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Sunday/Monday Lite

by Travis on June 18, 2007

Sunday/Monday Lite

Note: If you can read through my links, I added a gang of new links. If I told someone I’d add them and I haven’t yet, remind me, because more than likely I forgot and it’s not me trying to jerk someones chain.
Summer has finally kicked into full gear here in the Mile High City, with temps reaching the upper 90’s over the weekend. I’m not a big fan of heat, especially when my little one room apartment only has a wall unit air conditioner in the front room, leaving my bedroom a legitimate sweatbox. It’s funny though, only a mere six months earlier, we were digging ourselves out of two feet of snow. You got to love places with the four seasons and four extreme seasons at that.

I hope all the dads out there had a great Father’s Day. I’m guessing that the majority of the visitors to this site are male and a large chunk of those are probably in their 30’s meaning we have some dads that come this site. Hip-Hop probably isn’t the best example of fatherhood and I’m probably not the best example of being a dad. My own dad and I had a pretty rough relationship up until I moved out. These days, my pops and I have a pretty good relationship, but we butted heads many times in my youth. I made sure to call my old man and wish him a happy Father’s Day and we had a good talk. Living in a different state makes you appreciate family a lot more. I wish that could be said about my own relationship with my nine-year-old daughter. As usual, I didn’t hear from her this year for Father’s Day. She lives in Salt Lake City with her mother, so I don’t get to see her very much, especially being strapped for money like I’ve been since deciding to try to finish my college degree. I moved from Salt Lake City when she wasn’t even a year old, mostly due to her mother disappearing with her after I fought to have my name on birth certificate in order to have some kind of rights. I later found them in Salt Lake a little over a year later, but things have never been “good”. I wish I could blame it all on my daughter’s mother, but I can’t. I gave up fighting for my rights early on. I hold grudges and I still hold one toward her mother and unfortunately it effects my relationship with my daughter. I know I don’t call nearly enough, I don’t see her nearly enough, my seeing her is limited to mostly Christmas and hopefully at least another time during the year. It does bug me alot and today (yesterday) was more difficult than usual, which is probably why I’m writing about it, to get it off my mind. There are lots of things I wish I could tell her, but since she is only nine, she wouldn’t understand. I wish I would handle things differently, but I tell myself I have enough adversity in my life at the time and I’ll deal with it later. I just hope later isn’t too late.

In attempt to get my mind off of things, I went to the ballpark to watch the Rockies and Devil Rays. In past years, the Devil Rays and Rockies would be a titanic match-up of losers, but our hometown nine have actually gotten themselves up over .500 and have looked pretty good of late. Being a little on the broke side, as usual, I ponyed up the four bucks for Rock Pile seats (centerfield cheap seats). It was hot as hell out and I didn’t bring much cash with me so needless to say I fried in the 97-degree heat. Not sure if it was a great idea or not going to the game, but it helped in getting my mind off of things. This is where I would go off into how great the national past time known as baseball is, but I’ll save it for another time. Enough with the self-therapy, on to the music.

Hip Hop Videos For The Mind, Body and Soul.

Since you all had to read through my mindless dribble, I’ll throw up some special treats in the form of some old “Yo! MTV Raps” live performances and videos. I’ll be the first to admit, I know nothing about video on computers. I don’t know how to screen capture stuff. I noticed a couple of these have the sound a little off from the image. I think you can fix that, I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve ever attempted putting up video footage, so we’ll see what happens. All but one of these are in MPEG. Big thanks to Steve aka DJ Raider for sending these last year.
2pac – If My Homiez Call Live On “Yo! MTV Raps”
This is probably my all-time favorite 2pac song. I actually remembering seeing this episode, but then again, I didn’t miss to many episodes of “Yo!” either. Big Stretch from the Live Squad is also with Pac, which means this was before they had their falling out.

I honestly don’t remember this video being as big as some of their others, but any EPMD is a good thing in my book.

We all know I’m a big King Tee fan and you throw in DJ Pooh in the video and you have some funny stuff. Pooh is a legend in my book. He should have been the movie star instead of Cube. The video version is different from the album version.

Seeing Flav get crazy during a live performance is always a good thing. Reminds you of the good old days when you could be a crazy crackhead and get away with that.

Mick Boogie on

Well, it is a little late, but I thought it was interesting that did an article on Cleveland native Mick Boogie who is the official DJ for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s actually quite amazing that a NBA team would hire on a traditional street DJ to spin at the games, but also quite refreshing to see a real DJ have a gig as such.

It discusses the fine line of playing for the upper snobby elite who often fork out the steep prices for an NBA game and playing for the players themselves. I know you are to know your crowd, but that would be a bitch trying to cater to both sides.

The article was one of the better things I’ve read on in some time. Well worth the read if you are hopping around on the net. Big ups to Mick Boogie. I was yelling for the Cavs as my dislike for the cheating ass Spurs grows.

Trav’s Top Spins For The Week

I’ve actually had some fun listening to music the past couple weeks. For a short while, my old school bitterness has subsided and

1. Buff1 – Pure
There was about three albums that I listened to A LOT this past week, so trying to figure out which one got the most play was rather difficult, but after spending more time Saturday playing the new Buff1, I went with this. This album is just refreshing to sit down with and listen to it all the way through. I do get caught up on a few joints, listening to them over and over again, such as “Pretty Baby”, which is just a great song with a message.

2. Blue Scholars – Bayani
It was hard to bump this from the top spot and I think it’s a better album than the Buff1. I thought the Pitchfork review of this was bush though, but it is what it is. I think it’s a classic throwback to the Native Tongues sound.

3. Senim Silla – The Name, The Motto, The Outcome
I’m getting more and more into this album, which is a sign of a good album to me. I’ll admit, this didn’t thrill me at first, but once you start getting familiar with the songs, the album as a whole really starts growing on you.

4. Pharoahe Monch – Desire
Another album that I wasn’t initially identifying with but after a few forced listens, it started growing on me. It’s no where as good as “Internal Affairs”, and honestly I wasn’t expecting it to be after hearing so much halfhearted music from him the last couple years. I can do without some of the attempts at mainstream crossover though.

5. Junk Science – Feeding Einstein and Ill Poetic – The World Is Ours
The first album, Junk Science, is a much slept on album from ’05. I should know I slept on myself. It’s just a collection of songs that are not a your typical hip-hop songs. It might be classified as “nerd rap”, but so be it, its something different and I’m cool with that. The other album, is another suggestion from our man Eric from “When They Reminisce” and once again, he suggests a winner. The album is another decent cohesive collection of songs to form a worthwhile album that I’ve enjoyed listening to four of five times since first encountering it on Thursday.


Why am I getting sick of Hip-Hop remakes? At one time I stood by artists such as Snoop who chose to remake hip-hop classics such as La-Di-Da-Di, but now, I’m just sick of hearing it. The latest example is Pharoahe Monch’s remake of “Terrordome”. Maybe its because I love the original so much, but Monch’s attempt at the remake is no where near as good as the original. I’ve always felt if you are going to remake a song, make it as good as the original, if not, don’t bother.

Why am I pissed the Rockies are starting to do good? I just hope it doesn’t fuck with getting cheap tickets.

Why the hell does anyone care about this Paris Hilton thing.

Why are some tags on mp3′s so bad that it’s going to take me a year to fix all the shit on my computer. I know, whaaa freakin whaaaa.

Why is there not much buzz on the new Beastie Boys album? Because it’s all instrumental? Noticed I haven’t said much about it myself.

Why isn’t anyone mentioning some of the dope material being posted up at’s “Home Taping Is Killing Music Month“? There is some dope ass old mixtapes, radio shows and the such that people should be praising. Just because it doesn’t have “blog” in the name, doesn’t mean people shouldn’t check it out.

Why does Eric from “When They Reminisce” have all this time to check new stuff I wouldn’t even bother with?

Why is he right 75% of the time when he recommends something? hahaha Still a good average.

Why is Detroit killing the “good” hip hop scene right now?

Why is some loser trying to make gains off a fake Masta Ace myspace page? He’s posting up wrong tour dates and trying to collect a performance fee from a promoter…. loser.

Why am I semi-excited about new Nine tracks and rumors of a Nine mixtape? Let’s just hope it’s better than some of the other old school comebacks….ahem *coughultracough*

Why is that lost World Renown album just now making an appearance on their myspace page, for $1.50 a track.

Why is Sam Sever banging out dope tracks on his myspace?….release the album Sam!

Why am I AMPED about an eMC (Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline and Striklin) mixtape coming soon and is mixed by someone associated with WYDU?…no, not me.

Why am I going to the Rockies/Yankees game Wednesday night, just to boo the Yankees?

Why do I hope their fans are better behaved than the Mets fans? Ole’ Trav just about got in a fight with a bunch of them after calling them “Fonzee” and “Guido” most of the night.

Why, from what I’ve heard, am I expecting the worse with this new Common LP?

Why does he look like a chick
on the cover of said album?

Why is the Wascals just now dropping on the scene. You can’t tell me all these unearthed lost albums popping up aren’t partly attributed to the blogger scene.
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