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Total Randomness – A Bloggers Freestyle

by Travis on June 13, 2007

I’m sitting here, avoiding work, and figured I’d do a post. I had no idea what I wanted to cover, but I haven’t really posted up anything “new” lately (new meaning not previously posted on here before), so I went digging through some of the disks I have with me in my side pack (what the old b-boy uses in the work place in place of a backpack). I found three or four things that are worthy enough of the WYDU treatment. But since there was no planning out before starting, we have no clue where this is going to end up….but fuck it, here we go, the Bloggers freestyle.

Note…I’ll try to update the links tomorrow for those of you that have left links for me to check lately…..

Audio Two/ Alliance – The Flip Flip EP (First Priority Music (?), 1986)

1. I like Cherries – Audio Two
2. Chillin’ – Audio Two
3. The Freshest Slow Jam – Audio Two
4. Where’s The Fellas – Alliance
5. We Got A Beat Pt 2 (Rough Rough) – Alliance
6. Why Oh Girl – Alliance

I think I’ve established the fact that I’m a big Audio Two/First Priority Music Family fan, so I won’t even rehash that out. This is one of my prized joys that I’ve downloaded in the past year or so. Stagalicious posted it in the cbox this past winter (where you at stag??). If you are like me, you only read basically what is shown in the cbox and rarely look any further (Unless it’s Dreads cbox, then the comedy factor is worth looking back at the posts) so this might have gotten passed over by some people.

I can’t find jack on this release, I can’t even find anything on it on Hip Hop Discogs. I’m guessing this is a rather rare find. It’s broke into two sides; Side A belonging to Audio Two and Side B belonging to Alliance. I’m guessing (with no proof) that if this was indeed released in ’86, it would be the first recordings of Audio Two and Alliance.

The first song appearing on the Audio Two side is “I Like Cherries”, which did show up on “What More Can I Say”. I always looked at it as “filler” on the album, but it’s fine on an EP, I suppose. The second joint, “Chillin” is not on any other release as far as I know. It’s in traditional Audio Two mold, in that it’s a party jam with loads of Old School feel to it, complete with Gizmo getting on the tables and behind the mic. If you like Audio Two, you’ll like this joint for sure. The third joint “The Freshest Slow Jam” was on one of the “Top Billin’” remix joints that dropped before the album. At first, it sounds like some Uncle L “I Need Love” type bullshit, but after really listening to it, you figure out it’s more of a parody to those type of syrupy bullshit songs. It’s kind of funny actually.

The Alliance side comes with all material exclusive to this release (as far as I know). “Where’s The Fellas” makes me want to question their, ummm, preference in the human race, but whatever. It’s ver old schoolish sounding, but just ho-hum, but there is some cool DJ routines on it. The second track is “We Got A Beat” which is better, with King of Chill dropping some old school goodness. The third track comes to us in the form of “Why, Oh Girl”, which sounds like some corny 80′s R&B joint, but it’s humorous, even if it doesn’t mean to.

For any one that is a fan of 80′s hip hop, needs to pick this up on the quickness.

House of Pain – Unreleased EP (And Other Stuff)

No track order–List of Tracks included

Reachin’ Out (from No Doubt Promo Vinyl)
Sick of It All – Just Look Around (House of Pain Remix)
3rd Rock From The Sun
Choose Your Poison Remix
Irish Pride
Same Old
Womb To The Tomb

I’m not even going to pretend like I know anything about this, because I don’t. It’s kind of surprising too, because I liked House of Pain back in the day, but I’ve never heard of this. I’m guessing it’s legit, but then again, I don’t know. I found it in Bust The Facts cbox one day.

Judging from Everlasts vocals, I’m guessing this came in the later stages of the groups existence. He sounded like he had a corn cob planted in an unpleasant orifice on the body on the last two albums. It’s worth checking out for those of you into unreleased stuff or just a fan of House of Pain. Anyone got any info on this, please feel free to share it.

Punk Barbarians – Sex, Props, Cream ….And The Drama In Between (Lethal Records, 1995)

1. You Dont Know?
2. Blast Off
3. Sweets
4. L.I. Zone
5. Prelude To Drama
6. The Drama In Between
7. Hooptie Car
8. The Struggle
9. Magic
10. Eclispin’ Niggas
11. Sex Off The Hook
12. Platinum
13. Bubblin’
14. Rest In Peace
I’m not sure what my infatuation was with this group back in ’95, but I loved this album. Listening to it now, I realize if it wasn’t for the nostaglia factor, I probably wouldn’t find this all that special, but I still love throwing it in the phones ever once in awhile and give it a listen. Maybe since they were tied to Public Enemy’s Terminator X and I worshipped anything remotely related to PE, I gave this more
credit that it deserved.

It’s not very original and sounds a lot like most of the New York/Long Island music coming out in the mid ’90′s with some smooth/rugged NY shit, but I guess it depends which groups you heard it from first, which for me it was these guys. The production is nice, but again, nothing terribly original. It’s just a fun album to listen to you if you dig the mid 90′s stuff.

1. Time To Get Ill

2. Big City Hustlers

3. Nightlife

4. Get Out The Life

5. Keep Earning

A very unspectaclar demo/promo effort from the Tim D-O-G that, from what I heard, dropped sometime early this decade. I’ve never been a big Tim Dog fan other than his “Penacillian On Wax” debut LP, so maybe my opinion isn’t the one you should ask for for this particular album. I think I originally got this on Rapchwast last summer, but it’s been a year, so this for those of you that may have missed it then.
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