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Most Played For The Week

by Eric on June 16, 2007

Most Played
  1. “Cincilluminati”-Ill Poetic….you already know how hyped I am about the release of Ill Poetic’s “The World Is Yours”…after one listen I knew this would be in my ears all summer….this cuts so smooth, makes me wanna’ wish I was from Cincinati!
  2. “Loyalty”-Blue Scholars…you’d think I’d be tired of this one by now, right? Not the case, “Loyalty” seems to get better with each listen.
  3. “Mr. Slow Flow”-Evidence….another cut that’s been hovering around the top 10 most played for the last month or so…I still have yet to hear the remix that features Parrish Smith.
  4. “Bar Trap”-Pharoahe Monch…may be the most commercialized (well, at least second to “Body Baby”) cut on “Desire”, still this Black Milk production is far from what we usually expect from both P. Monch & Black Milk.
  5. “Brookline”-Skipp Whittman….see my mid-year THOUGHTS for more on this cat…nice piano loop & the Biggie vocal sample “Remember Back In The Dayz….” is a nice addition to the track.
  6. “The Squeeze”-Lifesavas featuring Smif N Wessun…..wooooooo!, picked up the Lifesavas “Gutterfly Soundtrack” from HHB a couple days ago and “The Squeeze” is gonna’ be big!
  7. “Make My Day”-DJ Dirty Harry…big shout to Biff & em’ over at Biff’s HipHop Section for this CLASSIC mixtape from 1995….I had this on a crazy bootleg, but threw it out by mistake…Thanks again fellas!!! I think it’s pretty much essential to have every Dirty Harry mixtape, definitely original.
  8. “Music Man”-Masta Ace…being that the “Take A Look Around” re-issue is surfacing on the net’, I had to break out this classic from the A.C.E…..damn, that guitar loop is ill!
  9. “Born To Live”-O.C….off of “Word…Life”….13 years later I may be finally catching on to this album…hell, it may even pop up in my “Top 100″ when it’s all said & done!
  10. “T.R.O.Y”-Pete Rock & CL Smooth…the namesake of this blog…somewhat tell me was this single released in the summer or the winter, for me I first heard it in the summer of 1992 so it’s always been a heavy player for me come summertime.
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