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Tony Hawks Pro Skater & Shyheim The Rugged Child

by Staff on June 14, 2007

Some years ago my favourite game used to be Tony Hawk Pro Skater on the N64 (I think that was the first one) and later the other series on Sonys PS1, my favourite character used to be Chad Muska because he had that special trick , grindin’ with a boombox on his shoulder and well I think he was the most “hip hop” like persona in that game. The Pro Skater series used to have a lot of great hip hop tracks, mainly underground, and you were able to turn on your favourite tracks in a list, which was for me Biz Markies – Body Rock. Unfortunately I couldn’t find this track on any of his albums, until some years later, I was checking Bankheads the dice game, and he posted this album (I think it was last year) by none other than my favourite skater Chad Muska , who turned out to be a producer, well he saved all of his hard earned money to have his own studio where he could full fill his dream, a compilation with his favourite artists..

1 Raekwon / U-God -The Wu Track
2 Prodigy Street -Subpoena
3 Afrika Bambaataa -Fake
4 Guru -Up In Here
5 Biz Markie -Body Rock
6 Grandmaster Melle Mel -I’m A Star
7 Flavor Flav -Flavor Man
8 Special Ed -Crooklyn
9 MC Lyte -We Can’t Be Stopped
10 Ice-T -Gangsta Rap
11 Jeru The Damaja -Verses Of Doom
12 KRS-One -Get Off Your …….

Turns out Chad has a pretty good taste, considering the artists being featured and even though in my opinion most producer albums suck (I admit there have been some good ones lately), this one is by far not bad, it’s not a classic either, but I mean this guy got some skills and just look at the artists and you ‘ll know that you can’t do too much wrong, though I would recommend everybody to just download the compilation for this one track alone, I just love how that track starts and how Biz is rockin’ the Mic on this joint…
Muska Beatz

Since I’m already reminiscing off my days playing the shit out of the first Tony Hawk series, I remember being on holiday for about a week in Austria and my brother was with me along with one of his friends, off course he took the PS1 with him and besides playing all night long we listened to some music, to be more specific we where listening to Shyheims Manchild , which had just been released back then I think, in 2001/2002, anyway I’ve never heard anything about him before this and so after having this album in my head for about one week , I came back home and searched for more material, so here’s one unreleased Lp I found together with GP Wu (Gladiator Posse Wu) consisting of Pop The Brown Hornet, Down Low Recka, June Luva and Rubberbands, the unreleased lp has 16 tracks including 6 remixes of on & on, shit is real, ones fo da money , hit me with that shit ,shaolin style and pass it off…

Sorry but I’m too lazy to write down the whole tracklist , right now, the tracklist is included though, so there shouldn’t be any problem with that. Have Fun:Shyheim & GP Wu unreleased Lp


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