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Record Labels Part One: Profile

by Travis on June 15, 2007

I hate doing posts like this, rushed and hastily put together, but I hate going more than a few days without posting. Since I don’t post anything on weekends much anymore and probably won’t this weekend, I wanted to throw a last minute ditch together and toss a couple albums and cover a few “Old School” record labels.

Profile Records (Excuse the Wikipedia and discogs rip-off I’m strapped for time here)

Profile Records was at one time one of the premiere hip hop labels in the 80′s, which they can mostly give thanks to Run DMC and their huge (and first) cross over appeal with the release of “Raising Hell”. They would then go on to be a fairly major player in the hip hop business.

The label was originally known as Panorama Records until Cory Robbins and Steve Plotniki purchased the label from MCA. The two remained partners until ’95 when Robbins bailed to create Robbins Entertainment, which if I remember right ended in a bit of a tussle between the former owners. The label would remain in business until ’97 when Plotniki decided to sell the label. Arista BMG would acquire the label but ended up dumping most of the artists in the long run.

As far as hip hop acts, they had another huge crossover hit with Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s “It Takes Two”. They also released rap classics from DJ Quik, Special Ed, and Poor Righteous Teachers.

Here are two of the “lesser” known acts the released in the late ’80′s, both favorites of mine back then as well.

Sorry for the half-assed post, but it is what it is….have a safe and fun weekend.

1. Bullet From A Gun
2. Goodgroove
3. Power Move
4. Bad Young Brother
5. We Got The Juice
6. Def Beat Boy
7. All City
8. Rock The Beat
9. Human Time Bomb
10. Get Down
11. Success
12. It’s Alright Now

1. Do It To The Crowd
2. For Those Who Like To Groove
3. My Metaphors
4. Tales Of The Twins
5. Smooth
6. Suckers Never Change
7. Twin Hype
8. Lori
9. Fanatics
10. Serious Attitude
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