Wonder-like” production with soothing vocals on the hook.
  9. “Right Here” (Human Nature Remix)-SWV…off of their “Remixes” EP….damn ya’ll it’s summertime, what can I say? BTW, does anyone have the Lord Finesse remix of this? I had it, but lost it….Finesse’s version maybe in fresher than this. Can someone hook a brotha‘ up?
  10. “Rik’s Joint”-The Beatnuts…off of the Nuts’ CLASSIC “Street Level”…another song that brings back those long lost summertime memories for me. Didn’t the now Radio personality Miss Jones do the hook for this one? “Street Level” was such an incredible album!

Most DL’ed “Site Inception To Date”

  1. “Sample Appreciation Vol I (Blind Alley)”-When They Reminisce…More than likely thanks to Oliver Wang’s mention at Soul Sides…it’s kinda’ flattering actually!
  2. “Real Ting”-Mad Lion…damn, can’t believe this one was that hard to find.
  3. “Masterpiece 03″-mixed by Lord Finesse….I couldn’t even begin to tell you how I got my hands on this one.
  4. “The LP”-Large Professor….I knew this one would be in demand…dope ass album from the Large Pro.
  5. “Street Level”-The Beatnuts…like I said, CLASSIC!!
  6. “Sample Appreciation Vol. I Pt.II (Blind Alley)”-Boy, I doubt that there will ever be another “Sample Appreciation” like this one…well, not since Dan Love started doin‘ it!! Kick ya’ while your down, huh Dan? (he knows I’m just pullin‘ his chain!)
  7. “Masterpiece 03″-mixed by Pete Rock….funny thing is, I’ve posted up “Masterpiece” 01 & 03…I’ve searched all over the net’ for “02″ and found nothing!
  8. Ghett0 Classics”-Nervous Records….glad that alot of you checked this one out, real dope sh*t on here!
  9. “Throwback Classics”-Mixed By DJ Green Lantern…picked this one up on Kazaa when it was hittin‘ a few years back, I’ve really given this alot of spins lately as well.
  10. “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?”-Mixed By DJ Cash Money….see “Ghetto Classics” above

Hmmmm, something of note….7 of the top 10 albums listed above are “mixes”, maybe It’ll save me alot of time & effort with all the write ups on “single” albums and just move this site more into a “mix” format? Damn, I wish that would be the case

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