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Eric's Most Played & Most DL'ed For The Week

by Eric on June 24, 2007

Most Played

  1. “Cincilluminati”-Ill Poetic….whoah, Ill Poetic’s “The World Is Ours” is making a strong push to overtake Evidence’s “The Weatherman” for my favorite album of the year. You know it’s a strong album when the first four tracks on the album were my favorite two weeks ago….now, the last four cuts on the album are my favorites. Whatever you do, listen to each cut in it’s entirety Ill Poetic’s rounds out half of the songs on “The World Is Ours” with another beat….real dope album!!! Hell, I picked it up on for $20.00….plus, the tee comes along with it.
  2. “Loyalty”-Blue Scholars…yeah, yeah, yeah….you’ve seen the “big ups” this track has received numerous times here…still, this cut (hell, album!) just doesn’t seem to get old for me.
  3. “Constance”-Mr. J Medeiros (of the Procussions)…some deep sh*t right here folks, another solid album that’s dropping soon….damn, I’m lovin’ Hip Hop right now!!
  4. “I Can’t Go On”-DJ Babu….this is my “rollin” song, too bad when I’m “frontin” the song ends after 1 minute 7 seconds while sitting at the stop sign with my window rolled down causing me to lose maaad “cool points”….well, there’s always “Repeat”.
  5. “Keep Pace”-Mr. J (again)..ya’ know, I’ve had this song and video sittin’ in my e-mail from whomever does promotion for Mr. J and never opened it up to give it a listen. Damn, was I missing out! Mr. J does the job on the mic and the climatic production moves the track along quite nicely.
  6. “Simply Amazin”-Blu & Exile…how long has the “Below The Heavens” advance been out? I just first heard this earlier in the week and the album as a whole seems to be pretty dope after a few listens. I’m thinkin’ this album is gonna’ make some noise. Oh, thanks for puttin’ me on to Exile’s “Dirty Science” as well Trav!
  7. “Mr. Slow Flow”-Evidence…say “bye, bye” to the “top 10″ Ev….I think I’ll stash this one away for a month or so…..oh, and thanks to jrrider for shootin’ me the Remix!
  8. “Beautiful”-Ill Poetic…on some Kev Brown sh*t/Tribe sh*t beatwise with a nice little “breakdown” at the end of the track…I think this is the first single released from the “World Is Ours”
  9. “If I Never See Your Face Again”-Maroon 5….my wife turned me on to this sh*t….don’t worry, it’s not permanent. I did see these cats perform on “Saturday Night Live” last night and the lead singer does have some good vocals…..Still…DAYUM!
  10. “Buggin’ Out”-A Tribe Called Quest…”Low End Theory” is always good for a few “summertime” listens with this cut always being my favorite from the album.

Most DL’ed For The Week

  1. “June 07′”-When They Reminisce
  2. “It Was Written”-Nas
  3. “Volume II (R & B Edition)-When They Reminisce
  4. “Legal Drug Money”-Lost Boyz
  5. “Birth Of The Ghetto Child”-Main One
  6. “Tha Turnaround”-Real Live
  7. “Ruff Life”-Brothers Uv Da BlakMarket
  8. “Youngest In Charge”-Special Ed
  9. “Mama Said Knock You Out”-LL Cool J
  10. “Fruits Of Nature”-UMCs
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Kristopher June 25, 2007 at 2:19 pm

When did Bubbles change his name to Blu? Glad to see a smack addict can put together an album when he isn’t busy snitchin’ on Avon’s crew.

tom piper June 27, 2007 at 8:37 am

damn you get a tee with “the world is ours ” ? I pay 35.95 AUD i want a tee!!!

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